UK government makes yet another donation to Antigua and Barbuda Customs


LINDSAY THOMPSON Resident British Commissioner to Antigua & Barbuda: Pleasure to hand more #UKBorderForce – donated kit to#AntiguaBarbuda Customs today. This is our 3rd donation to Customs since Aug 2020.-funded training forCustoms Officers will happen later in the year!

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  1. Why oh why, is Gassy still tying his apron strings around the UK government, and accepting Boris Johnson’s (better known a the greased piglet 🐖) small trinkets.

    Johnson’s numerous lies have been well documented over the years (controversy follows this man to this day), yet Antigua’s 🇦🇬 prime minister continues to align himself with this type of person. Why?


    • Yep of course Gaston gunna be committed to UK government now he’s accepted some cordless tools.
      What a stupid argument to make. I don’t see you complain about the millions that are funding the rebuild of the roads around the island by the UK, but if you feel so strongly about these tools, why don’t you donate the same on condition they return those ones to the UK government

      • U ah study Brixass. He acts like he have a man crush on Gastone Brownie but he can express his feelings so he makes these asrine comments as a way of venting his feelings

  2. Great move under the Gaston Browne administration…….. This country is definitely on it’s way of becoming an ECONOMIC POWERHOUSE…. Thanks much UK!!

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