PM Browne accuses UPP of seeking to sanitize Mehul Choksi to get campaign funding


Prime Minister Gaston Browne: These loafers, laggards and charlatans (LLC’s), are scavenging for issues, and yet again, failed to prioritize the national interest over their parochial political interests.

After mischievously accusing my administration of habouring Mehul Choksi, who has an Interpol Red Notice, they are now seeking to sanitize this fugitive to get campaign funding.
My administration’s revocation of Choksi’s citizenship has been frustrated by a litigation brought against the state.

We are determined to revoke Choksi’s citizenship and to concurrently pursue his extradition to India to face criminal charges there.

There has been no violation of Choksi’s legal and constitution protections, despite the decision of my administration to revoke his citizenship.

We fully respect the jurisdiction of the court over this matter.

We live in a globalized world where cooperation among states is required to fight and defeat criminals; to deny criminals the use of the state apparatus for protection and advancement of their criminal conduct lawyer explained red notice meaning.

That is precisely why we have and continue to encourage the government of Dominica, to make him persona non grata, for illegally entering their country and to deport him to India where he is still a citizen.

My request on behalf of Antigua & Barbuda, for Dominica to consider deporting Choksi directly to India, as a form of state cooperation to apprehend a fugitive, is perfectly acceptable .

This request for state cooperation could never be construed by any law-abiding entity, of integrity and legitimate purpose to be an “ill considered utterance.”

Then again, we should expect no better from them. The UPP continues to elevate criminal elements in their organisation, to include a convicted murderer and a rapist.

Additionally, the claim that the request undermines the rule of law, or Choksi’s constitutional rights is preposterous.

People are deported routinely for entering countries illegally.

Ultimately, if he is deported to Antigua, he will continue to enjoy the legal and constitutional protections of citizenship.

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  1. Once again, we have a situation where Gaston Browne is playing Chess and Harold Lovell is playing Chinese Checkers. UPP needs to just get rid of everyone at the top and try again because they are NOT a viable alternative anymore. They have been descending into the gutter for so log to fight the ABLP that they are permanently stuck there.

    These guys have tunnel vision and need to extract their heads from their posteriors and get a grip.

    • Your comment is interesting. I find it strange that you did not address the legal issues. You should contemplate the following: On what legal grounds could the Prime Minister’s request to Dominica stand.
      You are truly confused!!!

  2. (1) We are determined to revoke Choksi’s citizenship……..BASED ON WHAT BREACH OF

    (2) My request on behalf of Antigua & Barbuda, for Dominica to consider deporting Choksi
    directly to India, as a form of state cooperation to apprehend a fugitive, is perfectly



    (3) Mr. Prime Minister, I suggest you enquire of your Information Minister (Hon. Melford
    Nicholas) what was his answer to a question posed by Mr. Shelton Daniel at the last
    Post Cabinet Briefing when he (Shelton) asked (and I am paraphrasing) whether or not
    it was legal to request of Dominica to extradite Choksi directly to India. If he (Melford)
    forgot his answer the video is still up.

    • @ BEEF
      I have been following your POSTINGS. Your are a very CONFUSED Person . You remind me of a SPOILT child…When you DO NOT get what you want you take up your bat and ball and end the game. Stop your Childish behaviour and get your A****S off POINTE FM. I believe you want to run.on UPP ticket. BEEF not to be trusted.

  3. The PM is 100% correct.

    Nothing to add 100 full 100

    UPP needs an advisor badly fresh eyes, new thinking, controlled public utterances etc.

    Improved management and leadership.

    • MELCHESIDEC what is the PM 100% correct about? How is the UPP trying to sanitize Choksi. All the UPP has said in its Press Release is that Choksi is required to be given protection of the law. He is a citizen of Antigua and Barbuda and it is for the government to provide that protection. It does not matter whether a citizen of a country is at home or abroad, it is the obligation of his country of citizenship to protect him. This is international law. Gaston Browne has thrown Choksi under bus but he is a citizen of Antigua and Barbuda and should be protected by the country. I am amazed by how sensible people get caught up into and believe the nonsense that so often comes from Gaston’s mouth. With respect to campaign money from Choksi, perhaps Gaston is really in the best position to talk about that on behalf of himself and the ALP.

    • Yep he is. The UPP reminds me of that monkey trapped only because he refuses to let go of the bait. Poor Tabor and the UPP are so lost that they have become the A&B version of bozo the clown. Watch them argue in writing that Choksi is not a citizen of India, yet Indian officials make clear he is (see India says jeweler Choksi still a citizen, pushing for Antigua extradition, By Neil Marks, Feb 2019). Seems the UPP legal minds don’t understand that the State of U.P. v. Rehmatullah judgement also makes clear that one does not automatically lose Indian citizenship after obtaining another citizenship. There is a process which involves the agency in India charged with this function. India has not even started that process hence Choksi remains a citizen of India.

      • TENMAN you are so confused today and spewing all sorts of nonsense, you will next dispute that Choksi is a citizen of Antigua and Barbuda under the CIP. This Choksi affair have left all the apologists except you speechless. Just like the Odebrecht scandal this is also one that Gaston Browne would not dare to convene. The noose is slowly tightening around Gaston and the ALP neck.

        • Boss anyone who takes you seriously is worse than a dunce. Brethren we all know your mouth change faster than a bottom with diarrheas drops feces. At least the feces can be used for fertilizer. Brethren you are no longer a child hence have no excuse for being childish: Here is the relevant portion of State of U.P. v. Rehmatullah (you have my permission to share with Justin)

          “9. In that case an argument was raised on the authority of Izhar Ahmad Khan’s case [1962] Supp. 3 S.C.R. 235 that as soon as a person acquired a passport from a foreign Government his citizenship of India automatically came to an end, but it was repelled.

          10. In Shuja-Ud-Din v. The Union of India and Anr. this respondent there was born in India in 1924 and had lived in this country all along till about the end of 1954. At the end of 1954 or the beginning of 1955 he went to Pakistan from where he returned on January 20, 1955 on a passport granted by the Pakistan Government which had a visa endorsed on it by the Indian authorities permitting him to stay in this country upto April 1955. He applied to the Central Government for extension of the time allowed by the visa, but there was no material to show what orders, if any, were made on it. The respondent having stayed in this country beyond the time specified in the visa, on September 3, 1957 he was served with an order under s, 3(2)(c) of the Foreigners Act, requiring him to leave India. On his failure to comply with this order he was prosecuted under Section 14 of the Foreigners Act. His defence was that he was an Indian national. The Magistrate trying him rejected his defence and convicted him holding that he had disowned Indian nationality by obtaining a Pakistan passport and that by refusing to extend the time fixed by the visa the Central Government had decided that the respondent was a foreigner under Section 8 of the Foreigners Act and that such a decision was final. He was convicted by the Trial Court and the conviction was upheld by the Sessions Judge. The High Court in revision set aside his conviction. On appeal this Court held that neither the Magistrate nor the Sessions Judge was competent to come to a finding of his own that the respondent, an Indian national, had disowned his nationality and acquired Pakistan nationality for under Section 9(2) of the Citizenship Act that decision could only be made by the prescribed authority. The respondent in that case, according to this Court, had become an Indian citizen under Article 5(a) of the Constitution when it came into force and there being no determination by the Central Government that he had lost his nationality thereafter, the order of the High Court acquitting him was upheld.”

          • Well done. Ten man you are right and you provided evidence of the case law in India to support your claim. The Indian government has not taken any action to revoke Choksi’s citizenship.

            He is still an Indian Citizen, hence our request to Dominica to deport him to India.

            Tabor et al are seeking to dumb down our people by peddling misinformation, for partisan gain.

  4. …”sanitize!” Damn, I had no idea Choski was as deadly to Antigua, as COVID-19, therefore he has to be “#Sanitized” to do business with.

    A…how would the PM know about Choski’s contributions to campaign funding?

    B…Did the PM and his government, receive such funds, thus allowing Choski to obtain a Citizenship of Antigua, Barbuda & REDONDA?

    C…What will happen when they come for #Bodog, will his empire be thrown under the bus, to the wolves like R.A. Stanford?

    D…Why is YIDA being accomodated still, as a Citizen of Antigua, Barbuda and REDONDA? Isn’t Yida on the run similar to Choski and Bodog?

    There are prayers being sent out for Our Nation, to be saved from these modern day #Pirates, #Crooks, #Terrorists, #Who’re using our nation as their secret hideaway. This latest episode of Choski’s Caper should be the domino which fell causing the domino effect(Run Dem Rass).

  5. There are pictures proving the man was beaten. He was abducted on your own soil and you know it. Cut the bs. Whatever the man has done he is entitled to a fair and legal process. Were all the PMs a part of this plan? I really hope not and as bad as it sounds I hope it’s just police gone rogue Hope this is not conspiracy from the top just for vaccines?? Come on.

  6. And this is why I don’t like some Antigua people they fail so much in doing the simple things, such as doing there own research , reading and trying to educate themselves of facts, that is why this current government can fool the majority of the people and win votes. First of all the man is not a citizen of India although he was born there because India does not grant dual citizenship the man is a citizen of Antigua whether you like it or not. So now he want Dominica to send him straight too India why couldn’t it be done while he was hear in Antigua. Question everything what is going around you no matter which party in power, please Antigua people need to wise up, it has been to long stop being so soft, that is why the man can try sell you all out for bucket of chicken because he think you guys ignorant and does not have the ability to know what’s going around you, wake up and just don’t jump on the band wagon because it sounds good.

    • Guy you make the same error you accuse others. India via its officials have stated that Choksi remains a citizen of India. You can easily find articles online with them making this clear (eg India says jeweler Choksi still a citizen, pushing for Antigua extradition, By Neil Marks, Feb 2019). Your thinking is they do not understand their own laws? The UPP understands it better? Let me suggest you google and read the State of U.P. v. Rehmatullah judgement. It makes clear one does not automatically lose your Indian citizenship once you gain another citizenship. There is a process which would have to be initiated by the agency in India responsible for rescinding citizenship. This process has not yet been initiated for Choksi hence re remains also a citizen of India

  7. Just for those who wish to confuse the issue Stanford was never deported, an extradition request was never made from the state department to Antigua, Stanford presented himself to the US Authorities with his lawyer, he Stanford was on US soil and was a citizen of the USA at the time. He was never KIDNAPPED and our PM at the time Spencer never asked any other PM to send him to the USA.

    On the matter of leyroy king he filed in the courts as is his rights, and the case against his extradition went up to the privy council and he lost his matter and then and only then was he extradited to the USA.

    HOW DARE ANY OF US THINK that it’s ok to hand over a citizen of this country to any other country with the constitutional rights of that citizen being trampled upon, HOW DARE ANY OF US THINK THAT KIDNAPPING A CITIZEN IS OK BECAUSE THE GOVERNMENT DONT WANT TO DEAL WITH THE LEGAL PROTECTIONS GIVEN UNDER THE CONSTITUTION. WHAT CIRCUS we running to believe that matter is too controversial and the person is constitutionally protected so the best way to handle it is to pass it on to another country.

    He is a citizen of this country until the courts says he is not NOT THE PRIME MINISTER. The PM does not determine who isba citizen and who is not that is between the constitution and the courts not the executive branch.

    If the PM wants to revoke the mans CIP then do it the right way according to Law and in conjunction with the courts, not by requesting his friend to do it. So if the USA government wants you TERRANCE its ok to kidnap you take you to Dominica and dispatch you off to them as per their request. I know you can never think that is legal.

    Matters not the circumstances, let our sovereign courts decide the man’s destiny NOT POLITICIANS.

    TERRANCE STANFORD MATTER is a totally different matter than what is happening here

  8. Gaston Browne: Are you going over the cliff? Are you touching the 3rd rail? Not too many have touched that 3rd rail and lived to speak about it. You are now grasping at straws. You are seeking attention. This Choksi kidnapping matter in going over across all International Networks.

  9. Fellow bloggers, don’t you find it strange that you haven’t heard from the following:
    Eric the Red
    Rupert Mann, Woman and Child
    Just Saying


    • DESERT ROSE at least the number one apologist and propagandist called TENMAN is substituting for all the others. The others perhaps see it would be a waste of time trying to defend the indefensible, but not so with TENMAN. His stupidity today is mind boggling.

      • Tenman is doing a poor job. Do you know why Tenman has to be an apologist
        ( wink !!! wink!!!). I believe you do.

    • JUST SAYING Desert Rose has called for you and this is what you show up with. Come on man, you should be able to do better than that. At least like TENMAN try to put a comment that sounds sensible but is pure nonsense.

  10. I keep asking for the sensible individuals in Gaston Cabinet to go to Parliament and call for a vote of NO CONFIDENCE. He’s lost control of this Government. You’ve have got to remove him from office. He’s gone rogue. He’s speaking on sensitive legal, constitutional, sovereignty, citizenship rights without having the full mental capacity to comment.

    Where is the Attorney General. Where is the Minister of Foreign Affairs? Have you guys been emasculated by Gaston. Can’t even come to say PM anymore. He’s not worthy of the position.

    The opposition parties need to copy the playbook that finally got rid of Douglas in St. Kitts and Nevis. You all need to collaborate to rid the nation of this parasite. Reach out Dr. Harris before it’s too late.

    • No one in Gaston’s administration is allowed to speak on public issues. Should they try, Gaston will probably reach into his bag and pull out secrets to get rid of them. It is also possible that Gaston thinks he is the smartest one in his government who has all the answers.
      His government is a one man pony show. Gaston Browne.

  11. Under which administration did this man get CIP? Was there due diligence? Are we prostituting our country for money? The CIP is putting our country and citizens in more problems than solutions. Gaston Brown, if the man is a citizen of Antigua and Barbuda, he should be sent back to Antigua and your government deal with it. Your words and actions are cowardly. Give the man due process and deal with it accordingly. By the way, where is Cutie Benjamin, he only know how to take charge when it’s about oppressing people or when he want to be a snake? These are the questions?

    • The CIP has stated publicly that they were provided records from India showing Choksi as clean. Ask yourself if Choksi at that time was wanted, how was it he easily left India and then spent months in the USA? How is it he was then able to take a plane and freely travel to ANU? India did not disclose publicly they were investigating and it took them awhile to charge him and then alert international agencies. By the way his nephew is currently in the UK awaiting extradition. He was able to get there using a golden via (available for the very rich) The UK aided him in the crime?

  12. Nigel Christian who was investigating the “forged” signatures.

    Now we have the attempted abduction of Mehul Choksi in an attempt to send him back to India. World dictator traitor tyrant liar Gaston Browne instructing the Dominican PM to send him directly to India ignoring Choksi’s constitutional rights and breaking passprot international laws.

    Again I ask if this is the kind of cesspool garbage we want to represent us. All we have in cabinet is a bunch of thieves only looking out for themselves. It’s long overdue we get rid of every one of them so our nation and our people can flourish.


    • Antiguan Citizen,
      What become of the Nigel Christian situation? The last I heard some suspects were locked up? What was the motive? Or are they scapegoats. This is a serious political matter because the citizens of Antigua and Barbuda should not feel threatened if they stand up and do the right thing. Am still asking, where is the justice for NIGEL CHRISTIAN? We have to start a movement in Antigua. We have to stomp out corruption. We should not vote based on how much money we collect but on conscience.

  13. Sent our guy back he has looted our bank too much.we want to recover the money of our nationals.

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