Historic Agreement between The UWI Five Islands Campus and Harvard Business School


The University of the West Indies, Five Islands Campus (FIC) will collaborate with Harvard Business School, through its Harvard Business Online portfolio to offer it  Credential of Readiness (CORe) programme to the citizens of Antigua and Barbuda and the wider OECS region.

The collaboration will be offered through The UWI FIC’s newly launched Lifelong Learning Unit which was created to improve the competitiveness of the workforce within the region.

CORe is a combination of three courses: Business Analytics, Economics for Managers, and Financial Accounting.

The programme is designed to enable working adults to master essential business skills, participate fully in organizational decision-making and advance their careers. Courses will be delivered through an online interactive platform.

Participants will gain first-hand knowledge of how business professionals and entrepreneurs develop problem-solving skills and compete in the global market.

The course includes access to digital case studies from diverse organizations and learning from the experiences and perspectives of a global community of peers. Upon successful completion of the CORe programme, participants will earn the Credential of Readiness designation from Harvard Business School Online and The UWI Five Islands Campus.

Principal of The UWI Five Islands Campus, Professor Densil A. Williams noted, “Collaboration with a prestigious and globally recognized brand such as Harvard Business School is testimony to the high quality standards which The UWI adheres in its teaching and learning activities. The CORe programme will help the workforce in the region to improve its skill-set and productivity and to drive stronger growth in these economies. Bringing flexible and affordable opportunities to the citizens of the OECS region is a commitment The UWI Five Islands Campus made and will be delivering on, over coming years. This collaboration with Harvard Business School is a part of that journey.”

Patrick Mullane, Executive Director of HBS Online, expressed his excitement in working with The UWI FIC. “Online learning has proven to be a powerful way to extend the benefits of education to all corners of the world. We’re thrilled to be able to collaborate with The UWI FIC and honoured to be a part of this important initiative to help citizens of the OECS region develop business skills that can advance their careers and contribute to the economic development of the region” he stated. .

The Lifelong Learning Unit serves as the entity through which The UWI FIC will offer a suite of professional development courses to enable citizens of Antigua and Barbuda and the wider OECS region, opportunities to improve workforce credentials and become more globally competitive in the labour market.

The Unit was established in August 2021 and formally launched on October 25, 2021 by Hon. Daryll Matthew, Minister of Education of Antigua and Barbuda.


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  1. Thank you Mr. Prime Minister for having been so bold to have written to the Harvard Board and request that they pay some form of reparatory justice. Now we see the fruits of that. And where are those that laughed at you and making mock asking you if you really thought Harvard would even answer you? They are silent now and run with their tail between their legs.

    • Now if we could only get him to pay back reparation for all the money he and his government have taken I would applaud that

    • Notes From A Native Son Of The Rock! Pay heed! Afrocentricity is a revolutionary shift in thinking proposed as a constructural adjustment to black disorientation dislocation decenteredness and lack of agency.” – Dr. Molefi Asante, Afrocentricity: The Theory of Social Change!

      Once again we’ve been taken just as our ancestors were and we have no one to blame but ourselves!

      FTS how did you fall for this sleight of hand by Harvard Crimson and the Big Island Professorship?

      Me Gud Fren! What did The Good and Learned Professor Principal shout recently from Five Islands? Less than 10% of Antiguans had credentials! He was hoeing the ground for this paltry handout from Harvard!

      Harvard University has an endowment worth US$53 Billion which is the largest in the world! The Law School which got started from Royall endowment from the wealth generated from the Royall Plantation in Antigua has an endowment of some US$3 Billion. What was given to UWI was a mere pittance! No true Antigua and Barbuda Academic would have settled for that “brush back” by Harvard!

      American and “European opulence is literally a scandal for it was built on the backs of slaves, it fed on the blood of slaves, and owes its very existence to the soil and subsoil of the underdeveloped world.” – Frantz Fanon, The Wretched of the Earth!

      The UWI Professorship grabbed the trinket
      as a “$illy and Poor A$$” Collaboration Feather!

      A pompous big Island Professorship and a local bourgeoisie that are only interested in maintaining their position will continue to confine the Masses of People of African Descent to online learning with very little incentive for judicious and productive tasks!

      Oh Gad! Hab Mercy Pon Arhwe!

      “O my body, make me always a man who questions!” – Frantz Fanon, Black Skin, White Masks!

  2. The entity that the chairman of the upp essentially described as worse than used toilet paper collaborating with Harvard? Good thing for our country bitter people will not be allowed to stop this train

  3. I think we could have leveraged a bit more out of Harvard. We talking about centuries of slavery here. The profits they benefited from that are enormous. This is a crumb from the table when we should be asking for a whole loaf. I guess better than nothing, but they got let off easy.

  4. “The UWI Professorship grabbed the trinket as a. “$illy and PoorA$$”” Collaboration Feather!
    A pompous big Island Professorship and a local bourgeoisie that are only interested in maintaining their position will continue to confine the Masses of People of African descent to online learning with very litttle incentive for judicious and productive tasks!
    In case you missed it, had to retype it!
    Wow! John French II from ‘The House of Jacob’ with Frantz Fanon and Dr. Molefi Asante from ‘The Universe of Knowledge and Power” respond with fire and brimstone from the top of Boggy Peak, Antigua!
    One thought or two.
    This article of the ‘Historic Agreement’ seems to be only the high points without additional information. As such it can be characterized as an error of omissions. If only we could read the full text of the agreement!
    Now there Is no mention of any gift of cash from HBS. A&B needs investment capital, cash, for investments to build businesses in the short and long-term. Then with the academic skills our nationals can operate, manage and grow them into profitable enterprises in the private sector of the economy. It Is not enough for students to learn and consume knowledge but to be able to translate that into business experimentation and action.
    Did we miss the opportunity to get a substantial gift of cash from HBS? Do we know what dollar value HBS put on this ‘Historic Agreement?’
    Refer to the recent ANR article 10/17/21: Digital Transition Grants Awarded to 23 MSMEs by the Government of Antigua and Barbuda. ‘Big-up’ Amb. Aubrey Webson!
    On the courses offered, are these the only ones? What about entrepreneurship and building businesses? By the way, are the courses one- off programs for one, six or twelve months and that’s it? The mention of ‘access to digital case studies’ brings to mind our Tourism industry where all our hotels, except one or two, are ‘foreign owned’.
    What if our locals participated In building business model to acquire a hotel In A&B or make an ownership investment to build,operate and manage a hotel In A&B? Dream big, think big and act big!
    Will we know what ‘they’ negotiated with HBS?

  5. Notes From A Native Son Of The Rock!
    @FTS, @Ratwell, @Ras Smood!
    “Many many many men wish death pon me!” 50 Cent!

    The Powers that Be at ANR struck the last comment! Why! Who knows!

    “The Afrocentric method is a form of cultural criticism that examines etymological uses of words and terms in order to know the source of the author’s location. This allows us to intersect ideas with actions and actions with ideas on the basis of what is pejorative and ineffective and what is creative and transformative at the political and economic levels.” – Dr. Molefi Asante, Afrocentricity: The Theory of Social Change!

    Another creative and transformative alternative which Harvard University had already implemented at the political and economic levels for Poor People of African Descent was shown freely!

    What was the Sin of Omission and Commission indulged in by this mere voice in the wilderness!

    The internet veil was lifted from the 95% People of African Descent in Antigua and Barbuda, the OECS and the Wider English speaking Caribbean!

    “Harvard University offers FREE online courses in a variety of subjects. Courses found below can be audited free or students can choose to receive a VERIFIED Certificate for a small fee.”

    To Whom It May Concern!
    Google and avail yourself to this Learning Opportunity which has been out there in Cyberspace long before the BIG ISLAND Professorship took on the Burden of the Non-credentialed Little Seven! JFII may have incurred the wrath by listing the URL to that window and was not published!

    Give Praise n Thanks to the Coromantees of the Sherkerly Mountains in the Shadows of Mount Obama and The Arawak, Carib and Taino who have left their Historical and Archeological Markings on Green Castle and McNish Mountains!

    “In the world through which I travel I am endlessly creating myself. … Each generation must discover it’s mission fullfil it or betray it in relative opacity.” – Dr. Frantz Fanon, The Wretched of the Earth!

    To the learned Bourgeoisie and Professorship, here is a Teachable Moment! “Oh Gad!” – Madame JoAnne Hillhouse!

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