Bassawan says police stopped in Allsaints to buy chips while transporting him to prison


Rikardo Bassawan got 6 months for escaping custody. CLICK HERE TO JOIN WHATS APP GROUP

The sentence was handed down by Magistrate Conliffe Clarke.

He claims that while being escorted to Allsaints court the officers stopped the bus to buy chips and left the door wide open.- Newsco

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WANTED: 27-year-old Rickardo Bassawan of Bennett Street, Villa


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  1. Chips??? No wonder some so overweight!

    Still nah give u the right to escape tho!

  2. While considering the source, this has a ring of truth to it. There needs to be an investigation.

  3. Although the officers stopping for chips is no excuse for him to escape lawful custody, I just KNEW it had to have been some ignorance like this that must have happened as to why he got away

    The prisoner could not have been properly secured in that bus. 🤦🏻‍♂️

  4. This speaks to the ineptitude of the transporting Officers. There does seem to be a need for an investigation into this.
    That being said, the prisoner only put himself into more hot water by trying and succeeding, for a limited time, to escape.

  5. If you are transporting a person to the lock up on remand. Why the hell would you stop except at a Red Light. Then you would put on your siren and flashing lights so as not to stop at all. Those law enforcers are really slack in Antigua. He did not escape. They are the reasons why he got out of that transport vehicle. CHIPS,CHIPS,REALLY.

  6. officers stopped the bus to buy chips and left the door wide open…NOT GUILTY…LOL…Sick!

  7. While some may argue the escorted person had no right to escape, however if the statement by the escapee is true “they went to buy chips and left the door wide/open” it adds to the lapse of judgement of the transporting officer/s. Not too long ago one can recall a remanded person was been transported, escaped and allegedly killed a man. Should the protocols in transporting remanded/prisoners be reviewed/revised and any breach of such should result in disciplinary actions which may include termination?

  8. This just goes to show how slack we are as a country… From TOP to BOTTOM – SLACKNESS exudes. The most frightening part about it? Is that NOONE is EVER held accountable for their actions… so the behavior repeats itself! Over and Over and Over and Over and Over AGAIN!

    Our Law enforcement agencies administration are a joke! RPFAB | ABDF | IMMIGRATION | ONDCP – While, I’m reliably informed that there are organizational issues and challenges including the lack of resources, training, healthy work environments and SQUARE PEGS IN ROUND HOLES – as the decision makers within these entities – they are continuing to the unapologetically drop the ball with no consequences for their actions.

    This is laughable – TBH and why would he not escape if the officers didn’t care to secure him and ensure when they left the bus the door was closed. As humans do…ALL HUMANS….ALL ANTIGUANS DO…- YOU SEE AN OPPORTUNITY AND YOU SIEZE THE MOMENT! Simple! SO STOP BEING HYPOCITIES!!

    We need to do better! The World is watching us and it come in like bare MOVIE THING they watching! CARTOON THING!

  9. Wow. Still guilty of escaping custody. But now what about the officers. I believe the prisoner when he said he was not shackled. Shackled hands will hold you back. There should now be an investigation into that possible unshedule stop and that possible false report about shackles.

  10. They let that man out. Not guilty OR they may have been setting him up to kill him and he ran for his life??

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