Serpent says he has no issue with those who choose to remain unvaccinated



Serpent ready to work after being declared COVID free:


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BREAKING: Serpent tests positive for COVID-19

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  1. SERPENT why don’t you disclose the reason. You are just a BIG MOUTH COWARD. You are IRRESPONSIBLE…knowing you had COVID 19 and still congregating in St. George and further a field. How many Persons have Serpent infected ? Serpent you are BAD NEWS. Serpent should be disbarred from running for election for being so irresponsible.

    • Do all the supporters of the ABLP took their Vaccines. Why do you people like to tell others what they should and should not do. Did the Prime Minister Gaston Browne take the Vaccine? We do not know that to be true or false.He did say he got the Moderna.What proof do we have,his word. In my opinion his words are not to be believed.

    • Don’t people not do certain things because of their philosophy, ideology or socialization. There are people who do not smoke ganja, drink alcohol, eat pork or drink coffee because of their worldview. Who the hell am I to criticize them for that? The Jehovah Witnesses would never take a blood transfusion to save their life. Again, who the hell am I to question their position? If Serpent says that he would not take the vaccine for whatever reason, I say that is his damn business. We as human beings have evolved to the point where we can exercise our own rationality (compared to other animals) and one should not be criticized for doing so. Isn’t the Rastafarians objection to taking the vaccine grounded in their religion and worldview? Are we criticizing them for that?

  2. You know, I have voted for UPP in many elections but this covid issue is turning me off of the UPP big time. First they are fence sitters when it comes to vaccines, then they claim they are for vaccines but not for vaccine mandates, only vaccination by persuasion. Now Serpent states that he has no issue with those who do not wish to take the vaccine. If it is was up to the UPP, we would be in covid FOREVER!!! I am no Gaston Browne fan at all but this one issue is turning me off of the UPP big time. I know many people who feel the same way. Why would I vote for a party that wants to allow anti-vaxxers to keep us in covid forever? Vaccination by persuasion? Have medical doctors not been on ABS every night since the vaccines came out trying to explain the vaccines and persuade? Has it work? NO! Time enough. I support Gaston on these mandates. Harold, you are making a fundamental mistake on this one and turning a lot of people off of your party with your party’s weak vaccine position. Come next election, anti-vaxxers will have been vaccinated by then and gone back to Labour and the early-vaccinated will remember how weak UPP was on the vaccine. You are adopting the role of Neville Chamberlain who tried to appease the Germans and failed and then Churchill took them on head on and defeated them but only after they had done terrible damage. Sorry to say but it is true.

    • I guess you have not read between the lines, how is it the unvax fault for spreading this thing, is the rastas not spreading it and also the nurses and doctors who has not taken their jabby, also the police officers, plus you who have taken your jabby jabby jab? I guess you have not learn from Israel. I guess you need to rethink what you are saying, because you make covid sound like it has brains to only target certain people.

      • Why do they like to use Isreal as an example, the last time I check only 67% of Isreal population has reached herd immunity. The magic number is 75% and above.

  3. People who say or hold this point of view, I believe have no clue of the severity of situation. They do not seem to understand that in not such a long time Covid will reap havoc in Antigua and Crapo will smoke our pipe. And many lives will be lost, and our healthcare system will be overrun. And like Greneda is already preparing for many deaths and has brought in freezers to keep the death bodies, so will we. It is sad that people do not get this. It not about the individual’s right. It is about protecting the entire community. And locking down the country will not help. When we hear the clarion call. Get vaccinated before it is too late. Our Nation is at risk. Before you know a quarter of the Nation will be infected with Covid and thereafter it will only multiply by a factor of six and that means in no time the entire Island will be gwaan a gwassa. God Help us.

    • FROM THE SIDELINE you have me smiling here. It seems to me you are just repeating what Gaston said. Is Gaston a statistician or mathematician? How does he know that covid infections will increase by a factor of 6. Please stop repeating what your idol is saying.

      • If you would have listened to the experts Doctors and others you would have heard where we get this six times multiple from. They say the Delta virus spread even faster than the others. And they are the one giving us the factor of six. But you are so obsessed with Gaston that even if he quoted you something from the scripture you would not know it is not his own words.

      • By the way the same predictions are made for Greneda. You believe it’s Gaston made that prediction, so it is not true. However, Greneda is getting ready for their worst-case scenario. Container Freezers are being brought in to keep the death. Sad but it’s people like you are politicizing everything about Covid.

        • FROM THE SIDELINE sound just like your comrade TENMAN and the others. Do you guys all read from the same script? How am I politicizing the issue? Sometimes you should just be ignored.

  4. what is really wrong with us as humans,we are going through a health and death crises,and all we can do is to curse each in the name of Politics,we need to wake up and take the vaccine 💉,so the government can ease
    some of those restrictions, So that we can have back some social activities…

  5. All the big chat he spew on radio, the covid-19 had him crying like a lil baby. Guess he finally met his match 🤣

    • Serpent, you set now. You’re covid free and IMMUNE from any and all of the variants.
      That’s what a healthy immune system can does.

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