LISTEN: Dr. Akande responds to Minister Greene


7 April 2022

Dear Media,

I wish to address and correct Minister Chet Greene’s recent statements to various news outlets. Our last class of medical students traveled home from Antigua on 24 March 2020, before the country closed its borders on 26 March 2020. Since then, our university has taught its classes online.


I understand that our country is desperately seeking foreign investment; however, there is a right and wrong way. It is troubling that conversations and actions can occur regarding a business without communication with the organization’s head, particularly for a university. Even with public reaction, Minister Greene stated on ABS Television on 5 April 2022 that he did not need to speak to UHSA officials before bringing “fresh investors” to our university. This is precisely what occurred on our premises on Sunday, 3 April 2022, when unsolicited “fresh investors” were brought to the campus without our approval to consider the purchase of our organization. Our personnel were overpowered and threatened, justifying a police report. We are advised that with notice, only the Ministry of Education can require entry to a school if needed and must do so alone.


Medical education is far more than just a “fresh investment.” We have been in operation for 40 years, providing medical and nursing education with excellence in treatment and care. Today, our graduates practice throughout the local and global community. Recent graduate successes include distinguished positions at the Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic, Emory, Oxford, and countless other world-renowned institutions. Our nursing graduates practice in Mount St. John Hospital and are second in command of Antigua’s Emergency Medical Team.


We are currently preparing for the return of our students to campus, and a simple visit to our website confirms this. Cabinet received our written response stating that classes were being held online. Also included was the video of our 2021 graduation. The message was hand-delivered to Cabinet on 23 March 2022.


We have provided much to our community over the years and will continue to do so. Before the pandemic, the Free Clinic of English Harbour served more than 500 patients in Antigua for free. This clinic was an independent not-for-profit funded by UHSA in conjunction with Georgetown University in Washington, D.C.


Our footprint of serving goes back as far as when UHSA established the .AG domain name for Antigua in 1991 and hosted it on our campus. Hundreds of businesses and even our government use the .AG domain name today. Included is the proof of this record. UHSA is also the only Black-owned and operated private medical school in the Caribbean region.


Minister Greene also falsely stated that UHSA planned to convert to a marijuana farm in a recent publication. Schools are regulated entities, and there is no desire to transition to “grow farms,” as that would be a security risk to students, faculty, and staff. We sought to establish clinical research on campus and programs on addiction medicine, considering the trend of marijuana legalization in Antigua. One of our faculty members was very well known in addiction medicine and treatment. We also reached out to an international organization to develop the research program using their experts.


UHSA has been an integral part of the Saint Paul community for over forty years, contributing and providing jobs for the people of Antigua, and we will continue to do so.


Dr. Adedayo Akande




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    • LETTER: Nightmare continues for staff at University

      UHSA StudentSeptember 29, 2018 At 6:44 pm

      “Mrs. Román, UHSA enjoyed a small period of “progress” but I am sorry to say that the current situation isn’t what happens in a business. Of course, all companies have dificult periods but the UHSA administration became complacent, conditions around campus were deteriorating and there were only two new buildings built, other projects like the library and multipurpose lab never came to fruitition even when enrollment was high. Money wasn’t being invested or used properly, that is the only explanation. Funds were misused to such a point that UHSA began using money that didn’t belong to them at all (student loan disbursements) which is fraud on whatever way you put it or want to see it. “I’m sorry” or “we underatand” are not enough because you played with your employee and student’s lifelyhoods, not to mention with their career as physicians. To this day the campus is running on generators, all the new faculty you happily mention has resigned and your students have suffered irreparable emotional damage. The situation has gone to far and I only hope that those affected can pull through even though the administration has turned a blind eye and remains silent “looking for a solution” behind closed doors.”

  1. Good response Dr Akande. It seems like the entry to the facility was illegal (and why overpower the staff/security?).

    As the Dr mentioned: “there’s a right way and a wrong way …”

    The more I hear about ABLP’s misconduct and appalling behaviour is quite worrisome, mind you, this will only strengthen the UPP’s hand with the populace for governance at the up coming election.

    ABLP’s errors of judgment just keep piling up and up – WHATEVER NEXT?

    High cost of living, or not paying people’s wages on time? OH WAIT …

    • You will give the crown called Garbage of the day. Please wear it with pride. Spouting political foolishness from your rear end makes you appears to be seriously infected with Politicalitis. You must living a miserable life. Life is too short and every thing shouldn’t be about your Duttie political ignorance.

      • @ Colombo, you sound like an ABLP “generational” voter. If you can’t COMPREHEND what that means, let me help you out:

        Generational voters tend to vote 🗳 for political parties simply because there’s normally a tradition of voting how your family have voted in the past. I.e, great grandparents, grandparents, and mother and father voted for the ABLP.

        Generational voters tend to follow family trends instead of looking at political manifestos and deciding for themselves.


        Remember, falla fashion monkey 🐒 caahn buy good soup!!!

          • Wow you earned the crown of Garbage. Congratulations 🎈🍾🎊. Me grandma would say, a classic Nincompoop and Jack Donkey. You are one miserable human being trying to be relevant. By the way I never voted for any political party in Dadli. I have no desire to do so but me can’t stand hypocrites and liars. Life is too short to get up every day and spout ignorance and foolishness. This is goddam issue is not a political one. Oops. You must have nightmares every night. The lips of the wise spread knowledge not so the hearts of fools. Tap parroting DO Do daily.

  2. Yes two students three came sept 2019 one leave in nov ,u have three workers working 2 days per week and u send them a letter planing to send 2 home because as u say u can’t any students

  3. This school needs to be carefully investigated. Where is this doctor guy from? He sure sounds like a Yankee! The people seem to be losing their confidence in this “school”. If they are clean as a whistle we want to know (whatever the truth might be). Have classes resumed since the Covid restrictions have been removed, and if not, why not?

  4. Editor, is this “university” registered/approved by the ANTIGUA AND BARBUDA NATIONAL ACCREDITATION BOARD???

    Also when will STAFF BE PAID ALL OUTSTANDING MONIES. At least one lady died without receiving her money.

    There are NO STUDENTS ON CAMPUS. This place has been STRUGGLING since Yele died. Staff and students went through HELL at this “university” over and over. A,”negative vibration” overtakes you the moment you arrive at the gate. Almost akin to being in a cult.

    What is the status of the LOAN DISBURSEMENT PROBLEM students encountered at this “university”?

    How many goats are roaming the campus?

  5. Dr. Yele Akande Was my friend R.I.P ( I Remembered the Broad Smile on his face while speaking on any give Topic ….Health, AFRICA or his first Day on Antigua. The Medical School was Prosperous under his Leadership; since he Died everything fell Down. It fell Down Long before covid-19. Since AUA Came on the scene on Antigua you hardly hear anything about UHSA . sad! Since Dr. Yele Akande Died it Glory Days Died with him!! They should investigate what is Happening at the Medical school. Maybe, Students should share they Experience with the School.

  6. All these questions have nothing to do with the so called illegal entry, by in authorized minister n others

  7. Firstly, from the video and the accounts of the security it is obvious that the minister used his position to intimidate his entry onto the property. Without prior knowledge of his visit, this is wrong and he is the one who should be apologizing. Secondly, we can all understand how the pandemic caused a downturn in income generation with all classes been subsequently done online. However, with all restrictions in Antigua now been lifted the university must immediately address the return of students to the campus for income generation so that they can pay all outstanding debts especially staff payments. If there were any irregularities with how funds were been handled prior to the pandemic then the university must give an explanation.

  8. Because of the history UHSA has in Antigua (40 years) and the fact that it’s founder, Mr Yele Akande, is held in high regard by many, I think that the university should be given a year to get back to functional operation. If they are still unable to physically attract students back or significantly increase their cash flow to honour outstanding debts, then I would have to agree with the minister that it should be considered a non performing lease. I really hope the son has not tarnished his father’s good legacy.

  9. The Medical school is a waste of time and money. Students cannot get residency after completing their medical degree in Antigua. I know a lot of people who have lost money going to that school. However, there’s a right way and a wrong way to do things. Chet apparently does not understand courtesy, decency and communication. Leadership skills would also help. Chet, if you are admiting that you did not communicate with the school officials you are an idiot. You are not fit to lead a donkey.

    • If YOU ARE THE DONKEY, then you are correct. NO ONE wants to lead you. Ya head EMPTY and HARD HARD!

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