Woman Dies Mysteriously After Walk With Colleague


A University of Health Sciences Antigua (UHSA) employee is dead after what was to be a short walk in the vicinity of the school.

Dead is 65-year-old housekeeper Florence Thompson who met her fate on January 7, 2019.

According to reports reaching ANR, Thompson and another housekeeper also employed at the medical school, left the compound to go in search of sugar apples.

In their search for their fruit tree, the women took two different paths, it was reported.

However, only one of the women returned to the university alive.

When the other housekeeper returned to the school she did not see her colleague and became worried.

The woman reportedly called her pastor who found the body along with another university employee.

Employees who spoke on the condition on anonymity said they do not suspect foul play.

When contacted the police said no foul play is suspected however, an autopsy would have to be carried out to determine the cause of death.

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  1. ANR please reach out to the authorities at the medical school. This is quite an unfortunate situation. My condolences to the family, friends, students and staff.

    Please do a follow-up regarding the OUTSTANDING MONIES OWED TO MS.THOMPSON and all the other staff and faculty. Some have left, moved off campus and still owed HUGE SUMS OF MONEY by this entity. Sadly Ms. Thompson will go to her grave without receiving what she worked SO HARD for. I hope the owners will grow a conscience in the wake of this tragedy.

  2. My condolences to her family.
    According to this article it happened on January 7th, and January 24th the public is hearing about it.
    This institution owed a lot of people and businesses money including vendors it have been doing business with in Antigua.

    • Since 1865 the owners have been promising that some investor would come to help the school. A promise is a comfort to a fool? No management skills, terrible financial decisions (spending lavishly on the wedding, gallavanting around the world and posting pics and boasting on social media, trying to keep up with the Joneses by living above your means, etc)

      How can such heartless and wicked act continue in 2019? Then on Sunday she will claim to worship her god while she treat her staff like they are nothing and not worthy of her pittance.

  3. This article sounds very suspicious doesn’t makes much sense to me this is just my opinion …….very very suspicious

  4. My condolences to the family of the deceased.

    This article sounds like a fiction.
    1 Why leave together and take two different paths back?
    2 Why call the pastor? Wasn’t there anyone close by to alert?
    3 How soon did she become worried and what time did she call the pastor?
    4 While she waited for the pastor to arrive what was she doing?
    5 Did the other woman arrive to the school dead? How could this be?
    6 How can the police say no foul play suspected with no scientific conclusion?
    7 What does it mean she met her faith? Surely this term suggest something.
    8 Was it the dead qonab that became worried?
    This article is soooky, reading it literally makes it even more spooky.

  5. I feel like detective Columbo one more thing how far apart are the two pathways that lead back to the school?

    The lady that arrived alive did she hear any unusual sound like some one falling to the ground?

  6. I would suggest that ANR go back and get the real story surrounding the death of Ms. Thompson… The article alone makes you wonder if there is actual foul play and cover up. However, the university is currently closed no students, no staff, and to my knowledge the owner wasn’t on island… At the time this all took place it’s safe to say that Ms. Thompson and her co worker trespassed on private property. Now it’s no secret that the late Ms. Thompson is known for going up in the hills and pick fruits to sell when she should be cleaning the dormitories n the campus buildings… Could you find out if security was at all stationed at the main entrance of the property when the two workers went on their journey… What is very alarming is that the pastor was called n not 911 or even the Famous Mrs. Simon if her death occurred when staff would be around… Why would you take two paths when one is longer than the other… Please confirm if she did in an attempt the jump over a high wall and hit her head since to my knowledge the gate was locked wit a padlock.
    It would be great if you could also find out about the outstanding monies owed to apua and vendors as well as the staff that were layed off n or forced to walk off the job while Dr. Akande travel ever do often to Atlanta n Chicago and dish out money to help repair n fund the church opposite Sunnyside. Could you also find out the real reason why they got rid of Mr. Joseph since it’s alleged that she was promised some sort of deal from a member of government….

    • They did NOT tresspass on private property. They showed up to work on the date that was previously indicated by the owner. But as usual the owner pushed back the date to following week. She don’t have no money to pay people, but she still expect them to find money for transportation, bills, food etc and show up to an old campus to toil like slaves. Ms. Thompson is a hard worker and did not deserve to die without getting her money. Maybe Deborah is sitting in Chicago by her fireplace and couldn’t care less about the school. She and her son ruined Dr. Yele Akande’s legacy. What a shame that they brought his dream to the grave. That could have NEVER happened if Yele was still alive. Such wicked acts perpetrated against the deceased and many others surely must not sit well with her soul.

      If she really wanted to pay, she would have found a way, but this is probably intentional on her and Dayo’s part. The public is finally seeing behind the facade and the beautiful mask hiding the ugly truth.

      This kind of thing does not happen at AUA.

  7. So is the PM making sure all the employees are taken care of, since the school is closed too?….just asking.

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