Tanny Rose calls for action in Andrea Hughes case

Members of Corporate Antigua presented a home to the off springs and father of the late Andrea Hughes. Thirty-two year old Andrea Hughes died on March 30, 2014, after being hit by a vehicle while walking near Cedar Grove, leaving behind nine children

Seven years after she was killed, political and community activist James Tanny Rose continues to call for justice for Andera Hughes.

In 2014, Hughes was struck down on Weatherill’s main road and died leaving nine children behind.

No one has been charged for her death.

In his regular radio interventions, Tanny Rose makes another plea for movement in the case.

Listen here:

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  1. Justice delayed is justice denied. Why aren’t the reporters and the so-called concerned citizens that were concerned about Nigel Christian, not get on this case? I guess there is no political benefit to get from this. What a disgrace. All political hacks.

  2. Faithful National
    Freedom Fighters

    Where are you when real issues are at hand???

    Maybe Tanny is not a lodge member – that’s why he is calling for action. Kudos to him for keeping the calls for justice alive via the airwaves.


  3. 32….and 9 kids …wait she never sleep at nights 9 small kids …

    I hope their father / fathers are proactive in their daily life.

    • Out of the 9 my uncle is the father to 7 of the an he take care of all 9 of my cousins thank you plus he also takes care of her son he met her with

  4. Where are the “concerned citizens” where are the picketts where are the petitions? Where is all the “Justice for Andrea Hughes” what she is nobody. There no political milage? No scandal for her case? Is she not as important as Nigel Christian?

  5. You know, why blame people for not sounding an alarm on this and not blame the corrupt system? Seems like you are looking for someone to blame. It should not be the public’s responsibility to do the job of the courts and the police. The denial of justice is not coming from the so-called political hacks, it’s coming from the system.

  6. Not even the so-called “women’s groups” have demanded justice for their fellow female deceased sister and her children. Jacquie, Joanne, Gisele et al, where are your voices??
    Not even nuff and edge up Mary John/Turks Lee is demanding justice for Andrea Hughes. Only Nigel Christian deserves justice in their books. Shame, shame, shame.

  7. So because Tanny Rose did say something in regards to Andrea Hughes’ case. Some of you are ready to crown him. Many persons have been saying for years “Justice for Andrea Hughes”. Justice in Antigua seems to have eyes. It is who committed the crimes and to whom they are known. That is the way the system works. Friends in Courts are better than monies in your pockets. Ask the white man,whom it is alleged ran down Andrea Hughes on Cedar Grove Main Road. In my opinion THE ENTIRE JUSTICE SYSTEM FAILED ANDREA HUGHES AND HER FAMILY.

    • No political milage to be made here. Andrea Hughes is not making the government look bad. Andrea Hughes is a nobody. Unlike Nigel Christian there is no ulterior motive. It is really sad to see what that poor woman children have to put through.

  8. Now that, the #System(corrupted) as some are saying👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾) has decided to introduce Trial By Judge ONLY into the #System one can only imagine how much worst this corrupt #System can get.

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