BREAKING: Serpent tests positive for COVID-19


Observer News announced a short while ago that owner and opposition politician Algernon Serpent Watts has tested positive for COVID-19.

They made this announcement on their Facebook page.

Managing Director of News Co Limited, Algernon “Serpent” Watts has tested positive for Covid-19.

We wish him a speedy recovery. Watts said he has felt unwell since Sunday and now has to remain in isolation for 14 days.

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    • Your such an ass, have you not heard that fully vaxinated percent can and have gotten covid-19? What is really your point?

      • You know there’s a saying that goes it takes one to know one but I’ll leave that alone. Now if fully vaccinated people can still get COVID and die from it, then what’s the point?…You would say well it lessens the risk of the person dying or being severely ill but then there’s side effects from the vaccine and underlying health problems that would cause more harm than good in some people..The point is if you adhere to the protocols; wearing masks, sanitize hands and staying 6 feet apart then you would NOT of gotten COVID in the first place.

  1. But I wondered at the time if the gentleman who called him (last week) and told him that he was positive, had only NOT interacted with him for a single week, why did he think that during the interactions of the week prior he did not get exposed?
    The gentleman called to alert you, mr.serpant, that you more than likely were next.
    Get well soon.. keep us posted of your covid journey…maybe now you understand better
    Hopefully, the antibodies will keep you protected until we get the Cuban vaccine. Those who are afraid of needles, J&J is here !!

    • J&j? U na hear the cmo said someone that took that is in bad condition at the hospital? The GOD vaccine available yet?

      • You must think first for real. The lady said there is no documentation proving this and it’s word of mouth. Why you wan give partial information?

        • @Just saying, why did the doctor give info that she had no proof of, especially about something so potentially volatile

  2. Lord the haters them a attack people the vaccine is useless double dose but still catch covid and die from it and now want to force it on people pickney.

  3. This man love attention so I will take this information with a grain of salt. Need to see the dockisment as proof.

    • I would be shame…no attention needed. Unvaccinated and want to run country a leader you have to be a matyr for the cause

        • @Ivor (rovi spelt backwards) as a leader, he should be showing example even if he feels he has freedom to choose. So many people want to run the show; they first need to learn how to follow. Of course anyone can get covid, but if he has no medical reason why he should not take the vaccine, call this divine intervention. In Jamaica, they catching their tails and their PM (their leader) has to do what he has to do-martyrdom and all. Antigua and Barbados be warned, as bright as you think you are.

  4. I read all the comments and I find that as people we are so insensitive. Civil is real and can attack anyone of us. Let get real people.

  5. So what you people are saying is that if 3% of the population who are fully vaccinated die of covid that nobody should take it?

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