Statement By Attorney General on Military Threat



The attention of the Office of the Attorney-General and Ministry for Public Safety has been brought to a threat to the safety of officers of the Government and, consequently, to the security of the nation.

Many concerned members of the community have contacted the Honourable Steadroy ‘Cutie’ Benjamin, the Minister of for Public Safety and Attorney-General, notifying him of an alarming statement made by a Mr. Irwin Romeo, on Observer Radio.

In a recording provided to the Ministry for Public Safety, Mr. Romeo, also known as “Bombshell”, is heard to be saying that “an Antiguan Resistance Movement” of ex-military persons in the United States will stalk town hall and other meetings by government officials and will “deal with them”.

Minister Benjamin disclosed that complainants to him have expressed deep concern about the “copycat” actions from the U.S. of ex-military that was advocated by Mr.  Romeo.   In recent months in the U.S. and elsewhere, extremists have entered churches, supermarkets and other public places and murdered men, women and children, including a UK member of parliament.

The Attorney-General said: “My office is taking the threats made by Mr. Romeo at its face value and, therefore, considers that there is a danger to government officials and the peaceful nature of our country.   It would be foolhardy of me and the law enforcement agencies to treat this matter lightly given the shootings and killings by extremists that have taken place in several parts of the world.”

Minister Benjamin declared: “In the circumstances, I am seeking an opinion from the Director of Public Prosecutions on this matter, and, in the meantime, the law enforcement agencies will take appropriate action.  Additionally, the authorities of the United States will be informed of the threat to raise a military group on U.S. soil, which is a criminal offence”.

The Minister said: “The last thing anyone of us wants to see is the peace, calm and steady progress of our nation disrupted by copycat attacks on people”.

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  1. Mr. Romeo has too much free time on his hands.

    Why not use some of that free time to volunteer with cadets, Red Cross or Boys Brigade?

    Take a chill-pill yo

    • These are the same people that when others follow their lead that they throw their hands up and say it’s not their faults. In this day and age it was a dumb thing to do because people are plain and simple not very smart.

    • Maybe Romeo should join a church, give his heart to Jesus. Salvation is what he needs. The Attorney General is handling this matter in an appropriate way, and has the backing of the people of this great land.

  2. Pure foolishness……..a lot of them that are overseas think Antigua is the same when they left. You as a minister has to take this seriously however Mr. Minister we can deal with them when dem come. We little but we tolerant. No under one hundred men from overseas can cum yah an start non trouble. No need to worry bout a thing, everything is gonna be alright. This is our bit of paradise and we will defend it even if it is politically motivated. Not a threat but a PROMISE.

  3. All comments are to be taken seriously and acted on immediately. Judging from the source its an empty vessel, but those can be the most dangerous. Its a shame how people are allowing their politics and their personal gripes to lose it all.

  4. My call for a rebellion is necessary, Antigua and Barbuda are in a state of disrepair. No mention was made about building any paramilitary force. That’s a fact!

    Review the terrible tradition of the Antigua Labour Party (ALP) government incorporated: political oppression, non-accountability, and lack of transparency.

    Neither Chet foolish rhetoric nor the summo Attorney General illogical response will counter the resistance movement demands for justice.

    All government MPs are a threat to our existence and the security of the country. We are soldiers of our country and guardian of its assets. Do you consider that terrorism?

    Think about how much CIP passports is now in the hands of terrorists not about my patriotic words.

    What gives anyone the right to take my comments out of context? But, that is to be expected while the government incorporated ignores their economic plunder and raping of the country.

    Why not emphasize education, health, and infrastructure.

    No retreat no surrender. Because I love justice, I will fight until death!

    • How many CIP passports are in the hands of terrorist? do you know how many countries are selling passports? Even so called first world countries are selling passports so just ease off the CIP passport topic

          • And you think people are standing in line to come and live here?
            You would only be selling to Santa Dominican and Guyanese and perhaps some Jamaicans

    • Is this guy a troulemaker or something? He need salvation. This is the New Antigua…progressive, social democratic, and democratic socialist in orientation. The people have been blessed, and the nation is moving forward. May the red flag of labour fly here for many generations. The common people will it so, and when I speak of the “red flag of labour”, I do not speak of a certain political party, but all of the labouring masses of Antigua and Barbuda in international solidarity with all who work for peace and justice and everlasting freedom. This is a New Day in the New Antigua! Forward Ever! Backward Never!

    • @Kwame Nkosi Romeo – someone is asking if you are the same guy who REFUSES to take care of his son that he has with a JAMAICAN woman. Is that you?

        • ur a real COWARD! “final comment”?? u fling stone den run way? watta COWARD you are How do you expect the other ex-servicemen to join you and you can’t handle online comments? COWARD!!! “Fulla big chat and kyarn defend dat!”

  5. Have any of you stopped to consider that the ALP government is a threat to National Security? Let’s talk about this government selling Antiguan passports to extremists. This is why the Canadian government is currently scrutinizing and making it very difficult for Antiguans to live there. ANTIGUANS WAKE UP! Your own government is a threat to National Security. What Mister Romeo stated were merely facts that have been unaddressed.
    Since when did Antigua become a dictatorship?

    • I’m tired hearing people talking about Antigua selling their passport and about the canadian government. Is canada the only country you can go to? you do your research and see how many countries selling passport

  6. The police should just pick him up and hold him for questioning for 48 hours. and then let him go and pick him up again for 48 hours

  7. I agree with Romeo! They want to bribe at election time and want people mouth tape shut. There are issues that we are disgruntled about that he has pinpointed. Start fix da road dem and police the streets instead ah police innocent people!

    • So you are CONDONING what he said? SMH. Then you are worse than “they” who YOU say want to “bribe at election time”

      It sounds like YOU would even big up Janice Samuels (Observer co-host) for her sticky fingers

      • @Hmmmmmm:
        I agreed 100 percent with what Bombshell did say on Observer Radio.You talking about sticky fingers.There is a Lawyer in Antigua.He kept his client money and would not give it up.It had to do with a real estate transaction.On the day the case was called.He met her and her Lawyer at the Court and gave her a check for US$750,000.Where did he find the money to pay.When he was refusing to pay her all along.Do you know the name of that Lawyer? When you do could you tell us all.Would you say he has a fickle mind.TUB of BLUBBER.

        • The client needs to report said Lawyer to the Bar Association and take legal action against said shady, unscrupulous “lawyer”

  8. Laughter is the best medicine.This is laughter,you cowards.Now that fat cat is scared?I have listened to that man on Observer Radio.He never threatened anyone.He did speak about Antigua Resistant Movement.What is wrong with that?The ABLP do not own Antigua and Barbuda.They are not the only ones who can speak openly and cuss people.Speech is darn well free.Ask Gaston Browne,the Prime Minister.Why you Cutie Benjamin as Attorney General do not go after those in your darn Administration.Whom it is alleged are steal from the PEOPLE,daily.Oh no,that would never happen.

  9. I agree with the AG 💯. Take action immediately. We do not want that kind of behavior in our paradise.

    Now the AG need to take action and resign immediately for putting the general public at risk by releasing murderers and rapist on the public.

    For participating in a case of fraud that saw two persons convicted.

    For his role in creating legislation that is unconstitutional.

    Yes AG take action and resign. And allow the police bomb squad to neutralize the bomb shell.

  10. The country is in a state of crisis if a comment to assemble and demonstrate is taken out of context. From what Bumshell just explained he is calling for resistance to selling out our beautiful country. We have to then ask why is someone’s free speech raised to the level of a national threat? This is being taken too far, crying wolf and wasting valuable resources.

  11. Bombshell or whatever the Trump supporter’s name is, only wants to fulfill what George Wehner aspired to do in that viral video with laser beams pointed at several officials. George Wehner is a former Defense Force soldier. Bombshell would rather build up Trump country than the land of his birth.

    • @V for Vendetta:
      Where in this world is Trump’s Country?You know,stupidity is an earthly gift.Some of us got more of it than most of us.Is Antigua and Barbuda Cutie not very “Cute” and Gaston’s Country?What you should be concerned with the Country is broke.Only today August 14,pensioners are being paid for July.I know of one person who gets as low as EC$350.00 being paid today.Them broke,them broke,them broke.Them can’t run a darn thing.TUB A LARD!!

    • Antigua is no Paradise. It is “Treacherous Judah” . (Antiguans need to read Jerimiah 3: 6-14) and listen to the Spirit of God. Don’t be like your “Sister” Backsliding Montserrat.

      If v14 “Return, O backsliding Antigua”, is obeyed then v15 ” I will give you shepherds according to my heart, who will will feed uou with knowledge and understanding”.

      Not sell you out to China and the highest bidder. (Btw the Frührer , who God does not approve, looks like a “black Hitler”, with that mustache)

      Listen now and turn.

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