State of Emergency to be extended by 90 days despite no active COVID-19 cases


The government is to seek Parliamentary approval for an extension of the State of Public Emergency, which is set to expire on June 28.


Parliament will be asked to vote on an extension of a further 90 days, as the government moves to shore up the significant gains in the fight against COVID-19.


Meanwhile, cabinet has relaxed measures governing the numbers allowed in church for weddings and funerals.


The 25-person limit is being scrapped and instead, the numbers will be determined by the size of the church building to ensure appropriate social distancing.


However, the numerical limit will remain in place for wedding receptions and the repast following funerals.


The cabinet made the decisions against the backdrop of active cases of COVID-19 falling to zero in Antigua and Barbuda for the first time since September last year.

Lovell says there is NO NEED for a state of emergency

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  1. State of Emergency? Why would we need an extension for the State of Emergency? There is not a need for one. I am very happy not to be living in Antigua at this time. I am a law abiding Citizen. I have never been arrested any where in this world. I have never been to jail and or prison any where. I have never been inside a Police Cruiser and or Lock Up.However,there is always a first time.I am just happy right now not to be in Antigua at this time.

    • @WHARF RAT
      “…not living in Antigua”???
      If you live in the US then you should know one of the reasons for a government to declare a State of Emergency.
      It allow for easy funding without having to go through the political hoops. Basically, a government just can not take these big money from the Treasury just like that without passing through the houses of parliament to make it a law because it was not in the budget. But by declaring a state of emergency then, the government can easily spend the money which often time pushes the a government over budget.

      Having said that; this is the way I see it:
      The Antigua government realized that COVID is not over by no means and so this extension of the “State of Emergency” is a safety net for funding. Basically a “just in case”. This is a good move by the government.

    • @ WHARF RAT

      Stay your A*****S in New York…If You in Antigua and you DISOBEY the laws. You will be placed behind BARS for the first time . I do not believe …You sound like someone who has been the PEN with that name.

      • @ PETE you’re the one that sound like a ahole what’s with the hostility ? Your response to WHARF RAT is a typical Àntiguan response .
        When you don’t like what you hear or not marching to the same drum beat you get disrespectful .
        As born Àntiguans my brother and myself are thriving Business owners overseas and always looking to expand . We have decided going forward not to open a business in Àntigua but that could change by year end . Listening to guys like you with the ignorance that spew out of your mouth is without thought or reason .When I visit Àntigua I experience almost ZERO friendly customer service most are rude and seems angry .
        Sometimes I wonder if it’s culturally ingrained but , on this platforrm , you get the answer to the question real fast .

        • @ RICHARD T.P
          Thanks for the KIND WORDS…STOP CRYING CHUPTZ. CHUPTZ. Successful Business Persons my A*******S.

  2. COIN DADLY I hope one of your colleagues tell you that what you are saying about the State of Emergency and its existence makes it easier for the government to get and spend money without going to Parliament makes no sense.

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