Transgender model “sad” after reading hateful comments about herself

Aaron models Moschino's Spring/Summer 2022

Model Aaron Rose Philip today took to Twitter to express her sadness over comments posted under an article about her participation in New York Fashion week.



The Antiguan model told over 40k followers:


I’m so sad I looked at the comment section under this article bc my heart broke 🙁 I rep my country so hard and ride for them and their opinions about me are so dumb and hateful to the point that my mom is in that comment section dragging commenters… what the f*ck lmfao



In a follow-up tweet she said:



Anyways I hope whoever from Antigua sees this if they sees this and chooses to be mad and ignorant if they want to because I’m from here just like you are and ima continue representing for my mother.



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  1. Girl they can’t stop you. Many are just jealous at the heights you have managed to reach. Amidst all let these few words of mine serve as a motivation for you to continue carrying on!!!!

    • Speaking the truth is NOT hate. Face the reality. The Truth will set you free. “HERSELF” is a “HIMSELF”, a male, a “he”. Stop the play acting. Face the Truth. It’s time to stop this nonsense. You is a man.

    • Exactly 💯!!!! The minute you disagree, they call it “hate”
      That’s how HYPOCRITICAL they are.

      HE needs some serious help. I hope HE seeks it before it’s too late.

  2. I am not here to judge this person. However, I do not support his lifestyle. Some ppl believe in the Bible, some do not. I believe in the Bible. Some believe in nature…but even if you believe in nature, one thing I know for sure is that a man cannot impregnate a man. It takes a man and a woman to come together to produce another life…that is nature and that was God’s intent from day one. God doesn’t hate the transgender, he hates the sin. It’s not too late for this young man to reclaim his true purpose.

  3. This young man is obviously confused. He IS and always will be a MAN. He needs some of that old fashioned deliverance that the wayside churches are known for. The old ladies at the altar will pray him through.

  4. That’s is the problem with this type of human calling themselves SO or So….you are how your born….stop your deviant comment or just do a community favor,keep your sexual stuff for you and that’s it’s. Is nothing wrong be what your think you are but … playing victim? Mr.soros and their OPEN SOCIETY’S was Eagers to have this kind of spaker pouring venom if their not are accepted,please your community can create their own NEWS PAPER or media just intended for your types. Come on HE or SHE,give us a break

  5. Somebody please 😩 give that boy a pair of 👖and a brief. And what is that on top his head? Please get him to a barbershop. TAP mek meriKKKa confuse you boy. Don’t submit to their Luciferian agenda to mock God’s creation. You’re just a pawn young man. Wake up!!!

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