Thousands of anti-vaxxers march through London in massive ‘medical freedom’ demonstration against vaccine passports


Thousands of anti-vaxxers have taken to the streets of central London in protest as they continue their campaign against mandated vaccines and Covid passports.

Demonstrators purportedly from The Save Our Rights UK group, armed with St George’s flags, placards, banners and megaphones, spent the afternoon marching through the capital.

The collective had previously promoted the ‘medical freedom march’, which would be ‘standing against mandated vaccines and vaccine passports, as the large crowd, understood to be in the thousands, gathering in Hyde Park.

Pictures and video shared online showed the large group, understood to be in the thousands, progressing past Vauxhall Bridge.

Police are monitoring the crowd, as eyewitnesses report at least four riot vans rushed over to the scene.

The demonstrations mark part of a coordinated worldwide protest, seen also in cities in Italy and France, at governments’ decisions to impose mandatory vaccinations for some members of society.

The large group started amassing in central London earlier this afternoon, in what is reportedly part of an organised effort matched in other cities in Europe against vaccine passports.

The topic has caused issues in Boris Johnson’s government, with him facing a Cabinet revolt and being accused of denying people their fundamental freedoms.

Pictures from the scene show crowds armed with placards bearing slogans including ‘my body my choice’ and ‘hands off our children’ as they made their way through the capital on Saturday.

A number of parents brought their children along with them to show their support, as Union Jacks and St George’s flags waved in the background.

The throng of people are expected to head to Westminster to voice their concerns outside the Houses of Parliament today.

Pictures and video shared on Twitter showed protesters gathering at Hyde Park on Saturday.

People could be seen carrying placards and banners saying ‘no medical dictatorship’ and ‘no vaccine passports’, while smoke flares appeared to have been released in one place.

The Metropolitan Police warned of disruption to traffic and bus services as roads became blocked.

The force said crowds moved on to Victoria, on to Vauxhall Bridge Road, and through to Kennington. It is understood protesters are heading towards Clapham Common.

Police advised people to avoid the area at the junction of Brixton Road and Acre Lane in the south of the capital, before confirming it had been cleared for traffic.

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  1. My Wife and I had Covid and looked the beast in it’s eyes.
    My family including children and grandchildren had Covid .
    After going through all of that the answer remains the same NO VACCINE !
    Some of you have no idea what it’s even like to experience Covid yet you think and want to make life altering decisions for other people bodies.
    That decision is left up to the individual.

      • Arnold idiot….go and buy your doses of cavalier rum,if your 20 dollars…the mr.politician give you every day make more sense,please, begging around ( as you like to do everyday) get 10 Nancy glory and make your day.. disgusting piece of trash….miserable man loving ( not for the homos site) the politician side ASS..

  2. The vast majority of these people protesting are NOT antivaxers as your report implies.
    Your report is feeding the scepticism against vaccination.
    They are simple against vaccine passports or compulsory vaccination of our youngsters whom don’t need it!
    Many protesting are fully vaccinated!
    I for one am fully vaccinated and very pro vaccine for those over 18 as the science clearly shows it is effective and safe.
    I am against vaccine passports as they are scientifically pointless
    I am against vaccinating fit youngsters as their is no risk benefit over their own immune system. (The benefit switches to pro vaccine with ages over 18)

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