PM says Choksi was funding Antigua’s main opposition, the UPP

Mehul Choksi

Prime Minister Gaston Browne said today that Indian fugitive Mehul Choksi was funding the main opposition United Progressive Party.

He made the allegation on Pointe FM today saying that this is why the opposition released a statement in support of Choksi.

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PM Browne accuses UPP of seeking to sanitize Mehul Choksi to get campaign funding

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  1. Choksi is alleged to have committed fraud. He has not been convicted. R. Allen Stanford is a CONVICTED felon. He is presently serving time. Where is his money? Who publicly accepted it?

  2. I would love to see the proof of that. The party should sue him for slander. That would be a major campaign contribution.

  3. For that outrageous statement by Gaston Browne he should be committed to Clare Vue since a sane mind could not of fabricated it.

    • Chuck, don’t you think you are going over the top with that kind of posting? It’s a little odd for even you.

      • KRISTI I just really find these statements from Gaston Browne (politicking aside) are outrageous. Now, despite all the evidence to the contrary he is now saying that Choksi took a trip to Dominica with his girlfriend. Are the workings of his mind normal? I don’t know about you, but I find his statements mind boggling.

    • Dear Antiguans,

      Mehul Choksi is a wanted criminal in India & has swindled públic money with the help from Most Corrupt Political party of India Congress, he will do no good to your country, believe your PM & throw him out

  4. Why does this article state that he was funding ANTIGUAS main opposition like all of Antigua is just the Labour Party? The headline should read he is accused of funding the Labour party’s main opposition. When written this way it is implied that ANR is in full support of ablp and Antigua and ablp are the same entity.

  5. UPP very vocal regarding Choksi but were rather quiet about their own ( by association) Kendra Beazer.

    • Choksi money 💰 runs out so all the red kool-aid drinkers crying 😢. Why blame the UPP now when the ABLP was rejoicing in Choksi wealth just the other day using the constitution to protect him from going back to India? Now he’s broke like Antigua and Barbuda 🇦🇬 government, the constitution would not give him the same protection in Dominica. God is not sleeping ABLP government and supporters.

  6. Election was 2014 ABLP won choski came here in 2017 under Antigua Blantantly Liard Party how that goes?

  7. Choski better not have his hands in anything related to UPP. That would destroy UPP. We need some real evidence and proof. We need to know the truth.

    • CErmle why instead of UPP you could not have said ALP. It is the ALP in government and it is more likely that all sorts of hanky panky have taken place already and people have siphoned off money from Choksi. I am sure it is not a coincidence that Choksi was being represented initially by Gaston Browne’s favourite law firm. Stop buying into Gaston’s distraction and bringing UPP into the discussion. Everything related to Choksi took place under Gaston Browne and the ALP. Antiguans need to think critically and stop letting Gaston change the narrative of issues (eg the Odebrecht scandal) to distract attention from him and his government.

    • Why would Choksi finance UPP? They are not in government and can’t do anything for him to keep him in Antigua. Rumour has it that he was paying off someone in the labour government. Tell Gaston to provide the proof of who Choksi was paying off. Gaston likes to throw mud.


    Stop defending your UPP Corrupt Party. Take a close look at UPP Candidates running in 2023 election . These Candidates are Worst than in 2018.

    • ERIC CARDEN man for man and woman for woman (or even man for woman), the UPP candidates are much better for this nation than the old renegades that some one has dubbed the ALP Parliamentarians. Is the ALP going into the 2023 general elections with these old renegades?

    • Eric, so if you’re are better than any of the UPP candidates, then why not you become a candidate? Who are you to be judging people? Once God forgive anyone of their wrongs we human should do the same. Stop ✋ pointing figures at people and examining your own life and see if it is right with God; as I am doing the same with my life. Every human on this earth 🌍 need a second chance in life. Give the candidates a chance.

  9. Funny that the PM is distracting us with this talk. There is definitely some very funny business going on here, trying to discover what it is would take a genius. My guess is there is money flowing from Choksi to the PM and others.

  10. Hon.Gaston Browne…You are correct. All of a sudden,UPP is having a serious love affair with CHOKSI. Money is the root of all evil.

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