Janice Samuel sent back to prison


DAILY OBSERVER: A former media personality who is facing a string of fraud charges has been remanded back to Her Majesty’s Prison.

On Monday, a bench warrant was issued for the arrest of Janice Samuel after she failed to show up for a court hearing.

Her two sureties were summoned and they, along with her lawyer, Sherfield Bowen, stated that all efforts to contact Samuel were unsuccessful.

Upon investigation, it was revealed that she has a UK passport – although she previously said she didn’t hold any other citizenship.

When asked why she didn’t appear in court earlier this week, the former radio show contributor revealed “she didn’t have a phone and could not remember the date for the hearing”.

Because of this, her $200,000 bond with a $50,000 cash component to secure bail was revoked and she was sent back to prison.

In 2019, the 47-year-old woman was charged with 14 counts of obtaining money by false pretences from the company, H2One Limited – where she worked as an office assistant between March 15 and July 7, 2019.

Samuel allegedly stole $107,119.27 from said company. Her employer reportedly began looking into her actions and his accounts in July 2019 after news broke that she was convicted of embezzlement.

When he audited his accounts, he is said to have found that several cheques he had signed had been filled and paid out.

He reportedly told the police that he had never filled out any sums on those cheques, nor approved their payments, and his staff knew that his approval was required.

The accused is said to have prepared the cheques and issued them to an associate of hers who was not affiliated with the company.

They were allegedly cashed at a gas station by the individual, but when questioned he said he did not know he was involved in a crime.

Samuel is due to appear in court again next month.

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  1. My Tabor hoping that you were reimbursed. From your good heart you bailed Her. Lesson learnt my good Friend. Where is SERPENT. THE MOVEMENT and UPP to assist Their EXECUTIVE ? BUNCH OF CROOKS.!!!!

  2. Let he who is sinless cast the first stone. This lady has a weakness. Letting her eyes see things and her hands stay still. There are weaknesses in all of us as humans.Maybe if she is found guilty in the Courts of Laws.She could be sentenced to Prison and come out a changed person.Then she should seek professional help.I wish her and all who have such a weakness of kleptomania. To really seek help.

  3. Why did she mess up her life like this? What’s really behind it all??? She could have had a wonderful future. It’s

  4. Help me!! Why is my poli-trical party, UPP attracting all these law breakers? Is it a case where birds of a feather flock together or is it when when u lie with dogs u rise with their flees??

  5. There are no law breakers in the ABLP. They are all honorable people. Go up to 1735 and do a survey. See to which Political Party the inmates supported.

  6. Observer needs to do an audit to see if she impacted their finances. This was the same lady who used the snakepit mic to BLAST PEOPLE!!! All have sinned and fallen short o f God’s glory, so that’s the reason we don’t throw stones at people. May this experience HUMBLE her.

  7. Why she didnt leave the island on her uk passport and go to Europe? I would have done that. Many ppl who do worst leave when they commit criminal acts. Girl u need me to show u how to be gangsta🤭😊🤣😂

    • There was a person very high up in the Labor Party. That person is a man. He left Antigua disguised as a woman. Ask anyone of the older heads as to the identity of that person. Not a joke,factual.

  8. Sensible her UK passport was expired and in any case it is said that she has problems going back to the UK.

  9. Lock her ass up and throw away the key. No good nasty thieving woman, rot in that hot smelly dark cell, better in there than in society.

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