Alana Michael: beautiful in both face and spirit


DAILY OBSERVER: Sweet, genuine, selfless and an amazing human being who was full of life are just some of the sentiments used to describe Alana Michael of Coolidge who died Monday night in an apparent suicide.

The death of the 33-year-old has shocked many residents with only a few able to muster the courage to share a bit of Michael’s personality.

Michael’s father, Major Alando Michael, of the Antigua and Barbuda Defence Force, described her as an angel who was always polite, well behaved, and full of love for her family and her friends.

He said his daughter was an animal lover who was quite the adventurous type and always looking for the next challenge. Alana was a past Queen of Carnival contestant, a former bodybuilder and an avid scuba diver.

“She was somewhat of a perfectionist; she wanted to see things done right. She had a smile that could infect you and despite her pain she would charge into a burning car to rescue anyone there and would generally think about her own safety last,” Major Michael shared.

Alana’s godmother, D Gisele Isaac, told Observer that her beloved goddaughter was beautiful in both face and spirit.

“She was intelligent, articulate, gifted in languages, creative with her hands as a jewellery maker, cake decorator, photographer and an altogether talented person,” Isaac said.

She explained that Alana loved challenging herself and, as a result, learned to play the violin from an early age, entered the Queen of Carnival competition shortly after and took up bodybuilding a few years later.

Isaac said the much-loved young woman would be missed tremendously, but thanked God for the 33-plus years she spent with those close to her.

She also asked the community to pray for Alana’s parents and her family, and to love their children and keep them close.

Former colleague of the deceased and vice president of the local bodybuilding association Kimberly Percival described Alana as a genuine soul and a sweetheart.

She said even though Alana herself was a competitor in the sport, she always took the time to celebrate the accomplishments of others around her. Alana last competed in 2019.

Close friends and well-wishers also spoke glowingly about the deceased, and described her smile as big enough “to light up a room”.

They also shared on Alana’s personal Facebook page that she had a warm personality and always had the right words to say to encourage anyone who reached out to her for advice.

Alana’s coworkers at the Jumby Bay Resort where she worked told Observer that most staff were in tears and were too shaken up to speak.

Police confirmed the death of a 33-year-old woman in Coolidge in an apparent suicide but have not officially named her. (Theresa Goodwin)

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  1. She was a rare breed, no airs and graces to her personality, with a truly genuine smile. She was the type of co-worker you could socialize with after business hours and have a meaningful conversation with. I guess it really is true, the ones who give the most love are the ones that need the most love in return. RIP you will be missed and remembered.

  2. I am shattered. The question in my mind is why? What pushed this accomplished young lady so far over the edge? What did her family and friends not see behind the smile?
    All that glitters is not gold. Her bubbly personality seems to have been hiding something devastating to her. We may never get to know but here is a lesson. No matter how happy a person appears to be we should always find a way, a word, an action that would say to them, I’m here for you. Talk to me. I’ll listen. Let the other person understand that they can trust in your confidentiality. We never quite know what another person is struggling with but just a word sometimes can make a huge difference.
    To Marva and Mr. Michael words cannot lessen your grief but compassion will help you bear the burden. Lean on the compassion of those who hold you close. The strength of God’s Word will carry you through this storm. I am praying for all of you. May her soul rest in peace.

  3. So why she killed herself if she had so much going for her?

    Where was all the family ….frens ….god mother….. doing for her…were they trying to get her necessary help PROFESSIONAL help?

    We can sing her praises …attributes…all you want where was you all in her weakest hr? BTw how did she committed suicide ?

    • I do not normally support a comment like yours, but in this case it seems fair. Everyone keep saying the same thing of how great a person she is. And it seems that she looked out for others. So who was looking out for her?
      Was anyone really there for her? Not do condemn anyone, but is sad that she had to go like this and apparently had all these friends and family who care about her.

  4. Mental illness is a silent disease. The most put together seemingly happy people fight the darkest battles and sometimes never let anyone know how bad it really is. What about the famous comedian Robin Williams? Or the millionaire designer lady?

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