Senate-selection was no easy task, Opposition Leader says, but rotation system will ensure that others get the chance to serve


REAL NEWS: Political Leader Jamale Pringle and the four United Progressive Party (UPP) Senators who were sworn in on Tuesday morning, January 24, are promising to defend the people of Antigua and Barbuda to the best of their ability, while holding the Government’s feet to the fire.

Pringle formally received the instrument appointing him Leader of the Opposition for a second term, while Shawn Nicholas and Johnathan Joseph received their appointments to the Senate for a second time.

The two new appointments are Alex Browne and David Massiah, who is no stranger to the Senate, having served under the UPP Administration between 2004 and 2014.

While many had expressed the hope of seeing some of the other non-successful candidates – including Pearl Quinn-Williams and Franz deFreitas – in the Upper House, Pringle, who selected the four, says the task was not an easy one.

He explains that the selection of Massiah, an executive of the Antigua & Barbuda Workers’ Union, is evidence of the Party’s commitment to the working class.

The candidates who are not yet selected and who are able to make meaningful contributions will have the opportunity to do so, Pringle adds, since the Party plans to put a rotation mechanism in place to facilitate this.

Meanwhile, Nicholas, who has been elevated to the position of Senate Minority Leader, says she is gratified to have been selected again.

It is not a position or an appointment that she takes lightly, she says, noting that her role as Minority Leader is a pivotal one in the forward movement of the Party.

Senators Joseph and Browne both expressed appreciation for their appointments, saying they are looking forward to the spirited debates in the Upper House.

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    • @money election

      UPP desperately hope the government will breakdown; it comes out each time all of them speaks. That is why Pringle said they will reshuffle the Senate every two years. That is what they telling the public, but they hoping the government falls.

      Pringle will fall …. a dagger from his own party will pierce his arse.

  1. Dr. Cleon Athill was the only one who did NOT accept any “filthy lucre”. All the others have their names written down in his little black book for future blackmail.

    $500 was sharing out in Freetown the night before the elections. Shame on Freetown people for sending a killer to represent them!

    • @ Hmmmmmm


      For a party that has won an election, you guys seem bitter and upset and dipping in into UPP’s business, trying to sow discord where there is none…….GO AND SORT OUT ASOT AND GASTON TUG A WAR,

      • The pics and videos from dry hill over social media for all to see. Where is YOUR proof alp bought votes. Me till waiting for y’all to tell us why upp candidates and supporters were at dry hill on the eve of elections even Mr Cash App was there answer me man and tap try fu deflect!!!!

  2. “Pringle knock dem for six”

    I was not originally a fan of Mr. Pringle, but this is a brilliant idea. He is growing into the job. This will give more UPP candidates and members experience in the legislative process and the party also gets to see what they can do. You can’t hide in the senate.

  3. The #SENATE/Upper House is a waste of tax payers monies. They’re paid, and some even get full retirement benefits for being Political Rubber_Stamps for the Ruling Arms policies.

    1…These funds could be better spent on Education by establishing A.S.T.E.M. Arts/Science Technology Engineering and Math Curriculums in Grade Schools.

    2…Please pay the Seniors who didn’t wear ten(10) hats while slaving for cents on the dollar their retirements.

    A colossal waste of public funds! Again, I know it’s a part of, the present system of governance which many, to include the present Ruling Arm, the ABLP is eager to change.

    Ras Smood aka Jumbee_Picknee
    De ‘ole Dutty Peg_Foot Bastard
    Vere C. Edwards

    • @Ras Smood, be careful with your double edged sword. The Labour Party selected 13 members to the senate. Please tell Gaston it’s a waste of taxpayers dollars. If the Gaston administration is eager to change it, they had 10 years and in power now. What are they waiting for? I agree that the funds could be put to better use so ask Gaston to stop giving contracts to his son and stop investing into in projects that benefits him personally. Then we can have fair and honest discussions.

      • Only now the being a senator is a waste of time and tax dollars gimme one break. Thing suddenly so wrong because you didn’t get the results you wanted??? Y’all really pathetic here ALP scraped out and won the government so the election were bought ALP has the majority in the seneate so being a senator is a waste of tax papers money now?? Why didn’t UPP did aaay with the seneate while they were there for 10 years oh yes because every right during those times right? Y’all really bitter around here elections done time to move on. Life to short to be raising your blood pressure for politician who are probably reading these comments and laughing after you fools who a killing y’all selves for them.

        • @Sorry not sorry, I would suggest that you observe and recognize before you write, that this was in response to an ABLP supporter who stated that having senators are a waste of money. I am only agreeing. Having discussions about the affairs of our country is important. Maybe if some of you cared about the country and not just getting hand-outs we would not be in this predicament.

      • @What a Travesty…great! Let it be a #Double_Edge Sword on par with the EXCALIBUR.
        I’ll ask Mami_Wata and Papa_Elegba to give it some additional mysticism/mystical powers, as it swings, as an INVISIBLE PENDULUM in the Parliament Chambers, and whenever, anyone, on either side of the isle, as in Ruling Arm or Opposition begins to lie, steal, embezzle the People’s Monies it behaves like a #Guillotine and send the perp into Permanente Retiremente!
        May the gods that they bow and pray to grant this #Double_Edge Sword such powers!
        Yes, it MUST take my head off too, if I were in the Deceiver’s_Dungeons!

        🥷🏿🗡⚔️Tek aff dem head to head rass. I guarantee you, we won’t need to call ☎️ on no other powers before, the alleged #Judgement Day….🧞🧞‍♂️🧞‍♀️I got two wishes left!

        Me garne fu now!

        Ras Smood aka Jumbee_Picknee
        De ‘ole Dutty Peg Foot Bastard

        Vere C. Edwards

  4. “no easy task”?????????? If you struggled to pick them OLD Senators, wait til your own MPs unleash their ATTACK AGAINST YOU PRINGLE.

    Bowen and Serpent been plotting for you


    Stay tuned………..

  5. Upp for people and country. Have patience people. Real and positive changes to come. 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙

  6. You know what’s funny about you UPP supporters you all are of this notion your party is above criticism. The leadership of the party does not like to listen and y’all constantly bash people for stating their opinion. Y’all will forever make excuses and point fingers at y’all ABLP to distract from y’all short comings. We all know ABLP is a ticking time bomb that can exploded at any given moment but honestly UPP is not better only difference is UPP hides it better. And spear me this rotation excuse they have been saying this since 2014 and has yet to do it. These picks for senetors are clearly done by the chairman of the party as she is still in control. Poor Pringle is just another puppet on her strings. I highly doubt there will be any rotation especially if madam chairman remains there waiting for it.
    Y’all can come bash me for my opinion now I done said what I said.

    • @SMDH. You would not be bashed for your views and opinions. You surely should be bashed for your level of grammar and spelling. I am puzzled why people are so up into UPP business. They are not in power. You talk about your ‘people’ and let blue mind blue business. Ah how much senior citizen inna the red party? What is wrong with you niqqas? Let the country breathe. Hold the elected government’s foot to the fire. I wonder what all those foreigners thinking when they hear the way you people run down and criticise and demmize your own people?. P.S Don’t put words in Serpent ‘s mouth. He can taaak fuh herself. Did the old red people reject gassy because he was younger? Waaan laaang dutty stuups.

  7. Good explanation! Some advice to the alp- there is ‘ruckus in de party.’ Please sort it out and leave the upp alone.

    • Same can be said about UPP tap study ABLP and fu dem mix up and study fu dem own mix up.

  8. Pringle been making these mistakes too often bai

    keep breaking down the grammar tree like a dummy everytime he talk. embarassing bai

  9. Pringle had many people take the oath before him and they repeated the same words for their swearing in. Why didn’t he pay attention? He’s not dyslexic, he’s just unread. Reading is fundamental.


  10. David Massiah would not be my choice. He has served in the senate before and was dull. In fact his only memorable moment was being fired for not towing Party line.
    Could have brought in Dr.Cleon Athill. It would have be a good exposure for her and I believe she would have risen to be one of our best and substantive debaters . Also you would be adding gender equality knowing that it is only one woman that was elected to the Lower House .

  11. Wow wow wow I’m concerned about what I have seen happening across the country with our people young and old. We have distroy our civil duties as a citizen we have seen clips of people request payment for votes this need to be address now Who do we blame is the polititian for the state we are in this need to be fixed n

  12. UPP not studying alp, it’s alp studying Upp. Study you ticking time bomb cause Robin not too pleased. And leave Pringle alone cause he talks like how half of Antiguans talk. Me nar ask you. Trust me I know!

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