Royalton guests clap back at critics of their pool party


Royalton Antigua Guests at a party weekend over the “Labour Day” Holiday have responded to those who branded the event a super spreader event.

A member of the group posted this message on social media:

“Kaye Bea


If y’all are mad that we VACCINATED AMERICANS came here to contribute to

YOUR economy… SAFELY… and you’re not able to enjoy YOUR OWN country because 70% of your OWN population is-according to YOUR country’s data-UNvaccinated by CHOICE, then just say that.


But don’t come on here to recite a false narrative to justify some BS propaganda.

This group went through hell and high water to get here SAFELY. To vacation here SAFELY.


We are vaccinated. We can be in groups of over 25 people bc WE DID THE WORK to do so.


This vaccine has been available in your country for MONTHS, but less than 40% of your population is UNvaccinated bc you think it’s unnecessary. So if any numbers spike upon our departure, it’s YOUR fault.


In summation: get vaccinated and maybe you too, can enjoy a foam party in your own country.


Be blessed and encouraged.”

WATCH: Party continues at Royalton

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  1. How stupid and inconsiderate can this guest be?? Being vaccinated doesn’t mean that you are invincible to covid. Before you write crap go and do some your research.

    By now it is common knowledge, and according to Americas very own CDC, vaccinated persons can still catch and transmit the virus. So I’m not sure where your logic or chain of thought lies……..

    It was very irresponsible on the part of the guests, management at Royalton and the Ministry of Health to even allow that event to take place, knowing fully well the current situation that the country is faced with.

    This is the same hotel that had a covid outbreak weeks ago and Molwyn was upset because an inspector said she was uncomfortable with inspecting the hotel during the outbreak. Why should inspectors or anyone for that matter, risk their health and life to inspect this hotel when clearly they are doing everything contrary…….

    If you the guest are upset that citizens and residents spoke out on your nonchalant lackadaisical behaviour, that is your business. Some of yall don’t need to come to our country if this is your mentality. I dont care how much you spend to come here or spend here, the workers at the hotels health and life is of utmost importance.

    This is so sad…….

    • We came 100% negative and we left 100% negative and 90% of us was isolated on the resort. The other 10% followed your country’s mask mandate to enter businesses. The workers were safe and appreciative. Wasn’t like we showed up coughing on everybody. Y’all gotta chill.

  2. the vaccinated ones also spread the virus for your misinformation and none of the guest had a mask. plus the group of 25 is bogus when u can clearly see more than 25 people in an area . no social distance. the ignorance of the vaccinated

  3. U feel she know what dunce mean, Ms Bea, u know what dunce translated mean? In ebonics, DUNCE=KAYE BEA

  4. There’s some TRUTH in her words! Listen to what she is saying. Yes, there is a small chance of spreading the virus even if vaccinated but thats because not enough people got vaccinated when they should’ve and now we are dealing with variants. The chance of a vaccinated Covid+ person infecting an UNvaccinated person is 29 times MORE likely to occur than that of a vaccinated Covid- person. The data doesn’t lie! The point is, get vaccinated now! Wear your damn mask, wash your damn hands, don’t socialize, don’t let your guard down! These simple things are our best defenses to curb the spread and not become seriously ill or die from Covid. Talk about DUNCE! Why is it so hard for us in Antigua to comply???!!!

    • Not sure where your data comes from. The variants were first identified in vaccinated COVID19 + persons. This clearly shows that vaccination contributed to the mutation in some way. Mutations do not happen so rapidly naturally. Please use good judgment. Vaccinated if you are so inclined but more importantly keep mentally healthy. Too many persons are stressed and stress reduces the body’s ability to fight infection.

      COVID19 is real just like swallowing a ginuip seed. How many have died from that? But it happens.

      • @Dr J is not an antivaxxer – Stop spreading misinformation and lies. You are poisoning the Public.

    • And on top of that, we have 33 Covid+ people currently in hospital…those 33 beds are being taken away from others who may desperately need care…for a disease that is AVOIDABLE! Get vaccinated and follow the protocols!

    • Where did u get ur data from? Cause u vaccinated ppl can spread the virus unknowingly because u might not get symptoms and gone all over the place, whereas if an unvaccinated person gets covid they will get symptoms and know to stay home til they are sure what they have.

    • Let’s stick to the FACTS
      1. Negative Covid tests had to be presented to enter Antigua.
      2. Negative Covid tests had to be presented to leave Antigua. And they ALL left!
      So portraying the guests as if they did something wrong is a stretch. Go find a story somewhere else.

  5. SIGH……I agree with Kaye Bea because what people fail to understand is that the VACCINE DOES NOT PREVENT U FROM GETTING COVID but the chances of any of those guest being hospitalized is very slim. ppl who are unvaccinated are at high risk of experiencing the worse of the virus if contracted. The message here is if you want to party like the guest at Royalton Hotel go get vaccinated..Lets achieve herd immunity and get back to normal life….

  6. The Authorities have FAILED us.

    The country has rules but it seems guest at hotels or resorts are not required to follow the same Policy. THATS OUR PROBLEM.

    The laws/policy setup are for both vaccinated and unvaccinated. The persons argument holds no water. Absolutely no care was taken at the Party, A group of vaccinated locals outside a hotel cannot do the same. We would he heavily charged. You being vaccinated means nothing in the eyes of your ability to spread the virus and not following the countries law Policy. You could easily pick it up and spread it exponentially due to your myopic view of the situation.

  7. The vaccine is there to protect people it to kill them.
    Wake up Antigua
    I’m fully vaccinated and came in contact everyday with a person with COVID and never contracted the virus. I got tested several times too.
    If the government was charging for the vaccine lot more people would line up to get it.

  8. Are u a talk bout you are all vacinated…. vacinated or non vacinated can catch covid and spread it just the same you all are the ones bringing it here the same Royalton that it spiked in a few weeks ago and u have the heart to be talking about our country and how vaccines are a available that nah hab nothing to do with irresponsible people coming in our country now bye

  9. A lot of Antiguans need to see the point we’re making. Yes we’re a Vaccinated group but we also presented negative tests coming into Antigua and leaving Antigua. So to claim the workers were somehow in danger is negated. If anything the hotel workers would put us in danger because most of us were isolated on the resort. We also paid a lot of money to come together from different parts of the US so laws would be lenient for tourists spending money in your economy. Calling us stupid is stupid. We have some of the biggest trolls in this group so thread lightly. ✊🏾😎

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