UPP getting ready to rescue Antigua and Barbuda – Lovell


The political leader of the main opposition United Progressive Party has said that the party he leads is getting ready to rescue to country.

Harold Lovell delivered a message of hope to residents in his New Year’s Message.

“As we step into this New Year, this Party is readying itself for the rescue that this country surely, certainly and undoubtedly needs,” he said.

“Fellow citizens and residents, we can look back and murmur about the losses and regrets, of March 2018, or, as our National Anthem says, we can gird our loins and join the battle to stop the slippage, and to reclaim and redeem Antigua and Barbuda,” the UPP leader said.

Lovell said the UPP still carries hope despite the issues confronting the country.

Among several concerns highlighted by the UPP leader is Antigua’s global ranking for ease of doing business which he said continues to slide downwards.

He lamented the average to under performance of the economy which continues to challenge both established businesses and start-ups alike.

“Tax revenues have dipped and tax compliance has dropped,” Lovell, a former finance minister said.

He added that government borrowing and the cost of living have increased to a frightening level.

“Despite an additional one billion dollars generated by the Citizenship by Investment Programme, our quality of life has not improved. We are plagued by underperformance extremely bad roads; an unreliable public health system; deteriorating sanitation services; continuing water woes and the lack of other basic services,” Lovell said.

“That we are NOT doing well as a country is borne out by: the plight of the Social Security pensioners; the residents of the Fiennes Institute; the Staff at the Clare Vue Hospital; the workers at the Government Housing Project and at ABS Radio and TV; the inmates of Her Majesty’s Prison; even the Police officers, whose stations are crumbling around them,” he said.

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  1. HL. Wheel and come again. You’re a failure party,
    constituency and country. How could you represent
    Half Moon Bay Holdings then become Minister of
    Tourism and back the compulsory acquisition of
    Of the property while in government but against
    it while in opposition. You have no conscience. The
    almighty dollar is your moral compass. Antigua
    will never realize it’s potential until the roots of
    Corruption are burnt to ashes.


  3. Another futile attempt at “delivering hope” with Lovell at the helm??? Good luck! When is the party’s convention? Is Richard Lewis still attempting to pull a “JoAnne Massiah” against washed up, has-been Lovell?? Or is the Tradewind gang out to take him down?

    The UPP will NOT win under Lovell
    The UPP will NOT win under Lovell
    The UPP will NOT win under Lovell

    • Yes we will. What i know for sure every person has one VOTE. And the more i see you and other try to attack Mr LOVELL the more i know he’s the right man fot the job.

  4. Lovell is surrounded by FAKE FRIENDS. How can they encourage him to engage in this type of wishful thinking? Only fake friends won’t tell you that spinach in your teeth or a booger in your nose. These “friends” of Lovell know very well that his time is up and long gone, yet they REFUSE to keep it real with him. If he wants to mek wan baxide outta himself and the party, then so be it. The WORST FINANCE MINISTER this country has ever seen wants to “rescue” the nation. From what? The IMF?

    • Check your facts . Under the worst economic critics the said Finance minister Hon Harold Lovell didn’t fire a single soul. He and his government at the time held Antigua and Barbuda together.

  5. A man that means well (I think).

    But also a man that couldn’t decide if he even wanted to remain as Political Leader, and who changed his mind on more than one occasion. The UPP currently stands in a state of deep division, in no small part due to Mr Lovell’s constant indecision. Healing the “Joanne part 2” that Lovell is creating, while at the same time restoring his (unfairly) tattered reputation is a bit of a long shot to any reasonable observer.

    It is also well known by now that about 2 weeks ago the “party bosses” – Wilmoth and Baldwin -asked Mr Lovell to step aside to allow Dr. Isaac Newton to run in his lane for Political Leader. I cannot comment on the merits or pitfalls of Dr. Newton, and the more juicy details of Lovell’s F-word filled meltdown are not particularly material to the main issue, which is “when will the UPP again be a major force, much less win a next election?”

    We would all benefit from a robust Opposition. However if past behaviour is an indication of future behaviour, then the UPP is best served by making a change in leadership right now.

  6. Antigua continues to move forward under the progressive leadership of Prime Minister Gaston Browne, a true comrade of the common folks. The People are behind him. Much progress has already been made, but there are even better times coming. His social democratic views are welcomed with open arms. He stands in the tradition of V. C. Bird and the founders of this great island nation. The red flag flies proudly here. This is a worker’s state, the homeland of the working class. The spirit of V. C. Bird is among us even now. Forward Ever! Backward Never!. The New Antigua is being built. We are on the way to becoming the economic powerhouse of the Caribbean. The voters let the opposition know just where they stand.

    • Imagine a drowning man is claiming he wishes us all to be drowning so he can save us. When A&B was indeed drowning under his stewardship, his actions more contributed to making the problem worse (Loan from IMF, decision to sell State Insurance, Fencing Scandal where he claimed nothing illegal happened, Diplomatic passports being sold with moneys going to even the then PM personal bank account)

    • Sometimes i wonder how some of you honestly sleep at night. You complain night and day about Gaston behind close doors, then turn around in public and act as if he’s doing such a good JOB. Its clear, Hon. Harold Lovell is the best man for the job. 2023 or before his team will stand with him and we will RESTORE PRIDE AND PROSPERITY TO ANTIGUA AND BARBUDA.

  7. This man just does not get it. He is not capable to be Prime Minister of this country. He has no vision and he doesn’t understand finance and the economy. Browne lives it, he eat sleeps and walks finance and economy. He can work himself out of any problem. He thinks outside the box and has financial engineered many concepts already.

    • Are you SERIOUS? I see why most of you hide behind fake names because you really don’t believe the crap you’re saying. LOVELL will be a better PM than Gaston any day. He has a proven record of that if you wish to check the facts. Unless what you consider to be good leader is a person who dictates, or one who only cares about himself and a hand full of people. Or one who has no respect for the people who elected him? If that’s what you’re looking for then i can see why you would make such a comment.

  8. So which New Year’s message represents that of the Opposition. The one from Pringle or from Lovell. What a joke is this. They cannot even determine which is it.

  9. Oh dear me. Lovell is still fooling himself? I thought he woke up from the dream. Apparently his mind is still very foggy. Time for a change in the LEADERSHIP of the party. Lovell needs to cease and desist from speaking publicly on behalf of the UPP. Send Shawn Nicholas.

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