Lovell says there is NO NEED for a state of emergency


United Progressive Party leader Harold Lovell has responded to a Cabinet decision where the government is seeking to extend the state of emergency for another 90 days.

Speaking on Captain’s Corner hosted by Amar Spencer on Progressive FM, Lovell says there is no justification for the extension.

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  1. Harold Lovell has no responsibility to nobody but his children…. Allow the Government to continue the stellar job its has been doing throughout this unprecedented worldwide ordeal…..
    Harold Lovell, send your recommendations to St. Kitts because we’re fine over here.
    Lovell SHUT UP! So irresponsible

    • Stellar job you say! The UPP had over 20 million put aside in the MBS to be used in the event of a pandemic but the irresponsible ABLP government spent it off. Remember. Perhaps if the ABLP were not so short-sighted, the pensioners could get paid on time.
      So you shut-up. In St Kitts, pensioners are still getting paid.

      • how comes the UPP was paying the same Pensioners LATE?

      • @ DESERT ROSE

        Thought you went into hiding. Happy that you showed your face. My only statement ….DESERT ROSE You are a LONE WOLF defending LYAD LYAD Lovell. Desert Rose You do not have any shame. You are back on the Payroll. Tabor left you to the STRONG ARM of the ABLP. The RETAINER FEE will soon run out.

      • My goodness… gracious…You can’t be taken seriously. Are you so ignorant with your blind support with your blind support of the UPPITES? I think that you are suffering from UPP bafoonery. They were failure’s in managing the financial situation in Wadadli. Sometimes is best not to say anything it would save you and your Political Leader from embarrassment. I guessed that you’ll play book to decieve and bamboozled Wadadlians. However, the majority don’t suffer from Amnesia. The UPP was the worse to govern Wadadli.

  2. Lovell has been saying that from day one. And he has been proven wrong repeatedly. I mean doesn’t he learn from his mistakes. Look where our Covid numbers are. The government has done quite well haven’t they. And no one has been arrested and put in jail for any length of time without reason. But the government was able to make sensible policies that kept us safe. You guys need to stop opposing everything just for opposing sake.

    • Proven wrong how? Please explain. The same objectives can be achieved without the State of Emergency.
      Why the State of Emergency? Does Dominica have a State of Emergency.

  3. My goodness ANR no wonder Lovell thinks he stands a fighting chance of becoming PM. Nobody gives 2 hoot what KING LYADD thinks. He is a LOSER and a LIAR!!!! Any chance we get to hear from the DULY ELECTED Hon Jamale Pringle?? Lovell look and sound weary and that’s why he has the worst political track record in the region and perhaps the world!

    • Dear dear, you sound so angry. Temper, Temper. The real liar is Gaston Browne who said he would not go to the IMF but now has to flip flop. You hear lie: That is lie. Gaston so lie!

      • @ Desert rose & @ Wake up well said Well put i say no more

      • UPP in 2008 Before the 2009 General Elections and then immediately after the 2009 General Election Harold Lovell was made Minister of Finance and he claimed that Antigua and Barbuda 🇦🇬 was in a Category 5 hurricane and went STRAIGHT to the IMF….. They(Harold Lovell and the UPP) Lied not Gaston Browne

        • Local youth, you are too young to remember that the month that the UPP paid the pensioners a few days late the ABLP staged a picket. The monies were paid right after that. You were too young to remember that the world was going through the worst economic crisis and the UPP steered is out of the crisis.
          You are too young to remember that.

          But this late payment of pensions under the ABLP started even before the pandemic. You know why?
          Because the Gaston Browne administration don’t know how to handle money.
          Besides, Gaston Browne don’t love black people


  4. These people sound like they never gotten any ham and Turkey and other give aways from Lovel so they are upset for everything he says. You mean to tell me if the government say the state of emergency will be extended until 2035 its ok because of your political party?
    No tourist should be coming to Antigua under a state of emergency, the fact that tourist is coming it is still a risk. Time to stop standing on your brains, I understand you all a paid to comment but stop letting All lied People think for you

  5. Riddle: Who is one person with many personalities?
    Answer: The ABLP paid blogger who should get a real job

    • Of course I am outnumbered because you are pretending to be many people. Lazy people like you who get paid by the ABLP to pretend to be many people and go under different names have nothing better to do.

      If only you would take the time to think about your children and your grand children . Think about their future. By the time Gaston give out our land to the Chinese and what he takes for himself, there will be very little left for your children.

      I guess you don’t love your children


  7. Lovell your a big looser so shut up atleast the government is trying its utmost best to control this Covid situation and I must say they are doing a damn good job

  8. The likelihood of another breakout of COVID-19 cases is moderate. As long as the citizens,nationals,illegal domiciles avail themselves to the vaccine.

    The Government has done a stellar job. I was one to criticize the opening of the borders so quickly. And I still do. My hats off to to the medical fraternity. Politics and medicine can’t mix. As for the management of the virus by the government. Well done.

    Now as to my opinion to extend the state of emergency. It should be reauthorized for 30 days then reviewed.

    With the influx of travelers from Europe. The Delta variant is highly transmissible. That has to be taken into consideration when assessing the risk of the population and it’s citizenry. A large population of the Delta variant origination live in Great Britain. One of our largest source markets for stay over visitors. And they stay for 2 weeks or more. Prime in incubation time.

    To the Government. Stay fluid and not rigid. Things can change in an instant.

  9. What do all of you Gaston and ALP supporters do not understand. The Constitution of Antigua and Barbuda is clear. Whenever the country is affected by a dangerous, infectious disease the government can pass laws to abridge the citizens constitutional rights (such as freedom of assembly and association) that otherwise could not be possible. The covid 19 pandemic was declared by proclamation to be a dangerous, infectious disease, hence following the constitutional provisions Regulations were passed under the Public Health Act (such as the curfew, numbers attending funerals and weddings, social distancing, wearing masks etc). That was all that was required by the Constitution and law. Again, for TENMAN (since BEEF understands after listening to me and Pompey) and all the other ALP hard headed supporters, you do not require a STATE OF EMERGENCY to have the existing Regulations in place. Most of the Constitutions in the Caribbean give the governments that power. When will all of you misguided and conceited ALP supporters understand that. This issue is not about politics, it is about the pure understanding of the Constitution and law.

  10. Mr. Harry, as a private citizen, has a right to state his opinion, but he does not hold any elected office in this country. It would be nice to hear from the Leader of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition, an elected official, the Hon. Jamal Pringle. Thank you.

    • CERMLE how many more times do I have to explain to you guys that yes, Jamale Pringle is the Leader of the Opposition in Parliament, however, Harold Lovell as the leader of the UPP has more authority to speak on any issue on behalf of the UPP than Jamale. That is simple politics and government 101.


        You know that UPP would prefer Jamale Pringle keep His mouth shut….Jamale just does not have command of the English Language.

  11. It is strange how some persons believe that it was the State of Emergency that got us to where we are today. However there is no study to show its effectiveness. Yet we are very happy to support another extension of the State of Emergency despite the fact that it strips us of some of our basic rights enshrined in our constitution. Are we so gullible to believe that an extended SoE is what is needed to reverse the economic collapse of our country back to pre covid-19, pre SoE levels? Furthermore, are there any studies being done on the correlation between the SoE and the rise and fall of covid infections in Antigua and Barbuda?

  12. Nobody can take your constitution rights away without a state of emergency or it could be challenged in court… its amazing that you Tabor claim to know all that the government is doing wrong d you can’t challenge 1 thing in court and beat the ABLP administration. Fools will continue being fools


      • P.K oh P.K I have not heard such stupidness in a very, very long time. The UPP is an all embracing PEOPLE FIRST PARTY. Anyway, how could the UPP hate BLACK PEOPLE when everyone in the UPP is BLACK. Are you willing to concede that what you have said is PURE NONSENSE?

    TABOR…You are a CONSTITUTION OPPORTUNIST. When TABOR is backed in a corner He pulls out the Constitution. You should advise the UPP honestly and stop your DISHONESTY.

  14. I-Man your constitutional rights can be taken away under a State of Emergency (SOE) so you are correct. However, the Constitution also provides for circumstances where your constitutional rights can be taken away outside of the imposition of a SOE. One such case is in the event of a dangerous, infectious disease such as covid 19. In this case the Constitution gives the government the power to pass laws to restrict a citizen’s freedom of assembly and association etc. In the case of covid 19 this is done under the Public Health Act and the Regulations that are issued under the said Act. Those Regulations abridging our normal constitutional rights would not be considered unconstitutional because of the proclamation that covid 19 is a dangerous, infectious disease. I do not know when you folks will understand this simple point.

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