Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Choose Lithium Trolling Motor Battery?


People probably heard of Trolling Motor Battery on the fishing circuit. These lithium batteries are mainly manufactured for the boat trolling motor. In addition, the objective behind these batteries is to give electricity over a more extended time.

Folks will get uncountable benefits if they consider lithium trolling motor batteries. There are a number of brands of this kind of battery available in the market. They all come in different features and prices.

Furthermore, lithium trolling batteries are like your lightning volts, deep discharge models. In simple words, one can use around 95% power of the lithium battery several times, and the battery would not damage. Moreover, these batteries have long-life, which is beneficial for many people.

Longer lifespan

A longer lifespan is one of the cost-savings benefits of trolling motor batteries. These batteries are also known as LiFePO4 batteries; their life is almost 10 years. On the other hand, people need to replace lead-acid batteries every three to five years. It means one can get cost-saving benefits as well as gas-saving advantages.

Weight reduction

The lithium trolling motor batteries are useful for weight reduction. In addition, the manufacturing company constantly add heavier accessories, more tackle feature and larger motors to put more fish in the well.

These batteries have the power to reduce the overall weight of the boat and help the boat to jump out. It can also maximize the speed of the boat. In addition, the battery has the power to draft into the back-water areas and into shallower water with the minimum fishing pressure.

No hassle with lithium, no mess batteries

You should know that lead acid batteries may take around 8 to 10 hours to charge completely. It means that people need to already prepared and charge batteries overnight.

On the other hand, lithium trolling motor batteries are long-lasting and can fully charge in just 2 to 6 hours. In addition, these batteries have a quick charge feature, and one can charge them anytime. The lithium batteries can able to handle the trolling boat vibration, but lead-acid doesn’t have this feature.

Longer run time and swift charge

The lead-acid battery voltage will be discharged when one is using a deep-cycle battery. In addition, over time, around fifty per cent power of a lead-acid battery is used in just an hour, and the voltage will drop. Simply put, it is not long power trolling motor. You can’t use them after using their 50% power.

While a lithium trolling motor battery has a flatter voltage curve, it means these batteries don’t experience the exact drop in voltage as one uses this battery. In addition, its voltage stays consistent in the discharge cycle. Therefore, people use their full capacity before these batteries stop working. It can charge fast, within 4 to 5 hours and run very long.

New boat feeling

Individuals feel like they have a new boat when transforming their bass batteries into lithium trolling motor batteries. The reason is that the lithium battery has an increased capacity, minimum weight, and long life. If you use trolling motor batteries in order to spend more time on the water so it will give you more benefits, for example;

  • Luke palmer
  • High efficiency
  • You will not be getting stuck on the water with trolling motor battery

Built-in battery management system

Lithium motor batteries have a built-in BMS or battery management system. In addition, there are some factors that are crucial to increase the longevity of the battery operating and keep it safe;

  • Charge rates
  • Manages Temperatures
  • The internal BMS monitors
  • Performance

However, lead-acid batteries may damage from low and high temperatures and have internal shorts and incomplete charging. These kinds of batteries don’t have a BMS system.


Trolling motor batteries are very cost-effective. It is a great option if you use it in the long run than regular lead-acid batteries. However, lithium motor batteries may have some extra cost, but still, it is worth the investment.

In addition, the life of these batteries is more than ten years if you use them in the right way. Finally, trolling motor batteries have a great warranty period that benefits many people.

LBP batteries don’t need much maintenance as they are sealed. As a result, it may save you money, time and, most importantly, frustration. So, lithium-ion is a good alternative if you are looking for a battery.

Resistant to temperature

Lithium trolling motor batteries can’t overheat. These batteries are the perfect option for motor batteries as they are more reliable and efficient. These batteries are lightweight and compact, which makes them perfect. In addition, they weigh less and cover less space. They are resistant to vibration.

Purchasing them is worth it as it gives great value to one’s money. You will be happy to invest in these types of batteries no matter for what reason you use trolling motor batteries.

Completely safe on a boat

No doubt, Li-ion batteries are highly safe to use, but it is necessary to follow all the instructions of the manufacturer. Furthermore, people should use them properly to prevent any issues. Therefore, it is important to understand instructions before using them. If you have any queries, discuss them with professionals, and they will guide you in the best way.

Best for the environment

As a fisherman, people should care about the environment and do something that will not harm it. Manufacturers use the best and safe technology, lithium iron phosphate, to make lithium batteries.

In addition, there is no toxic lead and acid used in the lithium trolling motor batteries. As a result, these batteries don’t produce the harmful gasses and chemicals that harm the environment.

On the other hand, lead-acid batteries are much more affordable but have a Sevier impact on the environment. They are highly harmful to the soil and may leak acid. So people should avoid them and go for lithium trolling motor batteries as they are a great choice for the overall health of people.




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