AUA students do not want to return with Antigua’s COVID situation the way it is

Prime Minister Gaston Browne accepts honorary doctorate from AUA/ June 2017

Prime Minister Gaston Browne disclosed over the weekend that students attending the American University of Antigua in Coolidge, are not excited about returning to the country.

Browne says this is due to the Level 4 Travel Advisory now in place by US Authorities, urging residents not to travel to the island.

“I mean AUA as an example, there are many people in this country who depend on them and because of the level four classification, there are students who are saying they do not wish to come back to the island with that level of classification.”

The classification was reinstated last month by the US Center for Disease Control after COVID-19 cases surged in the first quarter of 2021.

Browne says the decision by the students is bad news for the country.

“You know what that means for many landlords and those who rent cars and so on and even all the consumption of goods and services,” he asked.

The prime minister was at the time appealing to residents who have decided against taking the COVID-19 vaccine.

“We are putting an entire population at risk and if this kind of stupidity continues we will be plunging thousands of people into poverty,” he said, making reference to the school’s economic impact.

“Come on people we’ve got to take responsibility here, this thing is really becoming a serious problem,” he said.

Browne reported that vaccination numbers have been low.

“For the five days Monday to Friday we probably vaccinate over 100 people that it totally unacceptable.

“And I am calling on my people to get vaccinated and those of you who have already taken your first vaccine and decided that you don’t need to take the second, you are making a big mistake because you are still about 40 percent vulnerable.”

AUA has been closed for face to face classes since last year when the global pandemic struck.

The medical school has made no announcement as to the resumption of face to face classes.




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  1. My greatest concern these days is that we do not let students in coming from India. The situation there is so dramatic, we just cannot take that change. Just like when we had the treath of Ebola and we place citizens from certain countries on a no entry list. I believe we need to do that for India and Brazil. And any other country where Covid is way out of control. Whether they have a negative PCT test or not.

  2. This pandemic can be defeated by the united action of all the people. The vaccine will save many lives. We are in this together. This is not the time for stupidness. Get vaccinated and save your own life and the lives of all your family, friends, neighbours, and the economy. The Prime Minister is right. Hopefully the Leader of the Opposition will issue a similar appeal. Again, WE ARE IN THIS TOGETHER. If you refuse to vaccinate, stay the hell away from me. You are on a death watch, and the death angel is waiting for you. Stay away from the rest of us, please.

    • U have forgotten the face of ur for fathers an put trust in a man that for the betterment of his own interests…. The heavenly father is my government I take orders from no man

    • Hello Imbicile X,

      More people have died from this “still in experimentation” vaccine than all other vaccinations combined.

      The amount of doctors and lawyers that are against this vaccination is higher than any other medical cause in history.

      If you want to get acute lead poisoning to your head that’s fine, but don’t claim it’s health and say everyone should get it. Cause it really just highlights how little you know about health.

      The same person pushing the depopulation agenda is pushing the vaccination agenda. That same person and Dr.Fuck-i went to college together and lived together. Also Dr.Fuck-i is a shareholder in the Moderna Company.

      That’s all you need to know if you have more than 2 viable brain cells.

      If you want to die, just go jump in front of granny while she driving Market street.

  3. Instead he let in anyone and everyone without quarantine or testing for thousands upon thousands of tourists

    And blamed locals and returning nationals for his incompetence

  4. No one can take the second dose as yet because three months haven’t passed re: Feb when they started vaxxing the general public.

  5. No one can take the second dose as yet because three months haven’t passed re: Feb when they started vaxxing the general public.

  6. Recovery of the economy is only useful if the massive influx of multinational young adults doesn’t turn us into the next hot spot.

    • What about Florida, North Dakota, South Dakota, Sweden, Bulgaria?

      Never locked down and their numbers are comparable to areas that did. And for the areas that did lockdown the projected models for infection rate were not even close to reality and we’re clearly used to promote a hysteria.

      Lockdowns do not stop the spread, they stagger it and lower the immune response of the affected populations.

      America’s Frontline Doctors had it right from the beginning.

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