UPP Will Make Homeownership Easier With A $3,600 APUA Credit and New “Flexi-Mortgage” Plans


The soon-to-be incoming UPP administration is committed to implementing a number of policies designed to create wealth for our young people, through land and homeownership.


To help new homeowners get on their feet, the new UPP government will provide young homeowners (up to age 35) whose homes were constructed under any of the UPP’s affordable housing programmes a $3,600 APUA voucher to be applied to utility charges for one year.


The UPP will also offer several “Flexi-Mortgage” Plans, provided by the Antigua and Barbuda Development Bank, that can be customized to suit your affordable housing needs.


One of the options we are most proud of will be the ‘Family Mortgage’ that will enable up to three co-applicants to apply for a mortgage.


Additionally, applying with a co-borrower allows for the co-borrower’s name to be included on the title, if the home is to be jointly owned.


Flexi-Mortgages will empower many more people to successfully achieve the dream of homeownership by allowing several individuals to cooperate to meet mortgage requirements.


For example, a young couple could apply alongside a parent or an aunt with good credit as a co-borrower, strengthening the borrower’s application and improving their chances of success.


In another scenario, entire families could cooperate to erect duplexes.


“Flexi-Mortgages will allow a new and unprecedented level of cooperation to achieve the dream of affordable home ownerships.


I can imagine there will be situations where multiple generations within a single family will pool their resources to finally achieve the dream of a high quality home, which is a source of wealth creation.” says UPP Political Leader, Harold Lovell.”


Mr. Lovell further observes, “The UPP is proud to present a comprehensive pathway to affordable homeownership.


We have eliminated the impediment of finding a down payment through our Rent-To-Own Programme.


Securing traditional mortgages will now be easier thanks to the homeownership grants offered by our Buyer Assist Programme.


And we will substantially lowering the cost of construction through the innovative Community Construct Programme.”


We additionally make a firm commitment that first-time land applicants will no longer be required to jump through hoops under the new UPP government; instead a seamless depoliticized process will be employed to speed up land distribution and homeownership without having to “check your Minister”.

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  1. What an innovative plan!

    The ideas that this party comes up with, they are awesome. The opportunity for people to own their own property under affordable schemes. Not a land grabbament for the ministers and an enrichment scheme.
    I bet you they gonna cog this one too, coz Gaston no hab no shame!!!

    • You all are so full of shit always a mek promise, promises are for fools. You all really think Antigua people still fooly. You all sick dog stomach. You all must stop telling lies. Lies, lies, lies, you all politicians must stop this nonsense.

      • @ Can’t stand wicked

        That means then you cannot stand ABLP and the liard PM that you worship 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  2. 2004 upp promised $350 for each primary school student and $500 for each Secondary school students but when they got power it never happened.

    • @ Jay Jay

      Gaston promised no ABST on funerals: NEVER HAPPENED.

      He promised water problems solved in 14 days- still waiting 1400 days

      He promised 500 homes in 500 days….most people get a fowl cub in 1500 days.

      Ar u just jealous of the UPP and their great ideas and plans. COG that too, lol

      • Both parties suck. Hate dem all they both up to no good. To me that’s all empty promises until proven otherwise cuz that’s all both parties been doing for years now

      • You all are so so something. Politicians are horrible people none better than none all of them are the same.
        Same shirt different party.

  3. Onwards and upwards UPP, I like the the way that you will try to make homeownership more accessible to the working man and woman.

    And also ensuring that the combined 50 years of Birdism and Browneism (that has seen Antigua slide into the economical and infrastructural abyss) eventually dismantled when you come to power.

    Onwards and upwards UPP … the change is just going to be WONDERFUL!


    • @ Brix …..Bossman is a good thing hlfw don’t have a big dick you woulda choke… keep sucking right along .. but mine your knees remember you’re old now.. working for that senator. seat

      • Hey @ Curious young people, teenagers and children could be reading your disgusting filth … but then again, why am I not surprised by this ABLP generational GUTTURAL response – don’t you have children?

        Brixtonian always lifting the bar on debates and discussion to a higher level … 🙏

  4. “The sky is pink & the pope isn’t catholic”

    🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣

  5. A brilliant plan Mr. Lovel I gaston 🤡 could not come up with ideas to empower the people only ideas to enrich myself and family. Please share some more ideas so we could cog, I love power do want to loose , I hope my blind supporters don’t realize i am a failed experiment

    Gaston on the other hand is spending over 2 million for concert.

  7. A friend of mine told me that #UPPNEARGA are all out to try and win because the hierarchy is of the view that if it aint happen now it nar go happen agen!!!!

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