UPDATE: Police investigate death of 32-year-old Alana Michael



Alana Michael: beautiful in both face and spirit


Police are investigating the death of a woman in Coolidge.

The victim has been identified as Alana Michael.

The victim is said to be 32-years-old and it is believed that she committed suicide.

The incident happened Monday night.

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  1. May God be merciful blessings.
    Maybe nobody to talk to or
    the world might seem unfair who knows what she was thinking .
    That is never the answer 🙏🏿

  2. How very sad. Condolences to friends and family. Way too much pressure on people these days thanks to social media.

    • I could not agree more!!!! I do not know what happened in this case but in general terms, social media creates unrealistic expectations and tremendous pressures particularly on young people.

  3. This is sad and shocking , May her troubled soul now rest in peace . My sincerest condolences to her parents and siblings all family and friends

  4. Its reallllyyyy sad & heart wrenching to hear when a young person for whatever reason decides to take his / her life…

    Who knows what …… made her think committing suicide is the ONLY answer or I cant take whatever it is no more so death is better…. sometimes a person isnt mentally strong daily to overcome dark thoughts….

    Maybe family knew maybe frens knew ….but noone can be with someone 24 hrs a day …..

    Condolences to the IMMEDIATE family …frens…who are left to process the death.

    • SUICIDE IS NEVER AN ANSWER, you clearly know nothing about mental depression so you need to shut your a**. It is nothing about being “mentally strong daily to overcome dark thoughts”. Do some research on depression first before you come on here chatting stupidness!

      • Many things in my life is NOT how i want / need it…but would i kill myself …..hell fckkin NO.


        SO MANY PPL FEEL LOST HOPELESS and d t know who or where to turn bcosthey dnt wantbppl to know mentally IM STRUGGLING…..it could be ADULTS …MOSTLY YOUNG PPL.. .BUT FRONTING DAILY bcos they feel the must have always LOOK LIKE EVERYTHING IS WELL….

        An encouraging word isnt enough for the depress and sometime ppl they talk to going thru their own shit and tired hearing ppl issues / problems or bcos they dnt want ppl to know their issues they keep all their emotions bottled up and then EXPLODE…your HOLIER THAN THOU SCUNTHOLE UGLY BITCH.

        • LOL your reply made things 100% clear just how ignorant and uneducated you are. Please do your research and educate yourself on clinical depression before coming on here calling people names like the child that you are.

  5. My heartfelt condolences to my dear cousin, I know what you are going thru, so sad May god be w you and family at this time

  6. So sad wish she had just reach out to someone who could have given acword of encouragement, pressure was too much for her , but God is our living hope. No matter how big the problem God is even bigger with Him there is hope, rip, condolences to family and friends.

    • Reach out to the right person. Antigua need proper mental care especially now. GIVE US BETTER MENTAL CARE!!!

  7. Alana Banana I love you and I miss, we truly take for granted the people in our lives. Sorry that this was the way it had to end. Still wish we were able to meet up but i will remember the last time we saw each other and huge embrace and the genuine happiness and the words of encouragement you gave me. I wish i was able to do the same for you. My prayers goes up for you and for your family and for your friends. Still trying to process but baby girl rest in peace.

  8. It is very confusing to me looking at the picture above. That lady in that picture above is looking so happy. She could have won the world with that smile. So what really happened? May her family and friends find comfort in Prayers at this tragic time.

    • That is what depression looks like too – a nice happy face hiding the pain and turmoil going on inside. My heart bleeds for her parents. It’s one thing to lose a child, but to do so in this manner must be even worse. I pray for their healing, strength and peace 🙏🏿

  9. Sincere condolences to her family
    RIP my sister…. Pressure on most of us,sounds like some of you ready to place blame 🤫🤫🤫

  10. Maybe someday we will bettet be able to understand mental wellness. We are far behind as a world in this area. Most suffer in silence, the help they need simply does not exist and is not accessible. We have work to do.

  11. Most people are hurting emotionally especially in covid lost of jobs….. lost of this lost of that. Most women are very vocal with their feelings and is very expressive most times they have support from other women …..while men who also are depress has noone to talk to / vent to……

    Mental Health is not the focus in the caribbean bcos we tell each other to snap out of it …pray…or you always feeling depress as soon as life aint going your way. your not the ONLY one….. NOT UNDERSTANDING ITS AN EVERYDAY MENTAL EMOTIONAL STRUGGLE with self …..

    Getting to the root of what it is and medication can help ..
    Sad she felt death was better….

  12. Young men seems to be resorting to smoking for relief from mental depression. Now it looks like young woman on the hand are now resorting to suicide for relief. Our society seems to be offering very little to prevent these tragedies from happening. Churches and more females groups need to offer fun filled educational programs to attract these type of young women.

    • so…the answer to combat depression/mental illness is “fun filled educational programs”??


  13. RIP auntie i miss you so much and i’m so devastated that it came down to this. We all love you and i know that you knew that. I will never forgive you for this but i know you are in a better place. Fly high and rest up auntie i love you

    • ????? ‘I will never forgive you for this’…. really?
      Judgemental sentiments like this is why people suffer in silence. Smdh.

      • i’m sorry i’m just so angry that she didn’t think of me- her 14 year old niece when she did this

        • No need to apologize, baby girl. You are entitled to your feelings. After her mom, the next person I thought of was you when I heard the news. Alana and I would often trade stories about our nieces. I am absolutely crazy about my niece and she was absolutely crazy about you. Know that she loved you and was oh so proud of you. I don’t know what drove her to this, certain things we will never have answers to but I truly hope you find comfort in the time you shared with her. She will be greatly missed by so many.

        • Gabby don’t apologize for expressing your thoughts at such a sad time. Talk openly to your family, friends and school counselors.

          Sometimes the critics have the loudest voice. It is people like Kelly-Ann why people suffer in silence. Don’t let her and people like her silence you. She is the one that owe you an apology.

      • People like you who must give your two cents on other people’s personal feelings are an even bigger problem, Kelly Ann grow up and let people be! That was a very unkind comment to leave unnecessarily.

      • I am so angry right now I would just … is people like you!! Judgement and just pure stupidity on your part. Comprehension she said Auntie. I will not have you bully my 14 year old cousin with your 🤦‍♀️
        I would appreciate if you don’t have something good to say stfu. We are hurting. I pray that another mother father NIECE do not have to go through this but we will because of people like Kelly Ann.
        As educated as we claim to be we are so simple on the simple act of just being nice in our speech mindful in our remarks and just being kind humans.
        Just stop the bad noise and pray or send positive energy.
        At this time the family appreciate all the love and non judgement energy. We pray and hope that from this her legacy with be the catalyst to have more constructive open conversations on the island. Antigua needs a detox of just bad energies.

        Kelly praying for you because you are just evil. Idiot

      • Kelly-Ann do you review replies to your posts? If so I hope you apologize for being so insensitive to what was obvious pain.

        Old people does say think before you speak. In this context it means read, comprehend, understand the context then compose your thoughts. If those thoughts are untimely, don’t uplift, or don’t help to heal then they better left unsaid.

  14. So so sad to her friends and family one day at a time. No one knows your pain, but be assured you can get through this with the strength and support of the community

  15. The first time I thought of killing myself I hadn’t even reach double digits in age, and it wasn’t until after a friend’s suicide did any of the people in my circle start to open up which made me decide to find a reason to live, and I decided to live for all of them who’s already dead.

  16. Maan this is a beautiful black Queen. Prayers for the family and friends… Let’s hold judgement folks… Sometimes we too quick to judge. I pray for peace over the family.

  17. Alana was a super awesome person who always had a smile and a hug for ALL HER FRIENDS. No one will ever know what her life was or her inner feelings. We can all say she had the best family and she did. But we never speak to family when issues come up. We need friends who we can trust. This is the perfect lesson for us all to look pass everything else and LOVE EACH OTHER.

  18. Clinical depression is real and the end result can be fatal. Sometimes the victim has no control over it . It is just too much for them to overcome. Don’t every blame her for doing that.

  19. The complexities of life; the emotional and mental battles one faces daily can be overwhelming. Judge not for no one truly knows the thoughts that plague the mind or emotions of the heart for each individual; we all process things differently; what might be an easy walk for some may be extremely painful for some.

    This post is on point!

    The body is no more but the spirit is soaring 💐🕊🕊🕊

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