Top 5 Main Tips for Your Essay


Writing essays has never been easy. However, with a little bit of knowledge and practice, essay writing can prove to be one of the easiest things you would have done in your academic life.

The first piece of advice is to read the question correctly. It’s better to take your own time before starting to formulate an answer instead of rushing through it just because you don’t have enough time. If you get stuck writing an essay, you can do a quick web search for inspiration. Using a simple set of keywords such as “write my essay for me no plagiarism” returns targeted results. Alternatively, searching Type my Essay narrows it down to the specific action you want to be taken.

Basic Structure of an Essay

To begin writing, always think about the basic structure of the essay. It’s essential to have a good introduction paragraph with attention-grabbing information. You can also get help from our website, which provides plagiarism-free custom essays on any topic under short notice.

Next comes the body part, which is made up of multiple paragraphs. Each paragraph should be written with a specific topic, and there mustn’t be any connection between two different issues in a single section. The body portion further consists of three essential elements; the abstract, introduction, and conclusion.

One thing to remember is that introducing your essay with general information is not advisable. It would be better to put your point of view and then support it with arguments that you gather from reliable sources such as online articles, journals, etc.

Finally comes the conclusion paragraph, which consists of a summary of all the points mentioned in the body and their connection.

5 Main Tips for Your Essay

Here are five main tips to keep in mind before starting on your essay:

1. Analyze the Question

The first step when writing an essay is to understand what you are being asked to do. You should pay close attention to the question that’s being asked. Make sure that you are answering the right question instead of completely disregarding it and writing something else. It would be better if you could write your answer in a way that connects back with the question in the middle. There are three components to an adequate response;

  • The problem
  • Context
  • Solution

2. Brainstorm

Before writing, make sure to do a little brainstorming. It’s always beneficial to come up with ideas and sentences in your head before actually putting them down on paper (or in an online blog). It will make the whole process much easier and faster when you sit down at your computer/tablet/laptop.

3. Define Your Argument

Make sure to define the argument that you are going to write on. It will help you narrow down your topic and give a better structure to your essay. For instance, if the question is “Does anybody have a right over somebody else’s body?” then instead of answering it with a yes or no, you can first discuss what a right is and then argue your point.

4. Write Quality Not Quantity

When writing an essay, it’s essential not to worry about how long or short it is. Write until you think that you’ve covered everything necessary and anything extra that might be helpful. Always insist on quality over quantity in the same way a university degree is backed up by a student’s acquired knowledge.

5. Proofread

Always proofread your work and edit where necessary.. The last thing you want to do is submit something you haven’t checked over, which has lots of mistakes. Make sure everything is formatted correctly, spelling is correct; punctuation is on point, etc. If you are not confident about your work, then get it proofread by someone else.

Remember to Cite Your Sources for Evidence

After you have read a few articles and come up with some ideas, make sure to cite your sources. You can include links to the pieces in your essay for extra information or reference back to them when discussing your point of view on a topic. If you need help citation, get it from our website that provides plagiarism-free custom essays on any topic under short notice.

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