Vaccinate voluntarily or be forced PM says

Gaston ABLP

For the first time since the start of Antigua and Barbuda’s vaccination programme this year, Prime Minister Gaston Browne has warned residents of mandatory vaccination.


He said this could be implemented if residents do not respond to the call to vaccinate voluntarily.


“I mean we have been trying to avoid introducing any mandatory requirements to force vaccinations, but I want to signal here that if we have to do it we will do so,” an “agitated” Prime Minister told his weekly radio programme.


“So, it is going to be an inescapable fact that people have no choice but to get vaccinated.

“They either do so voluntarily to protect lives and livelihoods or be forced to do so,” he warned.


“And at the end of the day you know I am going to make, myself and my Cabinet colleagues, any decision that is in the well-being of the country,” he added.


“That is not a threat, that is just encouraging people to voluntarily get vaccinated,” the prime minister said.


To date, just over 30 thousand residents have been vaccinated with the majority being inoculated during the first phase in March.


The country’s leader expressed disappointment that in the last week vaccination slowed to a trickle, with some days seeing as low as 20 persons receiving the AstraZeneca jab.


Browne said while he understands that some residents who have medical problems and members of the Rastafarian faith are not able to get vaccinated, “The rest of us we have an obligation to go out there and get vaccinated to protect ourselves, family members, and the entire society.”


“Sorry if I should a little agitated here but I am seeing a situation here in which some people perhaps innocently, perhaps deliberately are taking actions that could destroy lives and livelihoods.”


The prime minister criticized his political opponents for “undermining” the vaccinations process “and they are showing the people of this country that they are not ready for leadership.”


Browne who is also finance minister told radio listeners that Antigua and Barbuda cannot afford the consequences that come with no achieving herd immunity.


A target of 70 percent of Antigua’s 100,000 population has been set.


“I want to say definitively to the people of Antigua and Barbuda that we do not have the luxury of not being vaccinated.”


“And if we do not get the herd immunity perhaps within the next 60-90 days there is going to be weeping and gnashing of teeth in this country. That is the reality of it, so people need to take responsibility go out there and get vaccinated. The economic and social scars are getting deeper and deeper every day and this type of reluctance and hesitance to get vaccinated is just totally unacceptable.”



AUA students do not want to return with Antigua’s COVID situation the way it is


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  1. I want to promise the Prime Minister and his Cabinet, that if they make a decision to make vaccination mandatory, that is taking away people’s right to choose, once I have life, I will not vote for the A.B.L.P. in the next general election.

    “This is not a threat. This is just encouraging the Prime Minister and his Cabinet to not mess with people’s right to choose”.

    You all are NOT god’s.

    • I am not sure if this comment is from the real BEEF (Audley “Beef” Joseph) or not. If it is from the real BEEF, then I must say that you have finally grown some testicles.

      • @ Charles Tabor:
        What Dave has shown is that he is not a blind follower. U on the other hand, would never speak out against ur party like that – regardless of how wrong ur party may be. If some of u spoke out in the period 2004 to 2014, we may not be in the position we are today.

        • Are you still blaming the UPP Administration for the ABLP failure. You need to look back pass the year 2004 to 1976. Start from there first. This ABLP makes the most revenue than any other administration, and if it wasn’t for the COVID pandemic, we will never know that the country is broke like the 2003 leading up to the 2004 election. Where are all the revenues gone especially the CIP money before the pandemic hit?

          • @ Mary-Jane
            Unlike u, I don’t look at things thru red/blue glasses. I have no time to worry about which administration is worse they’re equally bad. My comment was directed at the supporters of both major parties who stay quiet when their party is in power, but can chronicle every wrong step of their opponents when the said opponents are in power

        • Dunce Dadiman. The UPP left over 20 million in the MBS to be used in the event of a pandemic but dunce Gaston spent it off.
          Stop blaming the UPP. Blame dunce Gaston

          • Gaston used over 36,494,160 EC dollars in 2015 ( to ensure that the hospital had working equipment. Of this amount some 27 million usd was used to acquire new equipment in the Radiology, Operating Theatre, Intensive Care Units and
            other areas of the hospital. You may recall that before this persons had to reach into their pocket to get tests done, because the hospital equipment was not working. The investments made allowed us to the be the first EC island to do kidney transplants. Pay attention to the increased number of government clinics, since 2014. Then there was some 4 million EC spent on the Infectious Disease center, a novel entity in the OECS

          • Sorry that 27 million is EC, not USD. Its USD 10 million (see 207 budget estimates for MSJ business plan)

          • Message to Factcheck:
            Estimates. Estimates. Not expenditure.
            You ALP people are so creative with the facts.
            By the way, what happen to the refurbished building next to the ALP headquarters ? – novel you say.
            Yet the poor woman died ( may her soul rest in peace) because there was no oxygen.

        This shows that BEEF stands His own ground. Unlike you TABOR who believes POOR HAROLD can do no wrong and AFAID to go against anything Harold will say. Hon.Gaston Browne will never make it mandatory.

        • ERIC CARDEN if he will never make vaccination mandatory then why threaten to make it so. Was Gaston just blowing off hot air as usual?

          • @ CHARLES TABOR
            Gaston Browne knows how to keep you Guys talking about Him. Our Prime Minister is correct. Take the DAMN vaccine or make it MANDATORY.
            Gaston on keeping His name in the news

          • @Charles Tabor…neither you, Mr. Shadow Attorney General, Harold Lovell nor the UPP Party if they were the Ruling Arm of the Parliament could do, or would do anything differently. Otherwise the economy would crash like filled loaded Jumbo Jet which just took off from VC Bird International, developed engine trouble and trying to return to the airport crashes over St. John’s killing all on board while injuring hundreds and killing dozens on the ground.
            PM Browne is simply complying with the #New World Order policies.
            Therefore, take off the political spectacle, put on the Legal Beagle virtual glasses, file court briefs or cases on behalf of the Citizens of the Nation and challenge what the PM Browne and his cabinet are doing, and intend to do.

            I dare you! Now, you grow some cohones and step before the Courts. Otherwise, your rhetoric again, is pandering for votes to move you out of the shadows, as AG in waiting into the florescent light. You can wear a Lime Green polyester suit, pink shirt, white socks and some pleather Stacy Adam’s yellow shoes.
            Maybe, just maybe you’ll be transformed into BLACK & White Robe like a Cinderella before the appointed hour, of #MANDATORY VACCINATION.

        • Eric your name should be legion because you go by so many names.
          How are Lydia and Crimson J

          • @ DESERT ROSE
            My name is ERIC CARDEN….Why don’t you give Us your real name. ? Stop hiding behind FAKE NAME. Typical UPP BLUFF.

    • Forcing people to do anything is not the best thing. Mankind will always find ways to do the wrong things and disobey laws. Massive mobilization of the people who are conducting the Vaccacines should be immediately implemented, like when Politicians are campaigning for elections. Go into every hamlet’s and offer the Vaccines. Go the people and not the people coming to them. It’s extremely difficult to save people from themselves.

    • My mind completely change on Gaston Browne from that statement. He lost me with that one. The vaccine have so many problems right now. All of them except Sputnik. The Cuban One not out yet. Forced??; really?? For their agenda? How much did they pay you? You lost me with this. And the red suit…… Hitler really is in you. Last I remember this is a democracy.

      • Sputnik uses the same technology as Astra Zenica… none of them are safe. Yes, everyone won’t die right away, but those that live, are going to have long term irreversible medical problems. Here in America, the vaccinated people are infecting the unvaccinated but not necessarily with the virus…with the spike. One vaccinated mother killed her 5 month old from breastfeeding, the spike cause lethal vascular damage in the infant. The information is in Pfizer trails “what to look for”… they were aware of inhalation and skin transfer from the vaccinated to the unvaccinated. The spike can cross the blood brain barrier which will cause prions disease.The long term outlook from these shots are problematic at best and quite possibly lethal. This is a crime against humanity.

        • Brilliant response! i am a pharmacist and ALL of the vaccines are not FDA-approved + ‘safe’. They have only emergency use authorization and the trials (phase 3) go until 2023. you will be a guinea pig for this massive experiment on humanity with an untried or tested gene modification technology. Crimes against humanity is correct and violation of the Nuremberg Code on multiple counts.

          • @Gayle V…dah dah dah, dah dah dah, dah dah. Those three kings of the Oligarchs are…
            Let me clear my throat…!😅😅😃😅🙃damn you mean to tell me #ConspiracyNuts are a tasty treat to Our thought processes, regarding this #plandemic?
            You’re damn skippy, that #Sugar Apple is a sweet flavor to both the palate and the mind at this crucial crossroad in the existence of HUEmans!

        • Wasn’t a warning sent out that neither nursing mothers nor pregnant women should take the vaccines, this advisory was sent out in T&T

    • Smoke and Mirrors another attempt to get the top dawg attention. I can bet my last dollar that the top dawg wouldn’t give this minion a tongue lashing for showing him up in the media. You minions never cease to amaze me. I am calling on all opposition parties to denounce this statement by A&B dictator, another case of the top dawg speaking from his ass.

      • @ KNIGHT

        MAN KNIGHT GASTON BROWNE knows how to make you GUYS talk about Him for the rest of the week. You hungry People taking His BAIT.

        • @ Dale just like how you Antiguans was talking about Trump while Antigua going to the dawgs.

          • you”re wrong, there are 2 people loving Trump, me + my husband. At least he’s anti-Chyna, not like GB in his red dictator jacket

    • There is no doubt in my mind that decisions regarding life and death, should not be grounded in votes at a ballot box. If the PM has to choose between hundreds (even thousands) living vs getting a few votes, he will choose life. There is no personal right to choose when that decision huffs the ability of others to live. The risk of those deciding against infecting a unvaccinated person are too high. Then there is the risk of a new variant forming due to our not having herd immunity, therefore putting even the vaccinated at risk. Brethren you are wrong on this one.

      • @ tenman
        Is the ability to contract or transmit the disease removed with the taking of the vaccine? If I can still contract the disease, and I can still pass it on to another person, how in God’s name is not taking the vaccine jeopardising another person’s life?

        • Been awhile, hope all is well? The studies have provided evidence that persons who are vaccinated are not only less likely to get infected, but the ones who do get infected, are also less likely to pass on the virus. Viral shedding (AstraZeneca studies) is significantly less in comparison to those not vaccinated. Of the over 100 million persons vaccinated in the US, there has been less than 8K persons (fully vaccinated) in this group who caught covid. This works out to less than some .01% The period of illness is also less due (severity less hence tend to have mild symptoms or no symptoms), hence ability to infect others is lessened

          • According to this logic, a person who is asymptomatic would also be less likely to spread the 99.97% RECOVERY RATE cov-2 coronavirus …

            Nevertheless, the claims of no hospitalization and death FROM THE VACCINES is NOT true … over 350,000 have died with connections to the vaccines.

            Now everyone basically already have a 99.97% recovery chance with Cov-2 virus. Some who take the vaccines dies shortly after, or get blood clots, and even have erectile disfunction and sterility issues … I’LL TAKE MY CHANCES WITH NATURAL IMMUNITY AND NATURAL HERD IMMUNITY. After-all, we all generally have a 99.97% of survival … which means after you are Immune to COVID-19 – the disease

      • @Tenman:When are you and your leader Gaston Browne. Going to make sure the Pensioners at Social Security are paid. It is May3,2021.Social Security Pensioners are still awaiting their money for April. We are in May. So when would they be getting May’s payments. I guarantee you,Gaston Browne and his cronies were all paid on time every time. He is worth millions of dollars. While those Pensioners are hand to mouth daily.

      • They will be no way to stop another variant from coming into the island once the borders are open; even if everyone on Antiguan is vaccinated…When you mass vaccinate in a pandemic you are putting the virus under pressure and immune escape will happen. It is better for young healthy people that has no underlying conditions to become naturally infected for herd immunity. Covid has a 99.9 % survival rate on the young. You cant achieve herd immunity from these gene therapy ( “vaccine” ) because they can’t prevent infection or transmission… they can’t only lessen your symptoms if you become infected. America is now backing off of the idea of developing herd immunity… that idea is in the early stages but you’ll be hearing about I’m the not to distance future.

      • DEAR Tenman. Im disapponted. I somehow felt like it was with a heavy heart you cosigned forced vaccinations. Not knowing how else to handle this bold statement by the PM. What methods do you suppose the PM would use to “force” vaccinations. We hope it is an empty threat but if PM Brown was forced to action, how would he do it? Is it Prison time, or hold you down while you get stuck, how would he do it? And you are ok with this? I always foind you to be reasonable and I think you may not be thinking this all the way through.

    • I guess you can “choose” life or you can “choose” death. It’s up to you. Think about it….LIFE or DEATH. Choose the vaccine and you’ll be choosing LIFE. Otherwise, the death angel will be looking for you. Be careful.

      • Christianity have you fools brainwashed……when have the bible told you to trust the government (the world) to be friends with the world is to be enemy with YAH (GOD). WAKE UP AND RESEARCH.

      • Nonsense! More people survived covid than die from it… Even people that are fully
        vaccinated have died after getting infected with the variant. Covid had a survival rate of more than 99% in all age groups except over 80 years.

    • My dear brother Mr Joseph😏
      for a long time no we know sungu is lungu, and my inform you that it wasn’t the cabinet that made that decision the leader pushed the decision but it was not from the cabinet this is from those who OWN our government 🇦🇬😠.

      Rev 17:13 KJV These have one mind, and shall give their power and strength unto the beast.

    • That is fucking right, what the world basically wants to do is take away rights from people,so whats the point of living if you have no right to do so. I worked with Covid-19 patients and i take care of myself I do the necessary, I dont have it and I have beem going strong since it started, leave me alone I dont need your vaccines! What people are allowing governments to do is remove their rights of free will. Without that then there is no point in living and better we do mass suicides! How can one live without free will, not free will to fo harm but free will do what you desire to your body. It’s yours not theirs!

  2. If this is what leadership has come to, better we go to Redonda.
    You have no rights over ones body sir-hence persons are free to chose what goes into their body….not even the united states are infringing on human rights but you sir chose to do so.
    Its a humane chose, sir what are the real numbers of infected if i may ask, and what sort of benefit do you get from achieving herd immunity-i dont think you care about the people of this country at all

    • Not even American? U really need to know how American stand. American is the last set of people u could tell that anything is mandatory and have successfully done. American doesn’t respect or accept any infringement on their right to choose

      • Boss US courts since (beginning)1905 (Jacobson v Massachusetts)opinioned that mandatory vaccinations is not unconstitutional .

        • True, except the person getting a vaccine has to be a benefit to the larger community. That criteria is not achieve with these vaccines.. they only benefit the individual by lessening their symptoms.The vaccinated individuals can still become infected and also can transmit the infection… therefore that US Supreme Court ruling cannot be applied to these types of gene therapy (” vaccines”)

          • @Gayle V…dah dah dah, dah dah dah, dah dah. Those three kings of the Oligarchs are…
            Let me clear my throat…!😅😅😃😅🙃damn you mean to tell me #ConspiracyNuts are a tasty treat to Our thought processes, regarding this #plandemic?
            You’re damn skippy, that #Sugar Apple is a sweet flavor to both the palate and the mind at this crucial crossroad in the existence of HUEmans!

  3. Or else what?
    You put those who refuse into 1735 or concentration camps, Gaston???

    • Hey “Mandingo” what the hell are you talking about? People can always choose life or death, but don’t expect the health care system to look after your rotting carcass. Choose the vaccine and you will be choosing life. Otherwise, the death angel will be “on the watch” waiting for you.

  4. By exempting the Rastafarian faith, you have just unmasked the deception (cover blown)

    • We all know there are a hundred different Rasta groups, and they are not in agreement on much of anything. From what I hear on the street, many of them are already vaccinated. They not stupid!

    • @Charles Tabor…neither you, Mr. Shadow Attorney General, Harold Lovell nor the UPP Party if they were the Ruling Arm of the Parliament could do, or would do anything differently. Otherwise the economy would crash like filled loaded Jumbo Jet which just took off from VC Bird International, developed engine trouble and trying to return to the airport crashes over St. John’s killing all on board while injuring hundreds and killing dozens on the ground.
      PM Browne is simply complying with the #New World Order policies.
      Therefore, take off the political spectacle, put on the Legal Beagle virtual glasses, file court briefs or cases on behalf of the Citizens of the Nation and challenge what the PM Browne and his cabinet are doing, and intend to do.

      I dare you! Now, you grow some cohones and step before the Courts. Otherwise, your rhetoric again, is pandering for votes to move you out of the shadows, as AG in waiting into the florescent light. You can wear a Lime Green polyester suit, pink shirt, white socks and some pleather Stacy Adam’s yellow shoes.
      Maybe, just maybe you’ll be transformed into BLACK & White Robe like a Cinderella before the appointed hour, of #MANDATORY VACCINATION

      • 😆 🤣 😂 , pink shirt, white socks and some pleather Stacy Adam’s yellow shoes.
        Maybe, just maybe you’ll be transformed into BLACK & White Robe like a Cinderella

        Don’t know if Tabor would wear those given his SKIN TONE.

        • @Well well well…🤓🤓🤫U nar quote #Scriptures today?
          Tabor’s “SKIN TONE” don’t really matter.
          Remember “Let’s Do It Again,” starring Sidney Poitier & Bill Cosby.
          Tabor’s already hypnotized, by the #VirtualSpecs he’s wearing.
          He’ll enter the Courtroom – Cripping and Pimping, like JJ(Bootney Farnsworth)!

    • Totally in agreement. What do the Rastarians faith have to do with not taking the vaccine. I am a Christian who believe that my body is the temple of God and that I should take care of God’s temple as much as I can. I don’t smoke, drink alcohol, take pain killers or any drugs from the pharmaceutical companies. Do I have sufficient grounds for not taking the vaccine? (rhetorical question) Of course I do. I am willing to get fired from my government job for not taking the vaccine. I have seen God move in mighty ways….and Hon. Prime minister, believe it or not your heart is in God’s hand and he can turn it where ever he wants. Remember Pharoah and the Israelites? God is the one who hardened his heart for as long as he wanted to. You are no giant for God.

      • @Diamond…Greetings, the #Omnipotence is always in the mix!
        While I agree with allowing the powers, of the Omnipotence to be in control at every crossroad, there are still real, and true instances in and of life, which demands cooperation with the HUEMAN policies which control HUEmanity.
        Whether, we run to the hills or under the sea, rivers or oceans, up to the sky, something else will affect our moment, in that said “Space” at that said “Time.”
        It’s the law, and truth all the way to #Omnipotence!


  5. The devil likes to quote scriptures jump down the mountain he should give his angel charge over thee, thou shalt not surely die. “Talking about weeping and gnashing of teeth” them only use the scriptures for their convenience but their ways are devilish

    Where was the love all the time for people who are struggling in life?

    Where was the mandatory homes for the homeless ? Only concerned about selling out the country for your benefits

    Where were the mandatory jobs for the jobless?

    Force labour is slavery
    Force sex is rape
    Force vaccine is battery

    If the vaccine is protecting you and you feel safe what are you worrying about

    God give man a choice to choose man want to force man to choose

    Woe unto the wicked that continue to oppress the people of the nation the Lord is going to uproot alot of wicked people in high places soon.

    People eyes are been opened daily, alot of things dont make sense, if they continue with alot of draconian measures pretending they care about the people, a great storm is going to hit and destroy

    • Vary well said, these people are wicked and blinded and sell outs, God will fight for his people. Those vacs are very harmful to people, woe unto these heads of governments.

        • I’m saying Adam made a stupid choice, and we’re still paying for it. Hopefully you will choose LIFE. Otherwise the death angel will be looking for you. Careful my brother.

          • Why God gave Adam and Eve a choice when he already knows what choices they would make… God is Alpha and Omega so if he already know what going to happen why make it happen… SMH

  6. Gaston, you look like a black Hitler in you red dictator suit. You really think you can force arwe fu tek vaccine fu kill arwe? U too chupit!!

  7. Fear have captivated the mind of the people they are not only speechless they are brainless, continue to trust in man they are always failures. Continue to listen only and not use your 5 senses do as you are told like a zombie.

    Trust in scientists and politician with all your heart and lean not unto your own understanding, in all thy ways acknowledge them and they will direct your path into pure confusion and condemnation

    So many wars around the world man could not see eye to eye all of a sudden everybody have been perfect in love and looking for the best interest of the people, pushing for vaccine.

    How come they couldnot agree to put a stop to the wars and all the injustice to humanity?

    Continue to believe and live in fear, and be stressful if you want

    God is not the author of confusion, there is hope and it is not in the vax. The wisdom of God and proper nutrition to build your immune system

    • And GOD provided a way of escape through the miracle vaccine. Thanks be to God. This is a miracle from Heaven, an answer to prayer. Stop trying to sow confusion. Millions were praying that God would give wisdom to the medical people so they could come up with a vaccine. Don’t slap God in the face. You are misleading people, and the angel of death awaits them. Choose LIFE, and the means God has given is through this wonderful answer to the prayers of millions of saints. Glory be to God!


      • You need to stop reading the bible it makes you sound stupid…because the same bible said in.. Ephesians 6:5 Salves Obey your earthly master with espect and fear and with sincerity of heart just as you would Obey christ… Our ancestors have been in salvy for 400 hundred years because of this bible….

  8. Well if you look and dress like a dictator. Might as well start acting like one.

  9. I don’t blame people for not wanting the AstraZeneca vaccine. What Gaston should have done is not put all our eggs in one basket: Efforts should have been made since last year to secure an alternative vaccine outside of COVAX just in case. I am thinking especially of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine.

    • Pfizer and Moderns has just as much or even more problems as the Astra Zenica… None of them are safe. Just because you’re not hearing about the problems the others are causing doesn’t mean there aren’t any problems. Check out the VAERS web site you’ll see some of the reported issues Pfizer, Moderns and J&J.

  10. Gaston Browne,you are going over the cliff. You cannot forced anyone to take any Vaccines. Do you want to have a repeat of 1968 in 2021? Think about what did happen in 1968.

  11. He’s really getting out of control.. we the people naw go fa dat.. the day Dem force um pan ar’we, ah da day ar’we fa raise up!.. over throw he rass

    • Throw his ass on his head out of the Prime Minister office down Queen Elizabeth Highway.

      • Are you having a mental collapse or something? Get that vaccine girl. It’s life or death. Save your loved ones, and yourself.

      • @ MARY JANE

        MARY JANE You go against everything the Prime Minister say…MARY JANE You are th BIGGEST FOOL. Go and drink your BLUE KOOLAID.

  12. The piece of shit dictator traitor has now more than crossed the lines and needs to be removed at all costs before turns this state into a complete dictatorship state. He takes Moderna and brings in something else for the rest of us. No example of leadership whatsoever. “Jokes” about telling the St. Vincent PM to send him all the pretty girls here. This vile cesspool of feces should never be representing us or our country.

    Traitor dictator selling our lands and our country to the Chinese, land grab free for all only for the ministers, his personal businesses competing with local businesses and on and on. Is this what the people who voted for this cesspool truly want?

    Traitor dictator cesspool Gaston must be removed from office.

    • Have you been vaccinated yet? Seems you might not be totally open with us. Have you had the second one, or just the first? Just askin’.

    • Antigua citizen, I had to do a double take to make sure I did not write that post.
      Well said. Every word is you said is correct. I can’t add anything. Get rid of the dictator. One advice for Antiguans/Barbudans. Don’t vote for Gaston because you don’t want to vote UPP. Keep them on their toes by voting out corruption every election. If that means one term until we can do better. Or people come out in forces and demand Gaston have a convention.

      • Concerned+Citizen We have to stand up to this tyrant and fast. Our nation and our people need to get together and remove all of them who are in politics for financial gain and not for the betterment of our nation and our people. Until that happens and the right people with the right mindset then and only then will our nation improve.

        Enough of the corrupt politicians.

    • It is east for you to say, “Calm Down”. People are standing up for their human rights to choose what goes into their body or not.

    • @Smilus…🍍🍍🍍🤓🤓offer dem a Spliff, some Ganja Tea or a pineapple/coconut smoothie with a Wadadli umbrella.

  13. As far as I see it, money is his only motive. Set themselves before the next election because it’s no secret that the A.B.L.P is DONE!!! I have never been the type to be affiliated with policies but I needed to voice my opinion because something is “Fishy” and trust me it ain’t the fish. Try being transparent Mr Browne because you aren’t helping the people of Antigua and Barbuda anymore, you’ve got a different motive.

  14. If UPP had competent people then we could have spoken about overthrowing Gaston, honestly we can’t. The country will be gone to ashes. I understand we are against the vaccine but we are not medical professionals, if they say it’s safe to take then okay. Gaston is speaking out of his ass but his best interest is to ensure our people are safe

    • Medical professionals are not God Almighty, so their assertion is predictions. God knows that this disease will be upon us since He knows our future. When God created the earth, He planted a tree to cure every disease. If we spend more time going to God for wisdom and answer, instead of going to man, we will fight this virus with healing from the land.

      • No virus can penetrate a cell of a person that have a strong enough immune system. Vitamin D from sunshine and vitamin A from dark green leafy vegetables, carrots, red peppers, citrus limes, oranges, mangoes, papaya, eggs cod live oil. Vitamin A makes keratin in the body (hair skin nails) keratin that hardness of nails surrounds the cells and prevent viruses from penetrating them. People that died in the USA were all deficient in vitamin D… not enough sunlight and they didn’t supplement with vitamins. Covid doesn’t have to be a killer if people help themselves into better health.

    • The UPP has vision. Hey, they left 20 million in the MBS to be used in the event of a pandemic but dunce, stupid Gaston spent it off. Gaston is a fool and an idiot. Look at how stupid he looks in his red halloween costume!

  15. I done say if this man make this mandatory, I will be campaigning for UPP for next election.

  16. The irony of Massa Gaston telling the people what they will be forced to do & damn their rights, on Labour Weekend, is not lost on many of us.

    Putting mandatory vaccination on the table is not helpful to all the good people who are vaccine-hesitant & said they would consider being vaccinated in the summer when they had a chance to see how the initial 25,000 first jabbers are making out.
    These are not anti-vaxxers, there was a big difference, until I fear now, when the PM has scared people by his frustrated, bullying rhetoric.

    Leadership requires patience, clear headedness, empathy & an ability to communicate to all, impartially & respectfully.

    We see USA & UK easing restrictions however, they have good % of population vaccinated and more being vaccinated daily; they have stockpiles of vaccines; they have millions of people, many of whom received state support for a year, they have vast staycation opportunities, their economies will come back.

    We don’t have any of those luxuries and another shut-down or ‘red travel alert’ or economic restriction (i.e. minimum global Corp tax 21%) slapped on us will be almost impossible to come back from.
    Savings are gone, work is piecemeal, we’re in trouble.
    We each need to consider carefully what we can individually do to ensure a healthy, vibrant, sustainably safe A&B as Covid-19 and a tanked economy are not over by any means.

    • A point that seems to be missed by most people (since they are focusing on his mandatory vaccination comment), is Gaston’s politicization of the vaccination issue and placing blame on the opposition (although he did not specify UPP we all know what he means) for the fall off in the numbers being vaccinated. Gaston stop politicizing the issue and put your government’s machinery to work with a proper public education blitz to convince people to get vaccinated. And by the way, did not the leader of the UPP Harold Lovell take the vaccine in public and not clandestinely as you did. Perhaps if you as the leader of the country had taken the vaccine in public for all to see, maybe then their would be less skeptics and reluctance by some to be vaccinated. Be a statesman for a change and stop wallowing in the sordid depths (like a pig and not dog) of partisan politics. The UPP is not against vaccination.

      • Yes, Chuck, Lovell took the vaccine publicly. I take that as an affirmation that we should all get the vaccine as soon as possible in order to save our lives and the lives of our family and friends. Thank you Mr. Lovell and Mr. Gaston B. for showing us the way. This is not a red or blue thing. It’s choosing life.

        • Gaston like a thief in the night took the superior vaccine while giving us the inferior one. Gaston did not show the way. He hid it from us. It is only because his tongue slipped when he was talking Bramble

  17. 26 Comments and my poll has the PM in a huge deficit come next election. Mr. PM, back off the people will smite you.

  18. How come when Gaston took his Modena shot, the ass-kissers like Collin Oneal (now Browne as he is supping at the public trough) knew that “Gaston had control over his body and he [Gaston] decides what goes in his body”?

    So everybody does not have right over his/her body?

    Oh, what a tangled web we weave……….

    As Sir Lester would say, ass-kissing Collin, give me an aspirin (but you the double-minded dog might not have heard as you was busy getting ready to kick down the podium used to recognize Sir Lester).


    Wishing that you would grow some testicles and take your nose out of HARRY A******S.

  20. Trusting the wrong person gets you killed, nothing this man does is for the best interest of the people, is only for his best interest. From taking a different vaccine to get into farming as the pandemics hits shows who he is

    You were elected for the interest of the people not for your interest

    We have reached the gospel of vaccination in this point of time, every situation whether you need food, clothing, shelter ,vaccination is the only thing being preached.

    I am hungry “go and take the vaccine”
    I need some clothes . “Are you vaccinated?”
    I need a place to stay.” You must be vaccinated”

    Man shall not and cannot live by vaccines alone!

    We are going to force the moustache man out town we will stand fast and not be moved by your threats and your agenda, there is more of us than you and your puppets that can only say yes to your selfish desires.

    We shall not be denied our rights our freedom any more, although the wicked people in high places are planning, God and his people will triumph

  21. This is a very sad labour day in Antigua and Barbuda. When will our leaders realize that Antiguans and Barbudans have long since educated ourselves to be able to make sound rational decisions. Also the right to free will is a God given right that allows us to be able to choose whether or not to be vaccinated. Who are we to take away that God given right?

    • Exactly! This is very sad and I know Antiguans will not sit down and take this.

  22. A word of advice Mr. PM, continued intense education is the key, you are wrapping this very important issue into too much politics.

    Remove yourself put an education panel of Doctors and Health professional together and let them lead the conversation. As a Government provide the framework encourage people, not threatening them.

    Trust me your PR needs alot of work, you can get the same results but you are going about it the wrong way.

    The moment you introduce mandatory and force words like that, people are naturally going to resist.

    Be empathetic and soft spoken let the professionals lead the conversation, not just the hand pick ones but select a good panel of them to educate people on this topic, the pros and cons. Let them know to be totally honest with the people, we can take it.

    You see Mr. PM people are honestly and naturally scared and your threats are not helping

    Lead by the POWER OF YOUR EXAMPLE and not The Example of Your Power.

    Respect the people who put u into office.

    One love!!!

    • The health professionals have spoken, and they all endorse getting vaccinated as soon as possible.

      • For every ‘health professional you show me, I can show you TWO who say this ‘gene modification therapy’ will kill you !

  23. I a young and strong man of the soil will be on the first plàne for any UPRISING or forced vaccinations of my family and people That is clearly not I want to say BUT A WISE TONGUE …… . I have O respect for this guy . Power has irreversibly gone to his head

  24. Looking and sounding like a dictator, but just how do you enforce mandatory vaccinations?

    He accepts that those with medical problems and Rastafarians, don’t have to have it, so I guess the rest of the nation that choose not to have the vaccine will suddenly join that faith group! How ridiculous!!!

    I agree that people should be encouraged to be vaccinated, but at the end of the day it’s a life choice.

  25. Once its mandatory my husband and children would be able to send u a lawsuit if anything happens to me, so for now Mr. PM am well protected…. Who gonna take care of me if i start walking like a zombie? Ppl its best we all come together and beg God for help.

    • Is best we come together and rebel….is not now this is needed, but it takes something drastic to happen

  26. So this Adolf Hitler outfit that he is wearing really doesn’t irritate any of you Antiguans. What the hell is wrong with Antiguan people we sit down and let every government who has govern us walk over us as if we are Garbage or waste. Shall we remain the spineless jelly fish of the Caribbean. How much more shall we take before we stand up for our Land.


  27. Somebody better Hitler the dictator and his cabinet that they better build a bigger jail because I am not taking any vaccine. God created me with a will to choose. Gaston and his cronies can’t choose for me or tells me what should go into my body. This man just makes me sick.

    • You have the right to chose death from the disease. Most of us will choose LIFE. You are very agitated. Is everything okay, or do you need help. You sound very unwell. Is everything okay at home? Just askin.

  28. Somebody please tell me what is the population of Antigua? And what is the population of the government cabinet? It is foolishness like this that make me lol. And how exactly do you plan to do this mr prime minister. Let me warn the christians in this country to get up and stand up and fight for this country in your knees. Plenty people talking out here but plenty more fraid. It is time to confront this Goliath with God.

    • The Goliath we are fighting is the covid pandemic and those who “choose” death over life.

  29. No body should bark on people rights only God should because he have the last day remember the days of Nebuchadnezzar so shall if be in the last day becareful what u sow because God will laugh at your calamity when ur fair come a pin u don’t challenge God

  30. Avatar photo When you call him a Dictator😅 One 🤡 show on here said you can go to North Korea . Still have that same view this morning 😂

    Hitler rounded up people like sheep . The mini mouse 🐀 A.K.A. the MOUSTACHE sound like a true Dictator .

    • Dear moderators; I noticed some comments have been published here, even with the use of certain names included (Hitler), but for some reason you won’t publish anymore of my comments, even though I include authentic references.
      As the saying goes: Censorship is the tool used when the lie loses it’s power.

      • Now I notice that some of my comments which were awaiting moderation, and then seemed to just be taken down, or not approved, have now appeared in somewhat duplicate, because I changed it up a bit, in case it did not meet terms and conditions.

        I guess the moderators were just too busy. Thanks to the moderators.

  31. From page 10
    32. The resurgence in both hospitalisations and deaths is dominated by those that have received two doses of the vaccine, comprising around 60% and 70% of the wave respectively. This can be attributed to the high levels of uptake in the most at-risk age groups, such that immunisation failures account for more serious illness than unvaccinated individuals. This is discussed further in paragraphs 55 and 56.

    From paragraph 57 – even if (speculation) vaccination successfully drives down mortality and morbidity overall, it is highly likely that outbreaks will still happen (do these ‘experimental COVID-19 vaccines’ help?) in some communities.

    Search: SPI-M-O: Summary of further modelling of easing restrictions – Roadmap Step 2, 31 March 2021
    And see PDF document. This is from the GOVERNMENT of the UNITED KINGDOM

  32. The Nuremberg Code (1947)

    The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential. This means that the person involved should have legal capacity to give consent; should be so situated as to be able to exercise free power of choice, without the intervention of any element of force, fraud, deceit, duress, overreaching, or other ulterior form of constraint or coercion; and should have sufficient knowledge and comprehension of the elements of the subject matter involved as to enable him to make an understanding and enlightened decision. This latter element requires that before the acceptance of an affirmative decision by the experimental subject there should be made known to him the nature, duration, and purpose of the experiment; the method and means by which it is to be conducted; all inconveniences and hazards reasonably to be expected; and the effects upon his health or person which may possibly come from his participation in the experiment.

    • Yes, the Nuremberg Code guarantees that, and if anyone does otherwise they will be HANGED for crimes against humanity !

  33. From the Prime Minister of Canada’s own webpage.

    Search title: New measures to ensure the supply of future vaccines and therapies against COVID-19

    See 2nd paragraph: “experimental COVID‑19 vaccines”.

  34. Any idea where this statement comes from?

    “The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential. This means that the person involved should have legal capacity to give consent; should be so situated as to be able to exercise free power of choice, without the intervention of any element of force, fraud, deceit, duress, overreaching, or other ulterior form of constraint or coercion; and should have sufficient knowledge and comprehension of the elements of the subject matter involved as to enable him to make an understanding and enlightened decision.”

  35. Google this: New measures to ensure the supply of future vaccines and therapies against COVID-19

    See 2nd paragraph, and end of first sentence.

  36. Well, well my friend disturb my peace and quietness this early morning by sendind me this garbage talk of Gaston Browne saying he will enforce mandatory vacination on the quiet people of this nation.Gaston tjhink again, try this one one and you will hear from Antigua people.We are fed up of you and your cabinet ministers.We just want to see you and them go away and leave us alone in peace.Why not Mandatory pay Liat workers, they are suffering.Why not Mandatory give all the hotel workers a stimulus package.Why not give the Taxi Drivers a stimulus mandatory package.Why not give Leewin Workers be a mandatory stimulus package.Gaston you try making vaccination mandatory in Antigua and then we all will know who is Leader.We the people are the Leaders because we are fucking majority.Pls dont fucking mess with us anymore we are suffering and we hungry like rass.Our bank account is zero balance while you have fucking millions as you stated.To hell with you go and burn in hell you and your cabinet members.

    • What’s with the filthy mouth? People will think you foolie or something. Clean it up.

  37. Gaston, if people do not vaccinate then they cannot get or renew a driver’s Licence, board a plane, etc. They do not have to get a vaccine but if the do not then they will lose certain privileges. That will work. We cannot languish in covid forever.

    • Bandana you sound like an enslaved, duped, brainwashed and pathetic asshole!!!! Go ahead. Throw more fuel to the flame…..
      I wonder if y’all really know how many people right now are on the brink of insane explosion???
      I have an ominous premonition that the world is soon gonna see a war that was never ever seen before!!! Y’all try push da people more…..

    • That comment is actually a survey.

      And the response will be considered and mapped to victory in the next general elections.

  38. Hail hail Hitler!!!! Yeah man! Ok Mr. God Head. Go ahead and make it mandatory!!! Let’s see your conceited, narcissistic gall!! U must be out of ur fucking mind! Like really??? I never thought that you would have actually been so blatantly audacious to voice such absurd and despotic utterances!
    Bring it on Gaston. Ignite the fire! Start the inferno. No suits of asbestos will save you and your wicked cohorts! I will be damned! Wtf…….

    • What’s with the filthy language? Who brung you up anyway? You don’t sound bright enough to make a decision for yourself. Am I right? Just askin’.

  39. So the man who is pushing the Vacs, Bill Gates, who said the only way to control the world population is through Vacs, aka kill us all off (he said this in a Ted talk in 2015, google it happens to be chilling off Non Such Bay and Barbuda. Along with Zuckerberg, who is censoring any negative news on the Vacs…. no coincidence that our cases “spiked” when they arrived and everyone was told to get the Vacs and we were forced into a strict lockdown. And now this? Wake up Antigua and Barbuda. This is about control, Agenda 21 (google it, it’s sickening) and killing the less worthy – aka people in low income countries, the Caribbean, Africa, the people the Elite see as “less than humans”. We must rise and fight back. This is going against the Nuremberg Code, which was set after the Nazis killed millions using injections in the concentration camps. Fighting back is the only answer!

    • You sound like a TRUMPer, full of false information, seeking to stir up trouble of your own making. Chuptz.

  40. Gaston pls bring Pfiser or the Moderna that you say you took.You created the monster of people refusing to take the vaccine .If you had waited and taken the Astra Zenneca things would have gone differently.By taking a differrnt vaccine than the citizens of this country tells me two thing (1) You do not care about us and(2)You thinkk you have arrived and are better than us.So go to hell and burn there. Pls domt blane the opposition for people failing to take the Astrazenneca, because my Lovell has being on Observer radio encourageing people to be vaccinated.But its the same thing with the CCJ mr.Lovell or Mr.Spencer cannot tell people what to do.So you see CCJ should have taught you a lesson PM Browne.Antiguans make their own decisions, no politicians decide the choice we make.We will make one Mandatory choice soon is to Vote you and all the members of your Govt out of power.Thsts the only Mandatory thing we will do.

    • Vaccines are NOT THE ONLY ANSWER,
      VACCINES ARE NOT THE BEST ANSWER EITHER (i.e. if they actually work and are safe without any sinister agenda behind it).

      Throughout our lives and especially every year DURING THE COLD AND FLU SEASON the vast majority of the World 🌎 achieve HERD IMMUNITY TO VIRUSES (CORONAVIRUSES) AND BACTERIUM NATURALLY (esp by building your IMMUNE SYSTEMS with sun light, vitamin C and and any natural ANTIOXIDANTS.

      WHY CAN’T we develop HERB IMMUNITY NATURALLY as we always have? This is a Coronavirus with a 99.97% RECOVERY RATE, 80% OF WHICH SHOWS NOT SHOW ANY SYMPTOMS AT ALL ACCORDING TO THE WHO, CDC, NIH etc.

      NOW they even saying that “asymptomatic ppl” CANNOT shed/spread the virus.

      Why push for vaccinations when vaccines are NOT the only option, NOT the best option and we will always have viruses to defend against???!!!


      Some may say that some ppl will die if we go the natural route. BUT those same ppl are comfortable as an acceptable lost when so far abt 350,000 ppl have died Worldwide 🌎 by VACCINE RELATED DEATHS.

      I know at least 5 local Antiguan persons who died from the vaccine. One from my church went downhill within 2 days after taking the Vaccine 1st dose. And the most they will tell the family and public is “UNDERLINING ILLNESS”.

      Da woman trusted them and tek da JAB bcuz she had underlining illness(es) and now she died. What abt persons who had to be flown overseas for blood clot from the Vaccine.


      • 5 local Antiguans did NOT die from the vaccine, and neither did anybody from your church. You are telling lies worse than Donald Trump, the father of lies and misinformation.

  41. Exactly! This is very sad and I know Antiguans will not sit down and take this.

  42. REUTERS: Israel examining heart inflammation cases in people who received Pfizer COVID shot

  43. LIFE SITE NEWS: New study puts COVID infection fatality rate at only 0.15 percent

    “For a ‘virus’ that has an Infection Fatality Rate [IFR] of 0.15% – putting COVID-19 a bit higher in fatality rate than Influenza, which generally sits at 0.1% IFR. For example, even ‘common cold’ coronaviruses have IFR [of approximately] 10% in nursing home outbreaks,” almost 67 times greater than the average global IFR of COVID-19, per Ioannidis’ study.”

  44. Bulletin of the World Health Organization: Infection fatality rate of COVID-19 inferred from seroprevalence data

    John P A Ioannidis: Submitted: 13 May 2020 – Revised version received: 13 September 2020 – Accepted: 15 September 2020 – Published online: 14 October 2020.
    Discussion: “The inferred median infection fatality rate in locations with a COVID-19 mortality rate lower than the global average is low (0.09%). If one could sample equally from all locations globally, the median infection fatality rate might even be substantially lower than the 0.23% observed in my analysis.”

  45. Up to the time the vaccine causing so many problems, now my RIGHT TO REFUSE something that I dont want in my body will mean nothing, so “I will be forced to take it” but “its not a threat” tho……”its an encouragement”……well damn, I never thought I would’ve witness this but sh$#, this got to be a joke.

  46. I understand that he is pushing for carnival that is why he wants to force the vaccine on the people. To the hell with carnival. It is festival that haven’t made a profit for years. Every year the government keep pumping millions of dollars into the festival but where are the returns to show. The people who participated in the festival can’t get paid untime. Some of them wanted years before they can see a red cent. We need to just take this time and thank for life and ask God to heal our nation. Carnival can be put back to 2023. Yes vendors, restaurants and bars, wholesalers stores, beauty salon and barber shops, clothing stores, supermarkets, government seeing an increase in the sales tax and duty at the port, etc…who all depends at this time of the years for their profit margin to increase will be affected. In life there will be a time that something is more important than force vaccine on the people. This is not a dictatorship country so stop force the people Top Dawg!!!!

  47. I repeat, X to the infinite times, again, and again, yet again COVID-19 is a #Business Plan fashioned from the Oligarchs, Plutocrats and Medium’s template of the #ROARING 20’s(1900 – 1950), managed and implemented by their henchfolks the MEDIA, POLITICIANS, and the CHURCH.

    PM Browne is like a whelk between a rock and a hard place. At least the whelk has the means and methods to maneuver itself from such a predicament. PM Browne and his Cabinet don’t.

    At least, he knows he (PM Browne) to leave Rastaman and their children alone!

      • @Mr. Champion…”Street” life is the only life, I know. Yet, hearing and knowing are two separate and distinct things.
        As, one who leads my livity with many principles of the Ras Tafar I – RastafarI movement, I find it somewhat amusing that from the PM, Hon. Gaston Browne to you are in some sense, recognize the #Strenght of some, of its principles, and are attempting to use them to promote or bring awareness to something which I n I have nothing to do with.
        If, an individual who professes or claims to be a “Rastawoman/Rastaman” decides for whatever reason, to comply with certain policies, hey so be it.
        If, the Creed(s) of the Movement, under certain UN Charters allows for exemption(s), from these Babylonian preplanned matrices, and give I n I, the Right(s) to fight this PLANDEMIC our way, PM Browne would be very wrong to say, only the Rastafarian can be exempted. What of muslims, Buddhist, Christians, Rude Boys, Gangsta, Fraternal Orders, do they qualify for exemptions status too? I would think so. RAS TAFAR I is not the cause of this, so Rastafarians should not be singled out either way.
        A…either by those who are promoting the idea, on the Streets, that (Rasta) got, or is getting vaccinated is reason enough for the general public to do so
        B…the PM giving Rastafarians EXEMPT status causing a double standard

        Tell all a r U, Rasta Picknee, bad to RAS…


  48. Our Prime Minister is obviously feeling agitated and defeated. He will not be able to achieve his dream of making it mandatory, for his government to inject a foreign substance into our bodies. That is just wishing thinking.
    He is very well aware of an International Tribunal of Judges, that is serving notice to the leaders of all the commonwealth nations, that if they do not desist and cease from vaccinating the people, they will be charged with CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY and GENOCIDE.

    • @Ewart Isaac…🦄you might as well turn to a Unicorn, at the #CrossRoads The International Tribunal has as much jurisdiction over Antigua, Barbuda & Redonda as #AunteeRoachee.
      There is nada the PM Browne can do to change the trajectory of this COVID-19 missile.

    • G.PHILLIPS so your comrade BEEF sounds BITTER (I take it you meant Bitter and not Better). Even if he is BITTER I doubt he will join the UPP since he hates Harold and the UPP too much for that to happen. He might be a SELLOUT but he will never leave Gaston and the ALP. He will just suffer and bear it and can you see him leaving his show on Pointe FM? That show is his life and Gaston his life’s sustenance.

  49. The people who are making these decisions and are helping to promote these concepts, calling people irresponsible are misguided, ignorant and are the perfect example.of house slaves. There are so many ways naturally to achieve immunity from Covid. We have at our disposal naturopath doctors who are able to offer alternative solutions to this covid issue. What I dont understand is that they pushing so hard for the vaccine, but they have already stated that the vaccine can NOT stop the transmission of the disease.

    The heard immunity initiative is solely for economic gain, to open our shores for tourism, running behind the same ppl who enslaved us and are systematically downpressing us to this day. Why are we still so dependent on Tourism in this day and age. Antigua and Barbuda has enough resources to invest in local industries that can aid towards us being self sufficient and even getting to a point of export. In a day and age when we barely have running water, when only now in 2021 the roads are being fixed. From around the 1990, our govements have failed us, tremendously mismanaging the country’s resources.

    All of you have been establishing businesses in various sectors, taking bread out of the average persons mouth only to enrich your selves.

    Yall should be castrated for HIGH TREASON.

    • What you also have at your disposal (free), is natural sunlight and ocean salinity.

      From: University of California, Santa Barbara
      Title: A Second Look at Sunlight

  50. That there is a straight threat on the lives of all Antiguans and Barmudans. Go read your Constitution my brothers and sistars and take this tyrannical government to court. This man is frustrated because we are not all sheep for the slaughter. 70%of A&B is 75000 people that’s a lot of regrets when the side effects starts to kick in. The Global elites are breathing down his neck because he dipped his hand in their cookie jar so he has no choice but to breathe down your necks. This man is aiding and abetting with global criminals to commit genocide. That is a great reason to vote him out. What a sad world we live in.

  51. The number of negative replies to this story shows the amount of FEAR that has developed in our society as a result of fear-mongering by people who have no scientific knowledge at all. Conspiracy theorists who get their news and knowledge off of YouTube videos. Unless people are vaccinated, we will never get past covid, we will never get our full tourism back and we will never get rid of restrictions on our daily lives. We will never regain our full freedom. Do you all want to live with restrictions forever? I do not.

    • The assassination of JFK (1963) can be found on YouTube.
      The first moon landing mission (1969) can be found on YouTube.
      The RORC Caribbean 600 can be found on YouTube.
      I’m sure you catch my drift.

    • Weird comment by a paid troll?
      It has been more than one year now that we daily read/hear about a terrible pandemic etc. Everything COVID, everywhere is about COVID. COVID requires we destroy Antigua’s economy etc. but, still, ewll informed people who just expressed some doubts about AstraZeneca (for themselves, you are still free to take it for yourself) are fearmongering?

  52. There are many ways to get others to do things. There is an expression. A soft word turns away wrath but grievous words stirs up anger. Gaston Browne the NARCISSIST got what he was looking for. The attention of the people and became the story. He likes to use his position and Official Office to stir up anger. I do pray,that when he falls off his horse. He would be wearing his protective equipment. To prevent him from bruising his brain. What is left of it.

  53. The contempt that the ALP has for indigenous Antiguans is nauseating. It is time for Antiguans who support their own degradation by enabling this Jamaican PM to wakeup. It’s time to sweep these scamps out.

  54. This makes no sense to force something on people.
    Supposed the whole population had underlined health condition would you still force it on the people of this nation. We have the freedom of putting and taking out of our body By the way if the doctors and nurses afraid to take it why should the general population take it. Force On Vaccination . (NO VOTE ON THE GENERAL ELECTION) TOTAL NON BULLSHIT.

  55. I’ve never heard the P.M encouraging the nation to build up their immune system by eating plenty fruits and vegetables. A strong immune system will ward off the virus. That is what we need to do. Who knows what is in the vaccine and how it will affect persons in the next few year. I don’t trust it. The same Bill Gates who wants to depopulate the world to control the world is pushing for persons to take the vaccine. Keep your head on people. This is the plan of the enemy. We are living in the last days. Be sober, be vigilant my people because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour: 1 Peter 5:8. This vaccine thing goes deep, diabolically deep.

  56. So many full grown babies in this comment section.

    Stop quoting the bible. It’s 2021 AD, and the bible doesn’t have the word “vaccine” in it.

  57. Pm mandatory you work for the elites and not for the people force? u must have lost your mind …mandatory this is not nazi Germany u think you hitler no one can force no one we have our human right we put you in power you work for us remember dat

  58. Having already taken my first jab, I am of the view that everyone should be vaccinated. But I am not sure that a public pronouncement about making it mandatory is helping the cause. I would not claim to have all the answers as to how to go about this, but clearly, it’s time to look at all the “tools in the toolbox” to include persuasion, appealing to peoples values and more Education. Getting vaccinated MUST be part of a multi part approach to improving the overall public health of all Antiguans & Barbudans.

  59. I would first like to state, that I am not Anti Vaccine. Vaccines have helped alot of people. That being said, I do not believe, in any way shape or form, that a vaccine, especially for some with a 0.15% mortality rate, should be made mandatory. If you believe you are at high risk, I believe you should go have a conversation with your doctor and weigh the pros and cons. After that, if you decide to take the vaccine, I would personally drive you there to get it because you’ve made the decision you believe is best for you.

    I also do not believe there is a “1 fix for all”. We all have different immune systems based on region. What doesn’t affect us in the Caribbean, might affect persons from the US or UK really badly. When I look at this whole Covid situation, I do not see anything that warrants a mandatory Vaccine. I think there are too many unanswered questions. One of the biggest things I have a problem with is the lack of accountability. If I go to buy a TV and the store owner says “You have to buy this tv because it’s the best picture quality. However, if you buy it and it doesn’t come on when you get home, that’s not my problem”. I personally don’t know one person who would buy that TV. Why then should one do the same with a vaccine? Why are we not looking at WHY the people who have died or have been affected badly, had that reaction? Why are we not looking at ways to boost our Immune Systems to better handle these situations?

    I get that we all want the world to go back to normal as quickly as possible, but let’s be honest. A quick fix is not necessarily the best fix. How many of us, when growing up, depended on having or building a strong immune system because there was no western medicine? I am not saying western medicine does not have it’s place but I firmly believe that it isn’t the only solution. I will urge PM Brown to reconsider this, take a step back and look at your people who have had the virus and survived. Don’t look at what the “idiot box” (tv) is telling you. There is always an agenda on TV. Don’t forget your roots. Don’t forget where you came from. Trust your people individually to make the best decision for themselves. If you do decide to make this mandatory, are you prepared to live with every death or negative reaction that occurs because of it? That’s a very heavy burden to carry. Let your people choose what they think is best for them.

    This is coming from someone who suffered a stroke in their brain because of Covid. Always remember, one man’s food is another man’s poison.

  60. James vaccine or mark of the beast what’s the difference? Time will tell and we’ll see who the baby is then. But until then people are free to express themselves. Don’t come up in here calling people names. By the way bible scholar do you know that quarantine, 7 and 14 days are in there. Go read all up in Leveticus 13 for you.

  61. Not one to comment on news articles

    I have read so many of the comments here and genuinely sense that there’s a real concern about making this vaccine mandatory and this is justifiable, given the mounting of evidence coming out now that show the many negative side effects of the vaccines, including the AstraZeneca. Side effects like blood clots, very irregular periods in healthy women, irregular bleeding in menopausal women, paralysis, death, and the list keep getting longer as the diabolical agenda of this massive human experiment is exposed.

    People have the RIGHT to choose what goes into their bodies. Human “civilization” is on such a rapid slide into moral depravity that governments can give the right to a woman to abort a child and call that a basic human right, yet at the same time want to take away the right of a citizen over his/her own body. A clear case of calling good evil and evil good. I have taken a wait-and-see approach to and no government anywhere will dictate to me when I should put any foreign substance in my body to further their political agenda or that of big pharma.

  62. Seems simple to me – can’t make anyone take a jab forcibly. But when these people who don’t jab want to travel, they can’t. End of story. Other counties won’t let you in!

    • And that’s why you’re not Prime Minister

  63. One person uses many names. Today the following names were not used. I wonder why
    Lynn B
    Frank Lampshade
    LK Dunkor
    John PQ
    Provist K
    Andrew K
    Lynda G
    etc etc

  64. Alister Thomas and Sean Bird are LOSERS. It is alleged that Alister Thomas live in Someone House and do not want to pay the Person rent. It is also alleged that Alister is claiming the house which is NOT His.

    Sean Bird is as LAZY and Do not want to work. These Guys are looking to be elected although They cannot handle Their own affairs. This is a shame.

    • Hi Dale,
      Where are your friends. The 21 + people you pretend to be. The dunce coward of a Prime Minister takes the superior Maderna Vaccine and wants to force us to take the inferior one and you have time to study Alister Thomas and Sean Bird?
      You must be paid well?

  65. Desert Rose you are right on the ball with your observation. The names absent today were FROM THE SIDELINE, JUST SAYING, CARSON B, PHILLIP G. (although today their is a G. PHILLIPS), RAWTID, G. GREAVES and CErmle. I guess perhaps like BEEF they opposed Gaston’s comment of mandatory vaccination, but unlike BEEF they are afraid to show their disagreement with their World Boss.

    • well he just did lost any future elections!

      PS: Be the first dictator to force vaccinate and you this country shall have to pay billions for decades to the victims of any side effects !

  66. Totally in agreement. What do the Rastarians faith have to do with not taking the vaccine. I am a Christian who believe that my body is the temple of God and that I should take care of God’s temple as much as I can. I don’t smoke, drink alcohol, take pain killers or any drugs from the pharmaceutical companies. Do I have sufficient grounds for not taking the vaccine? (rhetorical question) Of course I do. I am willing to get fired from my government job for not taking the vaccine. I have seen God move in mighty ways….and Hon. Prime minister, believe it or not your heart is in God’s hand and he can turn it where ever he wants. Remember Pharoah and the Israelites? God is the one who hardened his heart for as long as he wanted to. You are no giant for God.

    • Avatar photo Many on here over time will forget what you said but I will remember on election day if you're still in power .

      ” Diamond ” your re comparison is on point . This guy SITS ON HIS BRAIN . He doesn’t know where hi power ends ? I guess we will show him.

  67. Check out this video:
    Doctors’s Roundtable Exposes COVID Vaccine Dangers
    May 2, 2021
    Hear from actual doctors the shocking revelations surrounding the COVID vaccine the MSM will never reveal.

  68. Charles Tabor I ask you do you have space on the life raft you’re on because I’m ready to jump ship . This Dictator pulled the hood over my head one too many times

  69. It’s a shame that they have the people where they want them the system has been set from day one divide and conquer we as people don’t pay attention we r to partisan we r controlled by color every government around the do this if u have peace they don’t have power have war and violence they have power how can people be saying take the vac or choose death a little heads up nothing can stop death u have people in this country from birth never took a vac and not happened to them how can I take a vac which the government and the world keep lying to you about here in A&B the pm and health minister keep lying the chart they keep showing is wrong why do think they change it pic sense out of nonsense everybody that died from cov-19 in our hospital died from the thing underlined issues really they don’t want to admit that the vac is causing death u have people right now can’t take their second dose or else they die there is no way on earth that a vac can be developed in such a short time an work all who already have taken the vac are test subject point blank the pm already said that the U.S can use us as test subject (people wake up always remember who has the power the politicians don’t have any power we the people have the power and we r the government we gave them a job what happens to someone who does not do their job)


    30 links of proof People are being “destroyed by CV VAK, for lack of knowledge” Hosea 4:6

    I speak supernatural breakthrough to everyone reading this Hammer of Truth, let the scales fall and your eyes and see the truth, in JESUS MIGHTY NAME.

    Please fight back by sharing life saving info by text & email, while we still can. (copy & paste to a google doc) Below is irrefutable evidence of what we’re up against. There are Natural Solutions for disease, do not fear This is a spiritual battle, you must join the fight. Faith without works is DEAD.

    Prov 24:11 “Rescue those who are being taken away to death; hold back those who are stumbling to the slaughter.”

    CV VAK & says will see massive sickness in people in 4 to 18 mon.

    Doctor Northrup says what’s in vak. This website alone has over 100 links. PLEASE SHARE

    Dr Dolores Cahill predicts we will start seeing deaths months after the snake bite & they will blame it on a CV mutation.

    Scroll down to where it says “Project Rooftop”, click on that PDF file. All about the Quantum Dot Tattoo.

    This is the 4th VAK side effects group. These are people who have taken the vak, had horrible reactions, even death and are looking for answers. THEY may decide to hide or block these groups. PLEASE SHARE DON’T BE SILENT

    This video is of top scientists discussing n@n0tech in the Vak & they want to GMO all life on Earth.!.!!!.,F6nPF6/

    This doc. is an exposé on CV, as biggest HOAX in history. How Gates & Fauci have fin. interest in the Vak ind. History of vaks & of AIDS CIA infiltration of Media thru Oper. Mockingbird Must watch

    Compilation of Social media posts about VAK deaths you won’t see on MSM

    Dr Carrie Madej explains VAK’s Transhumanisum

    The vax is sorcery. Rev 18:23 …” The nation’s were deceived by your sorcery” which means pharmakeia in the Greek, pharmacy in english, that’s drugs & vax’s.

    Jeff Byerly 2019 Prophecy by Linda Hasche: The NEXT planned Ebola Pandemic will be airborne.

    Link of latest report from Israel. 1st country with mandatory vak cert. This is the beginning of Rev 13:16. Do not take the VAK, resist unto death.

    URGENT NEW INFO. ABOUT THE CV T3 ST. They are putting n@n0tech fibers on the n0se swab.

    Links Found here also

    Doctors from all over the world risk their careers to warn about the cv VAK.

    John 3:16 “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” Repent of all sin, ask forgiveness, cry out and accept Jesus. Things are going to get much worse.

    This is a news report of a volunteer during the trial saying he can no longer feel God.

    Seniors are being murdered. CNA whistleblower reports no CV DEATHS IN 2020, but 2-4 weeks after getting the vak, 14 are DEAD.

    His divine imprint is in our DNA. We are created in God’s image. Trust Jesus & Look up, our redemption draws near. 1 Corth. 3:16-17, 6:19, Dan. 12:11, Matt. 24:15, Mark 13:14

    This VAK is more evil than most people can imagine.
    “Do not drink from the cup of demons”. 1Corth 10:20-21,

    Info by World experts discussing the many unanswered questions regarding the CV VAK,
    Must watch

    “ (Moderna) set out to create an mRNA tech. platform that func. very like an operating system on a computer.”

    The Universal Antidote”


    INFO links are being removed from YT & by Google in the search results.The way we fight back is through information.

  71. Ok now to be honest we already have some mandatory vaccinations in Antigua. Children cant go to school without their measles, mumps and rubella vaccine. So to keep things in perspective, that has been done before. But this is a tough sell when the citizens are clearly objecting to the vaccine. My real question is how will Gaston do it…How will he force Antiguans? Prison time, having your employment threatened, hold you down and stick you? How will he do it?

    On a political note, Gaston is walking on thin Ice here. Antiguans will tolerate alot but nobody nah force dem fu do nuttin that dem nah warn fu do! Antiguans are naturally resistant to the idea of someone else running their life. So the PM has shown his cards and Eeee nah look good tarl….

    • You are slapping God in the face with your extremist right wing TRUMPite-style propaganda. Millions of Christians were praying that God would intervene and bring forth a miracle, and the vaccine is that miracle. Watch your judgement, my friend, for you are implying that God is out of control. Shame on you. I rebuke you in the Name of JESUS.

    • First of all the ‘jab’ isn’t a vaccine, it’s a gene therapy that is EXPERIMENTAL and won’t be approved until 2023 at the earlies… if ever.

      Second, This is like no other vaccine you or anybody has ever taken before.

      According to VAERS, 3362 people have died of covid vaccines as of April 23, 2021 (about 4 months)

  72. If you force or bribe you to take a medication they dont want you no longer live in a democracy. Medication administration you must force gain consent of the patient. You cannot force someone or bribe them to put a medication in there body they dont want, what kind of times are we living in, it is totally wrong. Suppose that person died as a result of that medication who is held responsible, this should be a personal choice of each individual

    • “Suppose that person died as a result of that medication who is held responsible?”

      Response: The people of Antigua shall have to pay the legal costs (most likely before an international court) and eventually benefits for billions.
      The future generations will love it!

  73. You are slapping God in the face with your extremist right wing TRUMPite-style propaganda. Millions of Christians were praying that God would intervene and bring forth a miracle, and the vaccine is that miracle. Watch your judgement, my friend, for you are implying that God is out of control. Shame on you. I rebuke you in the Name of JESUS.

    • Oh really?
      Saying that you KNOW the mind of GOD, and that the vaccine is the miracle that Christians have prayed for, is blasphemy. Conrad, you’re a fraud!


  75. The New Nuremberg Trials 2021

    A team of over 1,000 lawyers and over 10,000 medical experts led by Dr. Reiner Fuellmich have begun legal proceedings against the CDC, WHO & the Davos Group for crimes against humanity. Fuellmich and his team present the faulty PCR test and the order for doctors to label any comorbidity death as a Covid death as fraud. The PCR test was never designed to detect pathogens and is 100% faulty at 35 cycles. All the PCR tests overseen by the CDC are set at 37 to 45 cycles. The CDC admits that any tests over 28 cycles are not admissible for a positive reliable result. This alone invalidates over 90% of the alleged covid cases / ”infections” tracked by the use of this faulty test.

    In addition to the flawed tests and fraudulent death certificates, the “experimental” vaccine itself is in violation of Article 32 of the Geneva Convention.

  76. Money probably was pass to put forward the luciferan agenda he is frustrated, his mustache has been itching from red ants ,or crab louse We will not tolerate that from a sell out.
    Hitler , Pharoah and goliath might be your role model but Moses, David, Elijah is mines.
    You will not be successful in you agendas all of your works will be destroyed. You will never accomplish that never

    S-elf centered

    If comrade Brown tries to FORCE an EXPERIMENTAL ‘vaccine’ into my body, I’ll react to that situation as an ASSAULT ON MY LIFE (attempted murder) and act accordingly!

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