Medical School President files police report accusing MP Greene and company of illegally entering campus premises


REAL NEWS: Weeks after Dr. Adedayo Akande, President of the University of Health Sciences Antigua (UHSA), refuted claims that the school has closed its operations, Minister of Foreign Affairs Paul “Chet” Greene is accused of trespassing on the property with persons suspected to be investors.

Dr. Akande made the matter public today, April 4, reporting that on April 3, 2022, Minister Greene “and several unauthorized individuals forcefully and illegally entered our campus premises at the University of Health Sciences Antigua.”

He stresses that the visit was made on a Sunday, sometime after 10 a.m., “outside of regular business hours.”

The incident was captured on CCTV cameras and shows the Minister and several other people, including three Asians, going around the Dow Hill campus and making observations.

A police report was reportedly filed today, April 4, along with a sworn statement made by the on-duty security officer.  The identity of the security guard is being protected.

When the Minister was informed by the officer that he could not enter the compound, Greene reportedly replied that he would pound the lock off the gate and informed the guard that a police officer was coming to the scene.

No one in the party, including the police officer, had a search warrant.  However, they were later allowed onto the grounds after discussions with the university’s secretary.

A request to look around the property later turned into the touring party entering buildings without permission.

Reportedly, they sought private information from the security officer, including asking whether students were showing up for classes.

Greene is also alleged to have made statements to the effect that the university is unable to pay its bills to the Antigua Public Utilities Authority (APUA).

“I’m unsure what’s going on in our country,” Dr. Akande says in a statement, “but this is becoming ridiculous and can be very damaging to the country for both current and future businesses and investors.”

The Administration is seeking to acquire the Dow Hill, Piccadilly, property that was leased to the University several decades ago.

The Cabinet Notes of two weeks ago claimed that the medical school is defunct, and that plans to have the property returned to the Crown were discussed with the Solicitor General’s Office.

However, in a statement refuting the Executive’s claim, Dr. Akande said that UHSA has been in existence since 1982 and has never stopped instructing students.

He says the pandemic forced students into online studies and that renovation work was being done on campus in order to welcome students back to the physical classroom shortly. — REAL News

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  1. “We are going to parliament to make laws that government officials could enter property as they seems fit “

    • If the university enrollment is below sea-level, then it needs to shape up or ship out. Since 1982 and still can’t get it right???

      • What does that have to do with illegally entering a property? Also, given it’s a private institution, does the government have the right to determine if the school closes despite enrollment figures?

        • The government LEASED the property to the university. If the university no longer meets the requirements of the LEASING agreement, then it’s time to move on. Get real tenants who KNOW how to run a university.

          (And by “run” I don’t mean into the ground like Dentist akande has done to her ex-husband’s legacy).

          • Too bad they have a 100 year lease. Chet Greene can wait for the lease to expire and not renew. What you think of that?

      • Is it any different from this government that seems incapable of getting anything right after almost two decades? I wish to hear from you and your fellow stooges when the tables are turned.

    • @Smh: If what you are suggesting is true.That is very dangerous. For you cannot enter private properties as you would wish. By doing so,persons could be maimed.For as an example,if you came into my house without my say so,you could end up in a body bag.

  2. I smell another HMB
    Upp will support anybody that oppose the Government. HMB wanted to hold on to the property although nothing was happening there…. same shit different day

    • @Slow talker.

      “By 24 February 2012, Finance and Economy Minister Harold Lovell was back in the news, referencing the Half Moon Bay project once again. This time, he focused on the number of unnamed parties “interested in proceeding with this development.”

      “Particularly noteworthy, however, was a totally unexpected twist in which Minister LOVELL “invited” would-be developers “to engage Mrs. Natalia Querard” (Managing Director of H.M.B. Holdings Limited) in their negotiations, enticing all with a potential win-win outcome of such discussions.”

      The absurdity of this proposal was highlighted in a response by Mrs. Querard, reported by on 25 February 2012 and the comments posted in reaction available at

      “Dear Editor, I am currently NOT in Antigua, and had NO KNOWLEDGE of the discussion of the Half Moon Bay issue that took place over the radio until the articles quoting Minister LOVELL appeared on your website today, February 24th.”

      “Judging from the above, it would appear that Minister Lovell’s efforts at damage control and MANIPULATION OF PUBLIC PERCEPTION are as clumsy as they are ineffectual.”

    • @SLOW TALKER: HMB,was a privately owned property,not leased from the Government. The Government tried to acquire by eminent domain at below Market Value. That saga went all the way to the Privy Council in London. The owner of HMB made out like a bandit. Now,we the people have been paying for that decision.

    • Know your facts. It was HMB owned property. Only bandits try to take people’s property.lester Bird wanted the property for his friends and HMB wasn’t selling. In the end it costs the government Millions. They should have left the woman with her property as it is still growing bush

    • Wouldn’t it then be best to formally meet with the university’s principles instead of showing up like a thief in the night?

      • “He said he introduced himself to the security guard on duty, who then
        called a “Miss Sebastian”. The security guard handed over the phone to Mr.
        Greene so that he could speak with the person on the other end. Following a discussion, instructions were given to the security guard to ALLOW THE DELEGATION ON TO THE PROPERTY. “In the interest of transparency, I took the decision to invite a senior member of the police force stationed at Dockyard to accompany us. Such was the cordial nature of the entire exercise that the security guard drove with the police officer as we toured the compound. “The notion that I ‘forced’ my way onto the property is a COMPLETE FABRICATION.”

  3. “Over 45 staff of the University of Health Sciences Antigua (UHSA) in Piccadilly have not been paid for months…They have received no word on when and if they will be paid. According to the staff, APUA disconnected electricity at the main campus and at the free clinic in English Harbour and school is now running on generators.”

    “During my, and by extension, the ordeal of my colleagues, it doesn’t seem as if the owner and her SON cares one bit how we are surviving.”

    “UHSA STUDENT March 5, 2019 At 2:29 am

    Update. This situation is still ongoing and they do not respond to emails or phone calls. Phone numbers are all invalid and emails unanswered. This is absolutely devastating in that we are being charged for student loans that we did not receive full disbursements for. The school also has since stopped giving deferment information to the bank to defer the loan.”

  4. Why are you people behaving like this, be rational. Be fear. Stop seeing party and see right from wrong. All it took was a little communication. Mr. Greene you were wrong. End of story.

  5. This has nothing to do with “party”. IF this school is not operating, it’s time to lock it down. It has everything to do with common sense. Something isn’t right with this whole scene.

  6. These red kool aid drinkers can’t see past their nose. They’re soul is already belongs to the devil so anything goes. He has no business it has nothing to do with him conducting business on a Sunday while the facilities is CLOSED. That’s how they operate strong hold and fear tactics on people. They have their hands in everything for personal gain. Look at them money don’t look good on them ugly like sin fat like pigs and dunce like dogs. People need to rise up a see how this country is under a spirit of evil and the REAL prayer warriors need to stand up against the fake churches who’s apart of the destruction of the country. These poli tricks ions need to be stop.

  7. The school need to turn over the authority to the state so they can use the school in a useful way. Stupid African come here and think he above the law. Government take the school and use it wisely to benefit the country rather than it sit there and a waste way. Chet do your thing

    • They are not making any investment to benefit Antiguans. See the Chinese people touring the building? These people want to take over black countries and they have corrupt governments helping them. All they have to do is pass money under the table, whether it is called finders fees or commission or just graft. Poor Antiguans. Most of them so poor and downtrodden and too busy hustling to pay their bills, that they don’t know what is going on in Antigua. A lot of them don’t even have internet. Never met a more backward set of people.

    • Are they paying their rent? Too bad, they have a 100 year lease. It should costs the government dearly if they try to evict them after the case goes to the Privy Council.
      By then the Chinese will be long gone.

  8. My dear, that’s how this government operates. Antigua is given to the foreign bidder who can pay the most under the table.

  9. While most of you are concentrating on Party Politics.The Chinese are creeping into Antigua very silently and taking over lack,stack and barrel.Our Elected Public Officials are selling us down shit’s creek for crumbs from the table.We the people get the crumbs while they enriched themselves with finders fees.That system is border on deep corruption.Also,could someone tell me,why Members of Cabinet are on Boards.

    • Ask Jackie Quinn if she appointed Dotsie Isaac to any boards and how many paychecks Dotsie Isaac received during the “sunshine government” 🤔

  10. Smh is stuck in the past. Wear are in 2022 but he is back to 2014. They were votes out. You promised to do better. After 8 years what has changed?

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