WATCH: Party continues at Royalton


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    • Pray for your country with less than 30% vaccinated…. We just helped your numbers good up..

    • Pray for your country with less than 30% vaccinated…. We just helped your numbers go up..

  1. What’s the point of posting this to create hysteria and ignorant Antiguans will buy into it. These are American tourist on a large group trip. Antigua’s borders are open, so these people are doing nothing wrong.

    There are a bunch of local Antiguans and local Antiguan artist who are in New York and other cities in america for Labor Day, who will be aground thousands of people. So what… every where you go in the world will not have 25 people. Fetes in nyc for Labor Day have 2000 people and Antiguans well In there… so again I ask, what’s the point of posting this????

    • So why are we in Prison here then? If this can be happening on our shores where or families have to interact and serve these people then come home to our household explain to me the reason for us to be home under frustration? Its the hypocrisy i cant stand.

      • Ask you people on your left and right…. And I’ll ask my people on my left and right… “Are you vaccinated?” That’s why! Stay in prison! SALUTE!!!

  2. This is the problem in our country . If this were antiguan’s you would have condedm the fete ? Are you sure all these people are vaccinated? This will surely expose the staff. I guess you are one like the authorities that only blames local for spreading covid. I am very ashamed of how hypocritical some people are . I guess money let some people see different colors.The amount of droplets can be produced in the atmosphere from all the shoutings without mask can cause serious problems here. The Grass is Greener,stop been so ignorant to reality .

    • Yes we are all vaccinated and we’ve been tested before and after leaving America. We all work hard so we deserve to play hard. Antiguans isn’t complaining we spend our money at the local restaurants, markets, etc. We are obeying every rule and guidance that’s been put out for your country. Covid been around for years, we are just noticing it. We are bringing revenue and the party to Antigua…. American Style (heads on your knees, shake your ass…. on your thot shit).

    • We all had to prove vaccinations or negative tests to catch flights and enter resort. Also had 100% negative tests leaving the resort. ✊🏾😎

  3. The management of the hotel should be arrested and charged for their gross recklessness and flagrant violation of the nation’s health/pandemic protocols. One commenter asked what is the point of posting these videos. I think the point is clear and anyone who doesn’t get the point is just plain stupid. It doesn’t matter if people are having parties of 2000 plus in the USA or China, perhaps they are not in a surge, or they have more beds in their hospitals. We have clear protocols here (which I assumed were put in place for a reason) and anyone or organisation that so publicly violates the law, should pay dearly. These careless actions are totally reckless and inexcusable.

  4. Why are we so concerned about what the tourists do in their bubble and what we do in ours? I guess if you want to party and let it down you can book for a stay in the hotel. Present them with a negative PCR test and enjoy yourself. Tourists travel to have fun. And to get away from stress of where they come from. The hotel is promising them a safe environment. The country is demanding that they can only come here with a negative Covid test. Do you want them to swim with masks on? I mean if you are concerned that they will spread the covid, you need to protect yourself. because these people will have to go home in a short time. And believe me before they leave, they will need a negative PCR test to board the flight back home. The staff at the hotels are our frontline workers and they have been trained and warned that they should be vaccinated. If they don’t, they should not be working in the hotel. Because they run a big risk. It is very irresponsible for any hotel worker these days to take the risk home to their family. especially those with little children that cannot be vaccinated. And we know we have a few of them already. It is cruel to do that to your child. This should be a mandate from the government. “Only vaccinated people can work on frontline jobs”. We can choose to either die from covid or die from hunger. Cause no government can feed its people for free for any extended period. When St. Lucia started this stimulus, which the UPP is calling for, it lasted for three months, before their PM said that St. Lucia is broke. Ask the UPP to quantify the stimulus, they cannot. Because they are very shortsighted. It is just politics. The sooner we get Covid under control the better for all of us to return to some form of normalcy. Our way of living will change in the end. We need to start teaching our children the habit of washing hands. Not shaking hands with others. not sharing water bottles at school. Proper hygiene and frequent hygiene. In other words, we understand the treat of viruses and other unseen bacteria that are with, in and among us. In the past I used to think of people who are like that as being bacteria phobia. One famous one was Michael Jackson. But Trump never shook hands either. And the Queen neither does. As far as I am concern. Tourists come here to enjoy themselves. In the setting of the hotel, they can party and have an enjoyable time. Juts stay at the hotel. And the staff should protect themselves at ALL TIMES. Perhaps they should wear the same PPE as the doctors in the ER. But I strongly believe tourists should not be prohibited to have a good time while here on vacation in their bubble. We need them to fuel our economy and allow us to make a living. It is our main industry and earner of foreign exchange.

    • Your argument is built on a weak foundation and it all crumbles at the end. There is no bubble. There isn’t one rule for hotels and another for the rest of us. That event is a super spreader event and can lead to serious illness and death. It doesn’t matter why tourists come here. Circumstances dictate or necessitate new protocols. If you travel to a country during a natural disaster (hurricane, earthquake etc.) it may ruin your vacation. Come back when things return to normal. If you travel to Antigua during a surge of COVID it may ruin your vacation. Come back when things return to normal.

    • How about we mandate ALL visitors be vaccinated, or will we wait for other countries to do so first? Would those spoiled, entitled Americans be up for it? Btw, your argument re: stimulus is nonsensical. We were supposedly the best performing economy in the western hesmisphere in February 2019. Covid quickly showed that was a lie. St. Kitt’s and Barbados’ stimulus programs are still going btw.

  5. And these are the things that makes me think covid is not a real thing or if it is it’s not as deadly as they make it seem cause at this point nothing makes sense … Sorry I like to read between the lines I like to look below the surface cause shit ain’t what it appears to be ridiculous

  6. Good day all I work at Royalton and we are very careful not to interact with these people and if we do we take our precautions. I am happy I am working and am very upset that people trying to put me and my family out of bread. We all have to do what we have to do to survive. I am sick of people posting stuff and my hotel close. We all have to do what we have to do to survive. When I go home I take my close off a shower before I go near my family!

    • I work at a hotel as well and I understand your plug. These media houses are doing the most. Maybe when the hotels close and we are put of work again maybe they will feed us and support our families. When are they not reporting all the on going beach and pool parties that are taking place. Why just pick on the hotel and tourist. Sickening now!

  7. Tourists can visit and indulge but we who live here can’t enjoy our natural resources. This Draconian rule must be ended. World dictator traitor tyrant liar bully (HT) Gaston Browne and the rest of his cesspool gang only looking for money. They entertaining the tourists but continue to make us their financial slaves and pawns. They must all be removed and brought to justice.

    Govt ministers are involved with the kidnapping abduction murder execution style of Nigel Christian because he discovered the truth behind the “forged” signatures at the Port. “AG Benjamin was told by his master world dictator traitor tyrant liar bully (HT) Gaston Browne to keep his mouth shut. Hammer Pump has information on this and don’t be surprised if anything happens to him.

    Govt ministers are also involved with the kidnapping abduction and human trafficking (HT) of Mehul Choksi and yet they are walking freely.

    No one including govt ministers and police are above the law.

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