URGENT APPEAL: Young Man in Critical Condition After Vehicular Accident Seeks Public Assistance


URGENT APPEAL: Young Man in Critical Condition After Vehicular Accident Seeks Public Assistance

The relatives of a young man who sustained severe injuries in a recent car accident are reaching out to the community for support in securing the necessary medical treatment.

Chevan “Shaquille” Jones, a twenty-one-year-old resident of All Saints Village, was involved in a devastating collision on May 13, 2023. His injuries include a fractured hip and a broken nose, requiring immediate attention that is not available locally.

Norean Bailey-King, Chevan’s aunt, spoke with Observer, expressing the urgency of his situation. She explained that due to the complexity of his hip fractures, Antigua and Barbuda lack the required medical equipment to perform the necessary hip replacement surgery.

To access the essential treatment, Chevan must be transported to Santo Domingo.

In their heartfelt plea, Chevan’s family is calling on the public for assistance in any way possible.

Financial donations are desperately needed to cover the substantial costs associated with the surgery, travel expenses, and accommodation, amounting to an estimated US$23,000.

Additionally, the family requests emotional support through prayers during this challenging time.

The past week has been exceedingly difficult for them, but they remain hopeful and rely on the strength of their faith.

If you are able to contribute financially, donations of any amount can be made to Alverine Bailey’s deposit account at the St John’s Cooperative Credit Union Bank. For further inquiries or assistance, please contact Alverine Bailey directly at 725-4258.

Your support and generosity will make a significant difference in Chevan’s journey towards recovery. Let us unite as a compassionate community and lend a helping hand to this young man in need. Together, we can bring hope and healing to his life.

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  1. Wow jus imagine the pain this young man is in I pray he walk again,I feel is pain I pray that they get the help they need so they can flew he out as soon as possible.
    At a time like this I pray God embrace him an his family in his comforting arm.

  2. This is the thing that supposed to be policing instead those headless police go around giving tickets for coloured lights. If you Concentrate on speeding, License, Insurance, Careless, driving or even dark tint You’ll care about how a man car look. Stupid, Senseless police SMH. Get well soon young one.

  3. Police,
    Please crack down on reckless driving !!fine, prison time, hit them in the wallets that way you will surely get they attention!
    I don’t understand why people driving so fast in antigua, most of the roads are horrible!!

  4. I’ve hit my hip hard in a sporting event and I’d rather be “kicked”, hip injuries are unbelievably painful .
    Thoughts and prayers for this young man and maybe just thinking out loud, maybe a Go Fund Me page for international contributors?

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