Three young men who guided traffic along damaged Crabbe Hill Road honoured by MP



It is often said that volunteers are those who reflect a nation’s compassion, selflessness, caring, patience, and love.

Today, the privilege was mine to express my profound gratitude to Zachri Peters, Nazim White, and Jaheem Forde.

These three incredible young men, quickly assessing the broader risk to traffic, offered up their time, energy, and so much more to assist road users through the damaged stretch at Crabbe Hill day in and day out.

To say thank you, they each received the St Mary’s South Community Service Award and a token of appreciation with the support of Keyonna Beach.

Zachri, Nazim, and Jaheem are exemplary citizens for us all to emulate.


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  1. Well. Well. This is a very unsafe undertaking. Are these young men insured in the event that there is an accident. I hope they put these young men on the payroll with the proper tools and insurance to do the job. BTW, hurry and fix the road jack. This is not a good look for our tourism product.

  2. So she appeared for a photoop. However I would wonder why these able-bodied young men are not gainfully employed? Just wondering, maby they are but if they have time to be sitting there all day to direct traffic, it no seem so.

  3. Let me say thanks to whenner for kicking the chair from under the sitting representative to do something. However photo-ops is not enough. Two things 1. Now that your standing and not just a SITTING MP, please let public works tell the nation their plans and timeline to address that very dangerous problem and 2. Please, as the parliamentary representative seek full employment for any or all of these young men that are not working.

    As the representative do that please or does whenner and Corthwright have to call you out on that as well .
    No one should have to shame you into acting in the best interest of the community, you should not have to be called out by anyone to address a glaring problem and a crisis waiting to happen.

    You Ms. Marshall should have made a statement to the resident and the nation on that dangerous situation and along side public works give the nation an update on progress of work to be done or being done. That you should have done a long time ago.

    So MP Marshall now that your up on ur feet and not just a SITTING MP because whenner and Cortwright kick the chair from under you forcing you to stand up, please dont hand out just platitudes but provide these young men with an opportunity to be gainfully employed so if they are not working get them good jobs. Do that please I am begging you!!!

    And one more thing they are clearly not about politics one of them was clear about that. So whatever you do please please dont play that game, they hate when people do that. So truly help them and do it because you really care. Thanks alot…

  4. It is always great and heart warming to see & hear that the works of an ordinary citizen has not gone unnoticed. However, when stories like that are been told, please capture the works or a live shot of the operations of the individual(s) in the video shoot if there is one. If it is not done it makes the story or article incomplete

  5. FLED I agree with you completely. However, I wish to make the point that that situation is extremely dangerous and could lead to a major vehicular accident if drivers are not extremely careful. I witnessed the situation firsthand when I had to visit Urlings Village yesterday (with another attorney) to inspect a house vacated by a client. When I was returning to St. John’s about 4:30 pm the three young men were sitting there directing the traffic. While passing I commended them for what they were doing. However, they cannot be there for 24 hours nonstop and I would suggest that the government put in place two temporary traffic lights to regulate the movement of the traffic as was done on the Friars Hill Road during its construction. This cannot be too difficult to do. Bahama Hot Mix had those temporary traffic lights and the government should secure some either by buying, renting or borrowing. Those should have been in place there already.

  6. Last week Gaston Browne fat shamed a woman related to a Politician in Antigua.The woman in the above picture.Is that the woman he was referring to last week?

  7. All the political prostitutes/cronies……The representative can’t be everywhere, the person who took the photo has nothing to do daily but look for things that would embarrass the government while the Rep has a ministry to run, however that’s what a good representative does, when things in their constituency needs to be addressed they jump and take care of it soonest.

  8. Those 3 young need to be on Public Work’s payroll or Transport Board payroll. I pray God watch over them and protect them as they put their life in danger just to be sure there is free and safe flow of the traffic. Road Safety Officers I called them.

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