VIDEO: Antiguan transgender model Aaron Rose Philip has made her debut on the New York Fashion Week runway

Aaron models Moschino's Spring/Summer 2022

Antiguan transgender model Aaron Rose Philip has made her debut on the New York Fashion Week runway modeling the Moschino’s Spring/Summer 2022 alongside stars like GiGi Hadeed. 

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  1. This young man is being used and manipulated by certain organizations. I sincerely hope he doesn’t end up committing suicide.

    There is a high suicide rate among……

    • there is high rate of suicide (and murder) of trans WOMEM because of the treatment they receive from people like yourself, physical and mental abuse for living their own truth. if you really hope to help this then treat trans people with dignity and respect like you should ALL HUMANS. its not hard.

      • There is no such thing as “transgender” according to SCIENCE! Are you referring to yourself about mistreating boys wishing they could be girls?- evil thinks what evil does. Hmmmm. There is a high rate of suicide because no matter how many surgeries, hormones, pills and encouragement they receive, it will never change their biology. The SCIENCE does not lie – XX or XY. No amount of propaganda, pride marches, bullying, boycotting and discrimination on the part of the lgbtqrstuv can change a male into a female or vice versa. I know you desperately wish you could, but there is only MALE and FEMALE!

        • please refer to my comment below for resources outlining how wrong you are about both the science involved in biological sex, as well as social understandings of gender.

          why do you feel the need to police other people’s identities and bodies? just let the be nuh! its nothing to do with you

    • I couldn’t have said it any better and the SADDEST part his mother is his biggest manipulator ….. when you a mother desperately want attention more than her ugly ass child ( thing)…she’s responding to everything the LGBTQ throws her child’s way under the guise of inclusitivity.

      • The “mother” is more concerned about material gains. His father is not in support of the sinful lifestyle. What will it profit any of us to gain the whole world and lose our soul? He did an interview on abs not that long ago and he was himself. Suddenly in less than 2 years, he is wearing dresses. Sadly,he lives in the belly of the beast where wrong and right have swapped places.

        • You are such a sad sad story, I am concerned about material gains you shitting me, 😢 my ugly ass pickney, woie me belly, no meck me laugh, you are so shallow, beauty is in the eyes
          of the beholder. She has it all, plus major intelligence. You all think that you know me or my child, go read her bio.then bury your heads in this short time on earth she has accomplished, ten life time of yours and you will still never catch up

        • How would you know any of this doctor who well well well you wouldn’t you would know that you look stupid just stating your opinion free country but you sound prettty freakin stupid you need to just open you mind for you lose it


        • Tell them to stop fukkin with your fukikim daughter before you slap the shit fire Holy Ghost soul out they fukkin stupid ass as you should stand up for your daughter miss Lydia if they try you I’ll be here slap the fire out them with you stupidness all them talking some fukkin real fukkin stupidness

      • Try looking for the meaning of manipulation, and if you call a mother’s love for child manipulation so be it,;UT saying that Lydia is desperate for attention, is not humorous at all,I kn ow ,I get it ,without news papers and articles such as these, you will be still in the corner bitting your finger nails, wondering, about your silly little existence, how you spent all your life bullying children and adult.thsts what you do on here bully people talking about it’s comments ,plus you have no idea of what or who you talking about. If you a think that I am going to sit bVk and allow you to bully my child, think again, let me find your child Nd set my self on them,tell me that all of you old and young heffers, would have ignore all make waste of the life and time gaVe you all on this earth ,them want to come run my child own. YOUR STRAIGHT CHILDREN IS REACHING OUT TO MINE, TALKING ABOUT YOU ALL FAKE ass. ITS THE STRESS THAT YOU PRETENTIOUS PARENT PUT ON YOUR KIDS THAT CAUSE THEM TO KILL THEMSELVES .PLEASERS OF SOCIETY THAN HOW YOU LOVE YOUR CHILDREN.
        SOME OF YOU WELL KNOW WHST GENDER YOUR CHILD LEaNS to but you force them to dresses or put and shirt. You know that they love the opposite see and force them to do what you want them to do.
        Some of you are living with the bitterness of what you did to your child/ children, and want to come make my child your banging post, not a f…k over my dead
        If I have ten gay children, they are mine, you f…k with them you f…k with me.
        Get that you all old wash up birches and bullers.

    • I think you are high on something, trying to sound intelligent, my daughter is doing her own thing, and if you think that anyone can get her to what she doesn’t want to do , tthen try and get in a pissing contest with her.

  2. Until man (the human race) repents fully and turn to God there will always be a longing for acceptance in to something. God made man and woman period! The devil came to kill steal and destroy, twist the minds of people, that’s why we are where we are. This is a mind thing repent – make a U-Turn in the next direction.

    We must reclaim our God given authority over the enemy. Renew the minds

    • Yes you said it perfectly. The spiritual warfare continues and the battle is for our MIND. The young boy is missing out on an intimate relationship with his Creator by believing the lies of the enemy. I pray that he gets to experience the truest, love, freedom and peace that can only be found in a relationship with Jesus Christ. Prayers for him and all of us in this wicked, cruel, evil sin-sick world.

    • so how do we explain the vast majority of human societies which have recognised multiple genders for millenia? including many indigenous african peoples. your colonized mind is projecting a simple binart where there isnt one, yet another tool used by white supremacy to divide us against each other through their small gods. just grow up and treat the woman with respect. isnt that what jesus would do?

      • “Recognizing multiple genders” does not mean there are multiple genders. MALE and FEMALE. XX and XY
        SHE and HE
        HER and HIM
        BOY and GIRL
        NO SUCH THING AS “transgender” ACCORDING TO SCIENCE!!! And you know how much faith you put in science lol

        • i’m afraid you’re wrong again, biologically there are MANY variations of sex chromosomes (which may or may not correspond to someone’s gender). god made a wide variety of possible biological sexes, and gender itself its essentially a social construction. for example the jewish talmud recognises 8 different genders, which is different to how many native american communities recognise(d) a third gender they call “two-spirit”. the idea that there are only two possible genders was violently stamped into the world by european colonisers, afraid of the diversity of cultures they encountered. it is a form of genocide.

          have a read about sex chromosomes here:

          and here is a great resource for learning about the diversity of gender constructs in different societies around the world:

          i hope you find love in your heart for those who you seem to despise so virulently.

          • @unbelievable YOU are the one who apparently lacks love in your heart. Condoning bad behavior is not love. If you love someone, surely you tell them the truth in love. You do not sit by and watch them go down the wrong road!!!! Now whether or not they choose to listen to you is their CHOICE, but you must let them know the truth that will set them free. You can disagree with their CHOICE and still love them. After all, we are FREE WILL beings. This precious boy needs to know that he is on the wrong road.


  3. This is craziness, and you all know it. A man is a man is a man. You’re stuck with that reality. Get used to it. Stop playacting. Seems somebody is looking for attention.

    • GUY is correct. It doesn’t take a genius to know that this GUY will never be the owner of ovaries, fallopian tubes or a vagina.

    • The cruelty is these organizations using them to suit their sick twisted agenda. They don’t give 2 shit about the poor young man.

  4. Not wasting your neuronas to explain pedophile people what’s is wrong…may he or she get a big trauma when someone do nasty stuff to he or she… predators is rampantly way today but, you want justify the unrational?

    • Charlie, I guess you would k now, let’s put your children to the test. all of you adults think you have the right to say what you please about other peoples children, what about yours murderer, thieves, gigolo, they beat your asses in your own homes if you talk to hard, some of you on here are molesting you all children ,giving them babies but you all still hVe the garl to be flapping your gum on my child, I haven’t cried a night for her ,how many of you can say the same, my child is not in gang murdering other people, she is on the world stage doing her thing. KEEP looking the next chapter is coming, you all stinky mouth cannot stop her,and oh some of you women dhscking up with older men since you all are youth wrecking peoples marriage, have people climbing your backs, talking about the v is for the wedding night. Giving you all self to tormmy dickie and Harry and want to come cast judgment on my child. Are you name God.

  5. Lydia, You ever hear of freedom of speech. Ppl have a right to say how they feel. Why u abusing ppl because they have expressing thier opinion? Your son is very confuse, he is under demonic/satanic control. God in his infinite wisdom made him a man and he trying to be something else. He need prayer/fasting.

  6. Ah yes. Welcome to Antigua &Barbuda the land of sun sea and pedophiles. The county where it’s easier to accept pedophile leaders than a transgender woman. The country where ableist rhetoric – such low hanging fruit- is more appealing than a young woman who has overcome myriad of challenges to achieve the success most daydream about. The plebeian brains in this comment section are why underage children can easily be molested by pastors, parents and any other predator that believes exerting their dominance over persons smaller, weaker or generally less powerful than them is a show of masculinity. How many persons have been taken from us due to suicide?…but still you disgusting humans can’t help but choose misogyny. This comment section proves to me, we get the leaders we deserve. @ all Christians, your leaders molest children and forsake the needy, you have no dog in this fight.

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