Statement by Minister of Agriculture on World Food Safety Day 2021


Residents of Antigua and Barbuda,


Civilisation, as we know and enjoy today, could not have evolved, nor can it survive, without safe and healthy food. More so, our development and endurance throughout the ages, even as we exist today, and as we journey onwards, critically depend on safe and healthy food. That’s why every year, on 7th June, we observe, reflect, and celebrate ”World Food Safety Day”.


This year’s theme, ”Safe Food Today for A Healthy Tomorrow,” draws our attention to and inspires us to think and take proactive measures to prevent, detect, and manage foodborne risks and threats to food security and the well-being of our population.


It also speaks to our health, particularly during these times, where we truly grasp that safe and nutritious food is key to sustaining life and promoting good health. But, unfortunately, unsafe food creates a vicious cycle of diseases and malnutrition, particularly affecting our most vulnerable: infants, young children, the elderly and the sick. That’s why it’s absolutely vital that we all dutifully observe and follow recommended sanitary, phytosanitary, and hygiene standards and other guidelines provided.


Against this backdrop, the theme also calls us all to act NOW to create a sustainable future. Whether in our backyard gardens or on our nation’s largest farms, we each have a role to play to ensure that the food we eat is safe and does not harm our health.


Safe food is essential to promote consumers’ health, ending hunger, and guarantee economic prosperity, agricultural diversity, and sustainable development. These form part of the UN Sustainable Development Goals in which the Government integrates into every decision and measures taken.


In this vein, the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, and by extension, the Government of Antigua and Barbuda first and foremost, commits to ensuring safe and nutritious food for all. We are also committed to and actively strengthening our policies to assist farmers, agri-processers and other produces to adopt good practices and operate in an environment and culture geared towards guaranteeing safe and healthy food. Also, this year, we hope to embark on an educational campaign to bring further public awareness to making the right choices in the selection of food. Lastly, we aim to work together with all stakeholders and international partners to make enhanced food safety and health a viable reality in our twin-island state.


Therefore, remember that ”Safe Food Now for A Healthy Tomorrow” involves everybody in the food chain. In other words, food safety ah ebry baddy business. So let us now commit ourselves to raise the standards and to raise them boldly as we enter a post-pandemic world where our health is our wealth, and our food safety must be our reality.


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  1. Food Safety Day is a good thing. Are there anymore days and or months left for anything else to be named for. Because we need a month of starvation for those in Gaston’s Cabinet. What the heck are they eating? Perhaps attending too many under cover parties and bingeing.

  2. Samatha……when are you gonna stop playing 2nd fiddle and start seriously groom yourself to be ANTIGUA’S 1st female PRIME MINISTER?

    • She will first have to give an account for the CIP money that she got under unusual circumstances.

      • Lmaoooo….she did a gastic belt….

        We have ALL sinned and came short of glory jak.

        • Are you that generous with everyone or do you reserve that for your friends and family members only.

  3. Madame Minister, Why are you allowing the land in Old Road to be taken from the people.
    Our forefathers and foremothers fought for this land. Don’t you care about black people.
    Please don’t participate in taking away land from our brothers and sisters in Old Road to give to other people. The ABLP must learn to love black people.

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