Yida Building Four Lane Highway


The architect supervising work for the YIDA project at Coconut Hall and Guiana Island has reported that 8 miles (5 kilometers) of road, four lanes wide, are being constructed on the Antigua side of the project.

He reportedly told Cabinet that two lanes will be paved within the next two weeks; the planting of utilities below the surface will take place on the side where the other two lanes are to be paved.

In the face of criticism over environmental practices, the government said 70 acres of mangrove are to be preserved in a Nature Preserve.

Yida is also building a ceramics factory, 500,000 square feet large the government has said.

A statement said much of the electricity to be utilized will come from solar and wind energy plants that will be constructed to power the industrial factories; they will be constructed at the southern end of the acreage.

A small tank farm, storing fuels, will also be constructed not far from the power plants owned by the Government.

Additionally, more than 2,000,000 square feet of factory space will be built on the site, creating more than 300 permanent jobs for Antigua and Barbuda citizens and residents.

“Job creation is the first priority of the project managers,” the government said.

It was revealed that one-third of the land will be set aside for manufacturing.

“A 40- to 60-acre area is to be set aside for a nursery where 100,000 trees will be nurtured; they will be transplanted all over the YIDA project in order to make the land very attractive. Green grassy areas will also be grown for a golf course, as well as near the shoreline, in order to preserve the high quality of the shoreline water.”

The government says five resorts are to be built on the site “and the YIDA group intends to be very good stewards, good neighbours, and good environmentalists.”

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  1. why can’t we invest heavily in farming. why is just hotels and resorts the government talk about.. invest in agriculture and food will be cheaper.

  2. Wonder who really doesn’t know what they saying or what is going on?
    People saying one thing, the evidence showing another and the Prime Minister refuting everything?

  3. YIDA needs to admit that he understands English and pay off his debts like the commission owed which has been in court for some time now. Seems to me that YIDA is coming up with the above mentioned crap, just like he did with the warehouse “steel factory”, because of the local and international negative publicity! Yida Zhang’s destruction and corruption reputation (not just in Antigua) will always precede him because we, the disgusted public who want him to leave, will keep it alive on the World Wide Web.

  4. 100,000 trees to make the area look pretty???…salt water & Hurricanes will trim them for you.

  5. Yeah and I am building a space ship.

    Where is this 4 lane highway robbery leading to exactly ..old parham road? and who da hell builds a ceramic factory (alongside the gun factory) smack bang in the middle of a 5 star resort development and hard rock cafe anyway?
    oh yes its the alp in power so as long as you’re foreign anything goes
    i just wonder how will the new multimillion dollar home owners feel about the 300 chinese labourers making china bowls next door to their infiniti swimming pools

  6. Looks more like a runway than a road. They are a separate country after all so maybe this is the real plan.

  7. Sounds good, but most of us will believe it when we see it. As Ronald Raegan (not a hero of mine) always said, “Trust but verify!” True.

  8. I have been reading a few comments. Most of the comments appear to be against DEVELOPMENTS. Since when Antiguans are ANTI DEVELOPMENT. Please stop this NONSENSE. We are sending the wrong message to international Developers . Please let Us work with the Government to CREATE the ECONOMIC POWERHOUSE. Stop following SERPENT , MR. KNIGHT ,JANICE , MRS.POTTER, CLEON ATHILL and the Others. Antigua is the best Island in the Caribbean under the leadership of Prime Minister Gaston Browne.

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