Melford Nicholas hits back at Dr. Lester Simon


Information Minister Melford Nicholas is suggesting that Dr Lester Simon was out of place when he made comments against an upcoming fete.

“This is absolutely not Dr Simon’s Lane,”  Nicolas told the press.

“We would have relied on Dr Simon’s input and his technical expertise. We have further culled his support in relation to him chairing the committee dealing with the COVAX vaccine, and so Dr Simon brings a degree of expertise on board which the government has armed itself with and has relied upon his expertise in that particular area,” he noted.

However, he stated that the country is “facing two main challenges — maintaining the health of the nation and maintaining the livelihoods of the nation — and so this is absolutely not Dr Simon’s lane and so we note his comments but we have to give support and give an opportunity for other players to begin to play their role”.

The Head of the lab at the Mount St. John Medical Centre and the Chairman of the National Technical Working Group on COVID-19, Dr. Lester Simon, In a Facebook post tagged “I come out to pay,” said the event was madness.

“Madness is dancing across the land. I hear they [are] planning a fete for hundreds of vaccinated people. How are they going to police that when they can’t even police a yacht sailing from Antigua to Dominica?” the medical practitioner asks.

Simon is concerned that those who have not yet been vaccinated will be able to breach the protocols established for fully vaccinated people at the venue.

“What kind of mas’ they playing? Jab jab or jook fu jook? Since I small I hear man crashing fete, including free fete,” Simon says.

According to Dr. Simon, the authorities must be joking since they plan on hosting Carnival this year, as well.

He expresses concern that, based on the frolic and drinking that take place at these fetes, masks will be destroyed, and this could become a mass spreader event.

The experts have already indicated that, even fully vaccinated, one can still catch and shed the virus. All the vaccine does is prepare the body for the virus and prevent hospitalizations and deaths.

Therefore, Dr. Simon says, whoever is “planning this nonsense must be told that this plan is a eulogy to nonsense.”

The doctor says he understands people’s anxiety to get back to their normal lives, but having a fete in these COVID-19 times is not prudent.

He asks whether bands will play for free and adds, “The best band you can get, for free, for this occasion is called COVID-19 and The Variants.”

“It’s all a dream on monkey mountain. Alice in Wonderland. Or, to be grammatically correct, it is a louse in wonderland, who thinks this is a good idea,” Dr. Simon concludes.

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  1. The cabinet members are not doctors, you all like to micro manage talking about cabinet decision which alot of times are poor decision.

  2. Government: Yeah u fully vaccinated guys can party once u make sure u follow rules.

    Dr Simon: Bad bad Idea I think this will not end up well.

    Minister Nicholas (Government): Man shut the hell up and stay in yo lane. Jime and Chelita must nyam and ppl wah fete…

    COVID-19: Imma send y’all back into panic mode

    Government: Dr Simon!!! Dr Simon!! We made a terrible mistake!!

  3. Stay in your lane and other players play their role ?
    Can somebody tell that guy to shut to hell up .

  4. Dr. Simon is right on this one, and the minister knows so…deep down in his heart. We are in a killer pandemic.

  5. I guess the pandemic is not so deadly after all……

    Wink up wink up wink up wink up drink up drink up drink up Melford a stink up stink up

  6. Melford Nicholas and others such as Tenman, #Who’re opposing Dr. Simon on this issue cannot help with their actions nor rhetoric.
    They were indoctrinated by the same #Order’s whose mantra is OUT OF CHAOS comes ORDER!
    As in the same ones who set the policies to create the chaotic SHITuations are the very same ones, who put policies in place to mitigate those chaotic SHITuations.

    These types are the Henchmen for the Medium, Oligarchs and Plutocrats.

  7. What is wrong with the Labour Party. It seems to be made up of brutish people. Is this the same Melford Nicholas who went to Parliament to pass a law so that he would be able to take away the property of a Comrade? Is it? I am made to understand, that the man fenced off his land because Melford was not paying rent.

    Now this same Melford Nicholas thinks that it is a good idea to insult an esteemed doctor?
    But why?

    Wow, the Labour Party has some brutish people.

  8. Always enjoy Dr Simon’s posts and his media outings, however on this one both Melford and Joseph are right. Health though a major concern is not the only one and no one man makes these decisions . This is to help ensure the right decision is made. Looking forward to the shows, and I expect they will help in the vaccination drive. In a weeks period we have had only about 600 persons take a first dose, efforts like these concerts which are really incentives will help push the vaccine take-up. While the US and UK (40 million of its 66 mill pop) can boast of some 60 percent of its population at least having a first dose for ANU, its more like half that (some 33K of our 100K pop). Carrot and stick approach time

  9. Arrogance will refute truth “To protect livelihoods is their main responsibility” them say. Confusion and contradictions in the decision making with non experts decisions overide the experts because non experts have the power.

  10. Dr Simon is right Melfrod y’all need to come again y’all using fete to make ppl vaccine …. So if all of us vaccine and all of us die at the fete what your ass would say it’s too much alcohol???

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