Whoopi wants to build multi-million dollar Cannabis Wellness Resort

Actress Whoopi Goldberg (The Toronto Star photo)

Actress and Comedian Whoopi Goldberg has told the government of Antigua and Barbuda that she wants to build a 200-room cannabis wellness resort here.

Goldberg made a presentation to the cabinet via video conference yesterday.

The Whoopi Goldberg team would build 200,000 square feet of greenhouse space for the growth of hemp—a relative of cannabis, according to the government.

A statement from Cabinet said the medicines which would be drawn from the harvested plant would be applied to the bodies of men and women who suffer various ailments. A laboratory and other infrastructural requirements would also be constructed.

“Most importantly, a hotel/wellness resort would be constructed that would market itself as a place where patients seeking medical cannabis/hemp can be applied. Those patients from the USA and Canada that have both cards and cannabis prescriptions would be welcome as guests in the 200 room Cannabis Wellness Resort.”

It is estimated that such a property could be kept at more than 80% occupancy year-round.

The investment would reach about US$40 million dollars.

According to a statement from Cabinet “as soon as the certificate is granted, the group is ready to move. It does not require loans or any external financing, the Cabinet was told. There would be a special carve out for the Rastafarian communities in the growing and harvesting of the base material.”

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  1. Is this a gathering of the wolves to slaughter the lambs?
    I wonder if these people who rushing to make a killing knew of Antigua before this Marijuana opportunity presented itself?
    So it’s now time again to take our country for another ride?
    Rastermen be the planters? Wow!
    Why can’t the government control the whole thing on BEHALF OF THE COUNTRY and only seek professional advice for the ‘how’ and ‘what’?

  2. Can’t we do anything for ourselves? Other than spend other people money.

    Sandals did not start with hotels all over the Caribbean with the best honey moon spot, they started with a small hotel in Montego Bay and worked hard to creat a brand that is now bearing fruits.

    Why can’t we do the same it is not rocket science. The Chinese build that the Chinese build this, Venezuela build this, Cuba build, UAE build that how are we contributing to our development?

    Independence is coming list the home grown projects other than the school that we have done.

    • Yes RASTAMAN…..we can let them build hotels and whatever else they want …
      Control the fermenting & growth bcos they know GASTON & Frens can and will be bought but a common man ask for assistance to do this ….they want all manner of control but whoopie is a known “weed head” has money and money frens whose pockets are LARGER as well ….so a few millions to GASTON the best TOP GRADE LAND …..KING FRANKIE & RASTAFARIN COMMUNITY couldn’t come up with money or a sound plan….

      And dnt 4get he will say …JOB OPPORTUNITIES

    • Our people are as the PM calls it Risk Averse. They prefer to keep their money in the bank in a saving account earning 2% interest, than to put it at risk and earn 30%. All and I mean all the incentives and even more are available for locals. And when Syrian jump into the opportunities we complain and say they own everything in the country. We have no one but ourselves to blame for losing our economic power in our country. And maybe very soon we will lose our political power too. And if we do not vote for CCJ we will also have lost our Judicial Power.

      • You could be right to some extent when it comes to those real money holders. However, are you an ordinary Joe Blow or an elitistm? Do you have your own business or ever tried to establish one as a Local?
        Lots of horse **** and little if any support or even concessions. Moreso if you are not a henchman of the government of the day, well known or in the upper echelon of society.
        So why blame us as a people? Blame how the system it is set up and runs.

  3. The PM has a better chance getting DiNiro and Whoopi to film a movie here and create a role for him. That might be easier than trying to build new hotels. He just can’t seem to get any hotels off the ground!

  4. Mr PM here is a master plan:
    1 Select lands in a remote area close to a secluded beach.
    2 Build bungalows with hard wood from Guyana.
    3 Outside shower and bath.
    4 Nude beach optional.
    5 No televisions, phones, internet, etc in rooms.
    6 A five acres agriculture farm. All animals are grass fed and corn fed.
    7 All meals are fresh from the farm.
    8 Entertainment limited to local material nothing outside Waladli.
    9 All crafts and souvenir are made on location.
    10 A Rastaman will be the General Manager
    No shoes allowed on the resort no use of any electronic device etc.
    Mr PM people will pay big money to visit this natural throw back lifestyle and enjoy a CHALICE.

  5. Investors like these build developing countries. Why do we want to stay stagnant. Even the great US of A welcomed investors to boost the economy. Stop hate and appreciate!!

  6. Whoopi…. Bring de money & come

    Wellness Yes
    Zombies No

    Uchee Pines and Wildwood have helped many WITHOUT WEED

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