RESULTS: 8 seats declared for ABLP, 4 seats declared for UPP, BMP 1


BREAKING: ABLP retains government by slim majority


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  1. #HFWL is packing his bags to occupy a seat under a bridge in city east. Remember he will become a troll.

    • Don’t worry about Eric (THE RED) he’s is an insignificant piece of shit. Like a used condom. He may be licking his wounds or drunk now.

      He is a useless as a set of tits on a bull.

  2. They can come here and decide elections,but we cant decide elections in their home countries,that sucks,Antiguans have no respect in their own country,and we are not doing anything about it,I dont have a problem if they come here and work,but who the hell gave them voting power??some of the most illiterate outcasts that have taken up residence in our paradise and have turned it into an overflowing latrine

      • Thats who they are,they cant make it in their own countries,so they migrate to other countries,and no,Iam not racist,Racists have true power to deny entry in to sovereign countries,to deny the right to employment,to deny citizenship,to deny renting of homes,so no,I dont have that power

        • You can hardly mek it inna fu u own country chups . This is what majority of y’all do best! Sit down and badmind nearga and chat all sort of f’ery ….fyi yuh sound chupittt chupitttttttttttttttt.

          • You know that,but you are still here,make it make sense,I know it hurts,because its the truth,what do you guys contribute to Antigua and Barbuda?conartists?Burglars,prostitutes,garbage dancehall music,that influences the youth to go astray?skin bleaching?no valid contributions

    • What you wrote more looks like something that clogged the latrine.

      Don’t use a broad toilet brush over ppl like that. There’s born Antiguans, naturalized citizens etc, who can be classified in both good and bad categories.

      • True they may be bad,but they are ours,they maybe good,badminded but they are ours,no the useless occupiers of this place are the clogged latrine

    • Rosy, with a last name like yours, it’s quite possible your ancestors were once a part of the illiterate outcasts. Be kinder.

    • Sad but very very true @ Rosy, you only have to look closely at the 3 UPP results in Barbuda and All Saints (×2) and it’s no coincidence that these places have a high proportion of the indigenous population. Fact!

      This is why Gaston Browne pursued and then gave an amnesty to the illegals – at the time – the right to vote in our elections.


  3. @ just saying Alp will lose seats tonight, thats for sure! As soon as the old candidates retire Alp done with!

  4. Michael Browne was never a good politician, not a good people person , showed no care about his constituency. He is fully headed and arrogant. No relationship with the people. He won twice on the back of ABLP party and not on his own strengths.
    Same with Dean Jonás , not a people person, not a likable politician, full headed and arrogant. Weston was not involved in his constituency and lost as a result. Weston is also an arrogant person. Samantha was also disconnected from her constituency.
    I agree with Donna Chaia on the lack of infrastructure in All Saints West. However I blame it on the lack of representation on Dr.Browne behind. I also agree that the incumbent in St.Peters is winning due – His Transactional and his personal touch.
    ABLP also needs to look at how they opponent candidates, in the replacement of the older outgoing and loosing candidates. The candidates that are doing well are candidates that are well known in their constituency. Hence ABLP should follow their constitution and choose candidates properly. ABLP should also set up some sort of body to be able to advise Gastón Browne , since I do not think there is an individual within ABLP that can sit him down and speak frankly to him.
    Donna you are correct once more Chet Greene should be appointed as Deputy PM. You are a msn of your people and your constituency.

    • Well said. The names mentioned have all forgotten their constituency and the people that put them there and we now see the result. A wake up call for the ABLP, but as the government for another term Gaston still have the advantage to get this Economic powerhouse to full throttle. Weston never once report on anything done in his constituency, but once an MP I guess all is well, plus I know he will remain in the same ministry. Jonas was beaten by popularity and loudness that’s all, so if he is serious about being a politician, got to put the work in and let it show, with your party as government this should be an easy turnaround come next election. Asot I think got the most votes overall, so in St, Peter’s it matters not, he’s now an independent let’s see of all the projects spoke of prior to election, that he couldn’t get done as a high ranking MP in the Lester and Gaston administration’s, will he be able fulfill sitting as an independent in parliament, yet again St, Peter’s could care less. A few hand outs and we are ok.

  5. Come on #Villages, pull this out! #CrossRoads – Mami_Wata & Papa_Elegba, a lik shat!
    #Bun_Labah! Fire! #Bun_Labah!

  6. Donna Chaia -Colín James is not respected in All Saints village proper. The more resources he got as the care taker the more greedy he got.

  7. The #amnesty, no work permits gave ABLP the edge in a couple of seats. Antiguans and Barbudans are sending a message! ABLP is out of control and must account for where we are. We need to have better accountability, transparency in the major decisions which will affect the Nation decades from now.

  8. Do we have any “ANTIGUANS” living in any other country’s? What I find is a bunch of selfish talk about persons coming here to live, while some of you Antiguans have, at least one family member loving in another mans country. Who gave all you the right to just insult anyone who come in this country? Who? Just tell me who? We live where we feel comfortable, thank God for Gaston who have allowed us to live in this country. You’ll must stop being racist like all of us are not one!!!! And don’t come for me, I’m working and paying my dues🙏

    • I wish I could ship some of you to Puerto Rico,to get some U.S. dollars and plomo,you learn not to interfere in other peoples countries,ALBP is destroying this country,any fool can see,but alot of you guys dont have comprehension skills,its a waste of time to even comment…some kind of high witchcraft on this place

  9. Ah way Brixarse dey????👀👀👀Brixy way u ??? Drop ya location so me can send some smelling salts and a shot of English Habour Rum LAYYYYYYYBORRRR!!!!!!!!🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🎌🎌🎌

    • Laugh now cry later,the fool’s heart is in the house of mirth,in thus island everybody talk as they

  10. I have the right to protect whats mine even if foriegners and others feel a way but Antigua like a real cartoon. The problem in Antigua is if you dont bleed for something you cant understand how to treasure it. (BLOOD 4 REVOLUTION)

  11. Joanne it is not meant to be. Your political career is linked to Harold Lovell and now it is over as well. DNA needs to stop the Papy-Showing.

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