Sir Molwyn Joseph defends Dr Lester Simon


Minister of Health and Wellness, Sir Molwyn Joseph, has praised Dr Lester Simon as an “invaluable member of the COVID-19 National Response team”.


Minister Joseph reminded that Dr Simon has played a critical role as Chairman of the National Technical Working Group on Covid-19 for which the Ministry and the health authorities have been grateful.

“Dr Simon’s technical knowledge is not being discounted by the Health and Wellness Ministry or the COIVD-19 response team”, the Minister said, adding that “Dr Simon’s view on all aspects of policy in relation to subduing the novel coronavirus and curbing its spread will always be most welcome and taken into account fully”.


Stressing that “nothing has changed in this regard”, Sir Molwyn said “the COVID-19 response team will carefully consider any propositions that Dr Simon or other members of the National Technical Working Group puts forward formally for discussion if such proposals are material to the good health of the people of Antigua and Barbuda”.


Minister Joseph emphasised that “the National Technical Working Group is a team which makes its decisions and recommendations by consensus”.


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  1. That’s the way you respond to Dr Simon not the MORONIC ASINAIDE statement coming out of information whatever guy . Definitely need training

  2. Is a ruckus in de party, chaos in de party, ah so de calypso go right. Don’t worry folks that’s just how we do it, if you not willing to throw a jab and hold your ground you ain’t worth your salt. Every now and then the rights of passage needs to be renewed and yes we use the strategy to weed some people out as well 😁 am from ‘the womb’ so I can tell you. The Sir wins, why? years of service and a loyal labor man and of course he is a Sir, who messes with that. You should have considered those things before you got so speaky spokey Melford 🤨 You loose because well you come from the ‘the anals’ meaning from another party or was supporting another party and also, you just reach. We all should know our place 😑 I know you will never do that again. The man is a Sir, in party ranks that clearly means ‘llow da one dey, so you really think Simon a talk fu he self, you know ah health sen he, come een like you nuh Know who Molwyn be ya 😂😂 the Spotlight getting to your head Mel. Now I really can’t wait for Convention unno better hold it fast before we haul you before the court. Don’t worry ah so tap, we nuh ramp with one anether. An nuh so church go these days 😂 talk truth

  3. Much more statesman like and pandemic appropriate response.

    Melford’s ego is always slipping out his mouth. Such a rude response that clearly could have been much better articulated than to be so dismissive.

    I can’t believe he really going be on next election ticket. Eww

  4. What lame defense is this….really? How can you defend someone and not one time mention the offending party…..Sir Molwyn call out your colleague name!!!! Say Melford you wrong….leave the good Doctor alone. Sir Molwyn go back to the drawing board with your lame defense and come again….I have heard a more vigorous defense of those flower pot garbage bins in town

  5. Doctor Simon,does not need no one to defend him against anyone. He is quite able and capable to defend self against the likes of twisted,dry mouth Melford. The man is so twisted. Even his lips are also twisted. No wonder Gaston wants you off his Party’s ticket in the next Elections.

  6. Mole-wyn Joseph only knows about getting Rolls Royce cars over Port fence. And now he’s knighted by what? Knighthood in Antigua is a joke.

    What does Mole-wyn Joseph know about anything medical?

  7. The one thing I notice is that the good doctor seems to have gone back to his lane.
    As usual professionals in antigua, would just lap their tail when the politicians chat BS

    • He made his point very strongly. He doesnt need to say a word else.

      Molwyn has put Melford in his place and many of us were disgusted by his utterance.
      The good doctor need not come down to Melly’s low level.

      His haughtiness is sickening. No wonder ABS staff suffer so. Rude and think he better than.

      What Melford is known for?

      Directing the PS to FIRE staff at ABS during a pandemic, without legal basis and witholding even vacation pay for an unreasonably long time.

      Non payment of rent to his own constituent. So you know he would do worse to anyone else.

      Running to Parliament to save his ego so they must take up the man property for constituency office to cover his non payment

      Egg on face multiple times when giving ‘information’ on Covid.
      The infamous couch situation with the help of a manager. This alone should be enough but I guess only when one goes the distance and takes it to court will they care.

      IMO this man is a wicked, unconscionable egotist.

      I WISH it was not Harold against him but sick of this man now. And he refuses to take accountability for his disturbing actions.

  8. Well if for weeks the death count from covid was an internal recon issue, who would be involved, the old good doctor, the minister, the chief lady and the young doctor, so of course he’s INVALUABLE
    Abs with that cookmagic lady and minister have their hands full too!

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