WEHNER REPORTS: Why does AUA need more land?


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  1. So they can better market the university….

    the intended upsell for the AUA will hit revenues target …the market for a university that boast of its own beach ….to attract more students they will make 3 million 10 times over

  2. The AUA has recognized that it is a free for all, so they want their extra piece too. They see how easy it is to get access to plenty land and they are willing to pay who they have to pay to get more than they should have. Next they will want Hodges Bay and in the end control the whole of the north coast. I am seeing the control of the four coasts by persons who do not know our history or the pains we suffered for our land. We will be left encircled and would have to get a pass like in South Africa to move out of our bubble.
    This is so sickening that very evil thoughts about how to end all this travesty, this betrayal are forming in my head. I have started to talk to my family about my thoughts. My wife is worried about me.
    Let us remember that the right to keep your land was never won without sacrifice. If you don’t know what I am saying, look at the Ukrainians.
    I want to thank Captain Whenner for the exposure. Ready to work with you, soldier. I have had enough.

  3. Why does the 🐍 need 26 ACRES???

    6 ACRES at PARES


    This 🤡 is the UPP Shadow Minister of Agriculture and the *26 ACRES* he have in NARSEE, DUTTY, WUTLISS and ABANDONED condition.

    The 🐍 mek the man bring in letter and say he gah tek over the land. Tek over the land and FARMing FOOL.

    The 🐍is a SHAME to the FARMing community. It takes COMMITMENT to be a farmer and the 🐍clearly lacks that. (Is he committed to any woman)

    How in the UPP you can A-B-A-N-D-O-N 26 ACRES of land WITH WATER ACCESS and Lovell Limpy Joe endorse u as Agriculture Minister????? 🤔

    Wehner carry your camera to the 🐍farm land and let’s see if the lone pupah tree still standing among the HIGH GRADE WILD TAMBRAN jack.


    • You no hear Max Hurst say Antigua has millions of acres of unproductive lands that is not occupied. When somebody phoned in to tell him to take away serpent’s land, that was his response. You are paid to post the same crap. Nothing new. So let me ask you a question? Should AUA be allowed to buy Jabberwack beach?

  4. And look how you allow Lovell Limpy Joe King Lyadd to mek a 🤡 out a you

    “He explained that, upon becoming the Candidate for St. George, he was told that he should ready himself for general elections, which the Party believed would have been called by the end of last year.”

    Lovell right fu 🤡 you and mek you look like a stupid 🐍 slithering among the HIGH GRADE WILD TAMBRAN growing on the 26 ACRES 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣


    • You are so pathetic. While your country is being sold from under you by the interloper, you are rejoicing. I suppose that you don’t understand what’s really happening. You have the mentality of a slave.

  5. Always enjoy your video reports George, always showing the other side of important national and local issues.

    Some people in Antigua do not like this type of BALANCED reporting, but you are already showing media outlets like ABS how to do it.


  6. According to harold lovell on Mr. Knight’s program on Friday 29th April 2022, ‘the beach is a no no’ for a.u.a. but he (lovell) will not discuss the matter publicly?

    I wonder why? I wonder if the U.P.P. got campaign money from a.u.a.?

    Mr. Knight was telling him (lovell) ‘a.u.a. tried getting the land under the u.p.p. and they (the u.p.p.) denied them’ but lovell insisted ‘he not talking about the matter publicly’.

    Why lovell? What are you hiding from the people you want to govern?

    I never trusted lovell and his ‘slickness in this matter’ have made me even more certain about him.

    Can you imagine that when Mr. Knight put to him, the debacle at long bay, lovell say ‘he doesn’t know’?

    Well if that is the case, lovell is just showing that he na ready yet to be prime minister of this country.

    Word on the street is that ‘some positive’ changes have been made to the lease that beef said he is not signing and guess what?

    I am informed that a.u.a. is now saying they are not going to sign what is being presented to them. I wonder why?

    The electorate needs to follow this story closely.

    If government enters into a lease to own arrangement with a.u.a., then there goes another reason for voting against this labour party government.

    Papa Bird must have turned in his grave when he got the work that a ‘labour government in Antigua’ wants to give away a beach.

    Shame on gaston and shame on the board of directors of the free trade zone.

  7. @Smh
    Boss, You are one sick bastard! You might fool yourself and think you are just being silly or trying to throw the UPP off its crease, but there is a point when you should let this foolishness go. You have passed that point, and need psychiatric help. You’re not sweet no more, just annoying and people are talking about how sick you are, even the red people. I believe even Gaston Browne thinks you are annoying and sick.

    • @Smh pls continue 2 post c an nah mek dem miserable haterzz stress u boss me find ya post an dem funny nf wha even sweeter ah dem hatin azzz 🤡 who ah stess bout u post so smh keep posting and keep them haterzzz 🤡 stress

      • @Smh fan.

        👊🏾 will keep posting. The UPP and the 🐍 like to BANN anyone who has a different viewpoint. Dem bann the DNA. Dem bann Max Hurst. Now they want to turn ANR like Observer and bann people!! Some simple basic questions they REFUSE to answer:

        • Where is the GUN that SHERFIELD BOWEN used to SHOOT TESSA BARTHLEY? 🤔👀

        • Was he a MARRIED MAN at the time of the shooting?

        “SPECIAL” in the weeks/months before he used the GUN to SHATTUP TESSA BARTHLEY?

        • How is it feasible that SHERFIELD BOWEN can get into a “scuffle” 22-year old FEMALE and end up BUSSIN SHAT pan she? (A man is physically stronger than a woman)


        • Does SHERFIELD BOWEN have in possession anything belonging to the late TESSA BARTHLEY??

        • What does SHERFIELD BOWEN do each year on the ANNIVERSARY OF HER DEATH??

        • Did he offer her mother a job to CLEAN HIS OFFICE??

        • Is SHERFIELD BOWEN remorseful for using the GUN to SHOOT TESSA BARTHLEY? 🤔👀

  8. Someone needs to give Wehner a real job so he will have something constructive to do with his time.

    • He can help the 🐍 clear down the HIGH GRADE WILD TAMBRAN on the 26 ACRES 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 or help Alister Thomas and Anderson Carty build their own damn houses.

      Or do an exposé on the Wilmoth Daniel STRIPPER POLE BUS 🚌 and the CAN’T PARK AT EAST BUS STATION. We want to see war gwarn Inna de RATTA CONDOMINIUM that UPP left us. Smh.

      Or go up Crabbs to show us the WADADLI POWER CAN’T and see the blood-in-hotel-lobby

    • Sidelines:I am glad Wehner is giving us all of that information. For one day,we would all wake up to find Antigua garne.Do you want him to sit around and kiss arses like you do? You would see Antigua going down into hell and do and or say nothing.By the way that trough would soon be dried up.Then what the hell are you going to do,Fat Boy? Hope you went to Fort James today to get your free meal from the DAWG,DAWG,FOOD.

  9. I pay him, he’s well paid, not as much as the amount the ABLP pay the minions like you .

    Ebrey baddy mus nyam.

    His work is well appreciated and show the underhandedness of this administration.

  10. I pay him, he’s well paid, not as much as the amount the ABLP pay the minions like you .

    Ebrey baddy mus nyam.

    His work is well appreciated and show the underhandedness of this administration.

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