Senator Lewis warns Rural West that taking a chance on ALP’s replacement candidate would be another mistake

Richard Lewis

The people of St. John’s Rural West want better representation and not the usual “what-can-I-do-for-you” question on the eve of a general election, says Senator Richard Lewis, the United Progressive Party (UPP) Candidate for that constituency.

Lewis says this old chapter in the Antigua Labour Party’s handbook is played out, and the people are fed up.

In contrast, he says, he and the UPP are willing to take this country and the people forward and into prosperity.

The Candidate notes that Rural West constituents took a chance on Londell Benjamin, who has failed to perform.

Accordingly, taking a chance on Benjamin’s replacement – Senator Gail Christian – would also be a mistake, Lewis warns, since she is a member of a party that does not care about the people – only about self-enrichment.

Lewis declares that he has a track record on which the people can rely, accomplishing things out of office with limited financial resources.

Once he is given the chance, he promises, he will get even more done for the people’s benefit.

SOURCE: Real News

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  1. you are a COWARD!!! failed to stand up to harold loveLIE for party leadership. He BADPLAYED you and you lap you tail and go and sit in the corner like a limping puppy! You have NO BACKBONE! You would never be accepted by the HBIC because your wife is a Jamaican and UPP hates “foreigners” (their word).

    You allow loveLIE to fool you and accuse you of “MASHING UP UPP” and you cowered to him. Watch out for Malaka Parker

  2. Excerpt from article:

    29 November 2017

    “At the time, Browne had fired her as senate minority leader and she had shortly after resigned from the senate. Around the same time, she also resigned as ABLP Chairman and was replaced by incumbent Chet Greene”.

    After being fired, leading to her resignation from her party position, she is now the best hope for Rural West?

    Vote for Senator Richard Lewis electorates of Rural West.

    Gail comes off to me as a pretender. She full of S**t.

    • @ Former A.B.L.P. Voter: Sorry to say that u seem to be sleeping on the job. Wake up and accept the facts. Gail is the best choice.for Rural West. She has what it takes. She is not lazy neither is she anti sociable like Mr. Richard’s.

  3. Absolutely correct Senator Richard Lewis.

    The country is sick and tired of being sick and tired of the 50 YEARS of poor governance from the Birdism and Browneism era.

    The politicians have benefited to our detriment; you only have to look at how drastic their lifestyles has changed compared to ours.

    Their accumulative worth has SKY ROCKETED, whilst Antiguans has NOSE DIVED.

    Gaston Browne hates indigenous Antiguans (especially the hard working and business people).

    The educated and critical thinkers have awaken at last!


  4. RICHard Lewis is the lone upp candidate.
    too bad he won’t make it to the lower house. Made money from textbook content, but when constituents ask him for help, said he dont have any money.
    He can read, write, spell and speak

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