BREAKING: ABLP retains government by one seat


The Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party has won the January 18, 2023 general election in Antigua and Barbuda according to declared results. Prime Minister Gaston Browne will be sworn in today, a national holiday.

His party won 9 of the 17 seats in the parliament at the time of this publication. The main opposition United Progressive Party won 6 seats at the time of this publication.

The Barbuda People’s movement won 1 seat.

Independent candidate Asot Michael won the hotly contested St. Peter seat. The St. George seat was won by Algernon Watts.

VIDEO: PM Browne addresses supporters following election victory

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  1. Congrats to those who bwon their seats. I’ve been watching the commentary on ABS vand I don’t think the analysts realise this: If the DNA votes had gone Harold Lovell’s way then he might have won that seat and UPP might have formed the new government in coalition with the independents etc. So, a bit of karma for him, I guess and also a sign that UPP should probably change its leader.

    • Another observation is that “country people” are the ones that rejected the incumbents while St. John’s kept them in power. This shows that there are pressing issues in the countryside that need to be addressed. COVID19 hit country people really hard because a lot are employed in the tourism sector. They need a more diversified economy with entrepreneurship opportunities for the youth so that households are not so vulnerable to fluctuations in tourism. Also, during COVID lockdowns etc. country people became more aware of how difficult it is to survive in their own communities when access to the city is unavailable. Suburban and rural communities need their own infrastructure, plazas, fresh food, water etc. They are currently underserved. Hopefully, their new MPs will advocate for the needs of persons living in the countryside. It’s always good to have a strong voice of Opposition in Parliament to remind the ruling party about needs of the people that they might otherwise overlook.

    • @ Red Red where is the 17 seats yall claimed u would get? Slim margin by 1 seat isn’t something to jump about considering all the money spent and trust me, Gaston Browne knows that. People will not be fooled. U can spin it as much as u want but RED is battered! When the old folks gone; Robin, Cutie, Joseph thats it for Alp

    • Two terms should be enough for any leader. They get too comfortable and too rich off the backs of the poor nationals. It is a shame that non-nationals are permitted to come into the country and vote when they know nothing about the country. Nothing like this exists anywhere else. Power corrupts. However one can do what he/she can for a while, the almighty will determine the end and liberation of the country. The day will come when those wicked ones and those who enjoy the perks of corruption will be no more…not long. Hang in there fellow sensible Antiguans, you are out numbered for now.

  2. This win for ABLP is not a #mandate from the People. They lost the #popular vote and this is concerning to them. Uneasy lies the head, that wears the crown.
    The Hounds(International law enforcement agencies), and Mr. Browne will be chauffeured driven around by #John_Crows hovering over the Parliament.

  3. Six elections I’ve been through, this was most competitive, interesting and nformative … ALP candidates were to relax and comfortable…
    UPP newcomers have done a remarkable job..
    If ALP doesn’t tighten up their belts and pull their socks up, they’re in for long ride for the next election..

  4. ALP basically won the election by 6 voters, the 6 votes that Lovell lost by.
    After this election Melford will again change his number and go into hiding until the next election.

    • I agree with your statements. Had it not been for the votes for D.N.A., you never know if Harold Lovell would have won.

    • @Cool Ruler…I can say, that I lost the prediction(ABLP – 8 seats…UPP – 7 seats…Asot – 1…BPM – 1) by those same #SIX votes.
      A couple of things…

      A… I see a bi-election #COMING SOON!

      B…Harold ‘Mr. Stoic’ Lovell always tucking his shirt and fixing his belt, still can’t relate to the #peeps on the street.

    • Gaston is Prime Minister because of the 6 votes that Lovell needed. On the flip side you can say that Asot is not Prime Minister because of those same 6 votes. If Lovell had won then Asot would forced both parties to make him PM in order to break the tie.

  5. Upp did extremely well considering ablp paid their way through. Colin James strengthens my point. Question, was it a coincidence that Gaston brown had 666 votes at one point? Think about it!



  7. To all dem lub beg in dem Skunts. Antigua & Barbuda, UPP or ALP, what ever yall get all u go tek. Voting is a waste for either party since alyu barn any real benefits in all u life from voting. all u go um in all u skunt. All a dem a freemason one a dem kay bout allyou. u think things go forget better either way? that’s the definition of insanity.

  8. hahah To all dem lub beg in dem Skunts. Antigua & Barbuda, UPP or ALP, what ever yall get all u go tek. Voting is a waste for either party since alyu barn any real benefits in all u life from voting. all u go um in all u skunt. All a dem a freemason one a dem kay bout allyou. u think things go forget better either way? that’s the definition of insanity.

  9. Antiguans still needs to be re-educated. The turn out was shamefully low. We cannot sit back and don’t vote because we want a particular party to loose. We must go out and vote against that party. It’s the only strategic way to make things happen. With the results this close, I hope for more checks and balances. More accountability.

  10. clearly a leadership crisis in the ablp. vote of no confidence one to consider…pride
    before the fall

    over 25% of registered voters didnt vote, ppl tired with the red and blue cool aid and party politics. An independent win surely is a welcoming news .

    6 votes differential,come on dna going nowhere. lovell bring back joanne and dna pls. divided you fall.karma is real, action and consequences. united we stand

    development and progress must take place in all parishes not just the pm constituency, we all pay taxes.
    the elected parliamentarians must represent their constituents first not party. advocate and dont neglect.

    accountability and transparency is a must
    LETS STAMPOUT CORRUPTION and GREED in any form or shape
    there is enough for everyone’s NEEDS but not for every man’s GREED.

  11. Congratulations to all the winners. Special congratulations to all the candidates that participated in the democratic process.
    The Antiguan people sent a clear message to the leader of ABLP , to stop the bullying and let democracy prevail.
    Peter Reds you are a winner. You were up against millions and i do hope for your youthful bravery that you are appointed to the senate.
    Antigua people still say that they are interested in the common man Donna Chaia. So last night when you spoke about processes of choosing candidates and subjects etc -you were going against democracy. So Imran was recognized for his great leadership qualities by the Pakistan people, Ronald Reagan the great Actor because one of the best USA President.
    So let the people choose from amongst themselves leaders, with great moral values, Men that love and respect the right of others. Men who will defend the poor and the vulnerable above money.
    I see the so call educated politicians too bright for themselves, trying to educate the masses on what tourists is . Talking about our African Brothers that struggling and suffering around iAntigua. Them bright politicians too bright for them selves.
    They were teaching our young people to tump in face as to solve conflict Donna. They used the same transactional means like Asot and you are aware – those are the bright people you want.
    Dean said that serpent do not have university education. The people said serpent is a smart guy that will stand up to the biggest bully for them. That he has been to the university of Swallow Pepper-Pot and snake pit with his DOCUMENTS.
    He is Street smart , withy and very very intelligent. The people’s choice still counts.

  12. What a great election out come, a collation government in Antigua. First time ever. Now we will see true leaders, and leadership. We must have negotiations, we must see compromise, we should see democracy at its finest! But will we Gaston, a large minority needs to be considered, and convinced.
    . If you are the leader you say, then lead us to the next level. Give us water to bath, good roads to drive, power on 365,and lower fuel prices. We know when it goes up, and we know when it comes down. Pay social security always, they deserve it, pay the government employee, they deserve it. Bring the medical facility to the highest standards. Quit wasting money and time on airlines, hotels, and what not. Think of Antigua. 10 yrs from now, what level we b.

  13. Doesn’t paying and bribery come under election crime like what happen in Dominica a few years ago? If thats the case we should be seeing them hauled before the courts to answer these charges. I remember hearing a learned jurist saying that anyone who won a seat by those means under the law must forfeit their seat. Hope we can get a learned person to shed some light here.

  14. It would be remiss of me if i didn’t mention that i was deeply saddened by the results of this election 2023. Antigua DEFINITELY needed to see a change of government. The country is in danger due to the state of corruption and skullduggery which is rampant within the current government. A lack of improvement of infrastructure, the absence of any regulatory audits, government, and blatant negligence on the part of all Antiguans will cause the ultimate demise of our country. Voter turnout for a country which houses over 100k inhabitants was deplorable at best. How can we influence the necessary changes when we support party over country. We must depart from our old ways of thinking and secure what is best for the future of our children. Trust me the world is watching and the leaders in power are rapidly tarnishing the good name and reputation of our dear country for the “ENRICHMENT” of themselves. God speed.

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