UK visitor gets the scare of his life in Antigua after masked man breaks into his apartment


REAL NEWS: A United Kingdom man and his girlfriend had a frightening encounter when they came upon an intruder in their apartment at about 3:05 a.m.

Reports say the visitor and his girlfriend were in their bedroom at a local establishment when they heard a noise coming from the living room.

The UK national went to investigate and saw a tall, dark-skinned man – of a slim build, wearing dark clothing, carrying a bag on his back, and with his face covered – standing by a table.

According to reports, the visitor shouted, “Hey,” and the intruder ran through the west-facing front door and escaped.

After making checks, the visitor discovered that the key to a Hertz rental car, a silver Toyota Axio, registration number R595; a Canon DSLR camera valued at 700 Pounds Sterling;  and EC$500 in cash were missing from a bag on the table.

The matter was reported to the Langfords Police Station and officers carried out a search for the suspect, but without success.

The scene reportedly has been processed for prints and other evidence that could help the Police to identify and catch the perpetrator.

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  1. More tourists being robbed in Antigua in recent times. This trend is becoming more and more worrisome.

    The tourism industry is virtually the country’s bread and butter, yet criminality in all its guises isn’t being addressed by this government.

    If Prime Minister Browne isn’t taking this matter seriously, maybe Max ‘Soon Gone’ Fernández can have a word with him before crime is totally out of control here.


  2. The need to declare war against these criminals….. They are now becoming an enemy of this state.

  3. Meanwhile Gaston and Rodney in London ah boogey.
    Not a word on the escalating crime shituation

  4. The Police always searches and find nothing or no one. Someone is going to be killed.Those intruders would one day break in to the right place and be shot.Then the Police would be charging the shooter.Why we have not heard from those in the higher leaderships in the Police Establishment and the Minister responsible for Public Safety.Hold a Press Conference and calm the waters.Bring the people up to date as to your plans to curb crimes on the Island.

  5. I say heng them when they are caught and make an example. See if them nah change them mind from robbing. It is so funny how you would call police and tell them my neighbour has drugs you see how fast they come. But accident or robbery them tek forever to come and it’s always without success. Sickening now man. Ah fed up. Residents let’s get serious. Secure your place tighttttt. Batton dung….. Cuz these perpetrators go rob when them get ketch them ga go up a jail sit down and yam good still. Bull shit only eyes.

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  7. And that poor young man got the shock of his life when he burst in that bedroom door. He heard the rumours about the OLD DRIVE IN MOVIE, but he FART to see it right infront his face.

    Drove him loco coco

  8. Crime is out of control..
    How come everytime something
    happens, the police don’t ever find anybody, like never!!!
    What kind of police force we have
    That they don’t ever arrest anyone for these break ins and robberies..
    This is going to be bad for a small
    Tourism state like antigua
    You wait till the tourists start putting their grievances on Instagram and Facebook…
    Saying the island is not safe.hmm
    Angela basset and dawn Lewis are going to earn they checks.

    • People know who they are, but won’t give them up to the police and this is why we can’t get any justice. We just can’t blame police for everything cause we not helping them. It’s soooooo sad.

  9. Meanwhile, the police are silent, Cutie Benjamin is saying nothing as this has reached devastating proportions. All the cops seem to find are drugs. How safe is anyone really? God protect us all, because the authorities are saying NADA.
    When tourists are victims, they will carry the bad news back to their country and our tourism product is given negative publicity. Something needs to be done.

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