Stop Arresting Rastafari For Possession Of Cannabis

A tour guide shows marijuana growing openly in a flower garden

Letter to Editor
From Concerned Rastafari

Stop Arresting Rastafari For Possession Of Cannabis

Unless this is the way the Government wants their policy to operate, Rastafari are the only persons in the Cannabis trade who continue to be picked up police, their belongings ransacked, and whatever holy herb, weed, cannabis or ganga found in their possession, Rastafari are taken to the police station where in some situations, depending on who turns up at the station, bail may be given, and if not they are held until the next Court date.

Since the laws pertaining to farming and trade in Cannabis was preceded by a law designed to comfort Rastafari, where four trees and 14 oz of cannabis became law, it would be expected that transporting the harvest from one place to another would form part of the law.

However, whereas there are now several licensed cannabis farmers operating on the island, and two or more crops have been harvested, none of them have ever been picked up by police, even by mistake.

Only Rastafari!
Discussion with the police at the St. John’s Police Station, who have been quite civil, explored why persons who hold Cannabis growing licenses and are promoted by the Cannabis Authority, are still being picked up by police on their way home with product for medicines or oil making.

It was discovered that the government has not taken the criminality off the cannabis laws, and so the police are doing their work, and the magistrate as well! The only thing that was expected to change but continued, was the persecution of the Rastafari community by police looking for cannabis.

The Cannabis Authority is failing the community by the absence of management of the Business of Cannabis, resulting in the continued police persecution of Rastafari.

Whatever is planned to erase this part of the training of Antigua & Barbuda Police Force, it must be put in place immediately.

Besides, if people are allowed to come into the island and partake of the fruits of Rastafari labour, life and suffering for the past fifty years, it is only fair that Rastafari must benefit first!

If only occasionally the police would grab some youth from some other community, like Hodges Bay and Crosbies, where high grade cannabis is grown behind walls, where police dare not go!

This never happens, and all the middle class youth, the cannabis growers from abroad, and the politicians who have invested in the cannabis trade, all of them operate without interference from the police and the Magistrate Court.

Nobody in that social grouping is arrested and dragged to the police station, where they may be forced to stay.


This continues to be the unfair roll out of Antigua’s Cannabis Industry, where Rastafari who have kept cannabis alive, and suffered for it, are still being made to suffer, so that those who have, can have more!

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  1. Vote the UPP, Mr. Harold Lovell and his team will amend this law and make it favorable across the board for everyone (the adults) including the Rastafarians. The UPP is about the people not individual like friends and buddies.
    Some Police officers have more than 4 marijuana plants planted in his yard in black flower pots, my cousin neighbor is one.

    • @Mae…Harold Lovell and the UPP had their chances to get the HEMPS LAWS right. They failed miserably. The Rastafari Community and those who support them should not be bamboozled by these political charlatans, #wharf_rats of any political party to use, and abuse them like fools.

      Amend the laws without no bribes or empty promises.


    • No way. Harold was always afraid of “what America might say” and did NOTHING to decriminalize weed for 10 years. He vacillates on serious matters too much.
      Of course, the present laws are far from perfect, but… “half a loaf better than none”

  2. The Cannabis Law is a joke!! And as mentioned here, was only brought about to the benefit of certain people. Rastafari should be able to grow ganja freely and the laws amended to more trees and at least quarter pound since grams or weed is nothing for a serious marijuana consumer.

  3. The SHITstem needs a #Scapegoat, and Rastafarian Community have always being the one which has taken the lion’s share of punishment, while those in the purported upper echelons like the Garrots, Middle Eastern, European, Asian, American, Canadian, South American and Santo Dominican COMMUNITY’s get away with more criminal activities and the Lions Share of the DOPE SMUGGLING COMMUNITY!

    The Government ministers in the Parliament, WHO’RE in charge of passing and the amendment of laws, know what they’re doing, as they continue to keep the Caste and Class System left in place by the Europeans.

    Jumbee_Picknee aka Ras Smood
    De ‘Ole Peg_Foot…Vere C. Edwards

  4. Why should the Rasta be allowed to break the law? There is a specific amount that everyone is allowed to possess and we all should abide by that in accordance with the law.
    The Most High (God) wants us his children to be holy not high.
    This is a law abiding country and no one is above the law.

    • @JUSTICE FIR VINCIA JAMES…no need for you or any other hypocrite, to worry about Ras Tafar I and those of like minded. They have endured #ALL negatives which have being thrown at them and they’re still standing firm, strong and steadfast.

      Be aware, beware! #Blessings and #Curses are generational. The Rastafari knows where they stand, as they “Get Up! Stand Up! For Equal Rights and Justice.

      Jumbee_Picknee aka Ras Smood

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