What You Should Do if You Were in a Drunk Driving Accident


Being in an accident is a shocking and overwhelming experience. It can be all the more confusing and upsetting if the other driver was drunk when the incident occurred. It can be hard to cope with your feelings of frustration, knowing that the accident might have been easily prevented if the other driver had been acting more responsibly. In addition to this, you might also be struggling with pain, injury, disfigurement, medical bills, car repairs, loss of vehicle, loss of income, and emotional trauma.


There’s a lot on your plate. The following will break down the steps you can take to ensure that you’re doing the best you can to ensure you’re recovering from a drunk driving accident health-wise, financially, and emotionally.

Seek Medical Attention

Before anything else, see a doctor or go to the hospital. Injuries can be clever, and you might not understand the depth of the harm that has occurred right away. Things like shock and delayed physical reactions can lead you to believe you’re okay when in actuality, your body is under extreme stress and needs care. Make sure to share every feeling and detail, even if it feels unrelated. A doctor wants to hear about everything, so he or she can make the most accurate treatment plan for you possible.

Seek Legal Guidance

Whether or not you decide to take legal action, it is strongly advised that you meet with DUI lawyers who focus on drunk driving accidents for a free consultation or case evaluation. This should be done before you begin negotiating with insurance companies. This way, you can understand what all your options are and what the likely outcomes are given the information you have. Litigators at ffplaw.com/car-accident-lawyer/drunk-driving-accident/ emphasize that in many cases, drunk driving isn’t a one-time offense. Considering legal action can also mean considering the health and safety of other people that the drunk driver might come in contact with within the days, months, and years to come.


Seek Emotional Support

After being in an accident, especially one involving someone being careless with your safety, it can be hard to get back into a car or on the road. It can be a challenge to listen to the musician that was playing when the accident happened. It can be challenging to feel safe and trusting in environments with strangers all around you. You might find yourself thinking: if one person disregarded my life, who’s to say someone else won’t do the same thing?


Speaking to a trusted friend, family member, colleague, or mental health professional can really help ease some of these burdens. You’re not alone with these feelings. Post-traumatic stress, trauma bonding, and other phenomena can occur because of car accidents. While talking isn’t going to completely eradicate these feelings, you may feel better once someone can explain what’s happening with your emotional responses. Coping techniques can also be relayed.


With the above information, you can take the first steps in recovering from an accident with a drunk driver. Remember that all healing and recovery takes time.

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