Residents Will Now Be Issued $500 Tickets For Not Wearing Masks

Atlee Rodney

Antigua News Room- Police Commissioner Atlee Rodney says residents found not wearing mandatory face masks and engaged in unlawful social gatherings will be issued $500 tickets on the spot.

He made the disclosure at a police news conference this morning to update the nation on crime and COVID-19 enforcement measures.

Rodney says the ticketing system was made possible through an amendment of the Public Order Infections Disease Act on August 27.

According to Rodney, ticket books will be issued to police officers and the fine is payable through the Magistrates Court and not to police officers.

“And what the policy makers (have) done is to assist us in some way is by introducing a new piece of regulation under the Public Health Act – Dangerous Infectious Diseases. There is an amendment now which gives the authority to issue tickets for two of the main offences and that is failing to wear a face mask in public and also social gatherings.

“Going forward with the regulation, ticket books can be issued to members of the public who continue to defy the regulations.

According to that amendment, the Official Gazette number 61, dated 27 August, this year, we are in a position now to issue tickets. Both tickets carry an immediate fine of $500 which is payable at the Magistrates court not to the police officers.”

Meantime, the top cop says 291 residents have been arrested for COVID-19 breaches 52 females and 239 males. Out of that number, there have been 169 convictions with 30 being female and 139 males. On Barbuda there have been 24 males arrested and from that 19 convictions.

“But outside of that we had regular patrols where we had to enlighten the public, encourage the public, and on several occasions had to warn the public to adhere to those regulations.

“Going forward and even as we can see on a global stage, we have to continue to be committed to those protocols, we have to continue to the guidelines that have been established,” Rodney told the news conference.

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  1. What is considered not wearing a mask since people seem to think wearing a mask below their nose is doing this. Is it clearly stated what is means to be wearing a mask?

    • My problem is, do all of these masks that the public is using actually have the makings to protect you from catching the disease? And if I’m not within 6 feet of anyone, do I still need to wear it…?

  2. What should we do to police officer who refuse to wear their mask and engage us in conversations? Who will write them a ticket? These are the question we the citizens of Antigua and Barbuda should ask before we are subjected to these fines.

    • @Just a thought:You should do nothing to the Police.They are above the law.Yes,above the laws of Antigua and Barbuda.

  3. Does this also mean you must wear a mask while driving in your vehicle with members of your family example husband or wife?

  4. Today a police stop my car because he thinks the license is expired.. but he call my attention that I’m obligated to wear mask in public.. I answered him you are right officer, but inside my house and my car isn’t consider as a public places… so I no need to wear mask while I’m driving, if I go out of the vehicle.. of course I’m obligated to walk around and work

  5. Me hope you giving your officers fines too for not wearing mask in public when they are in uniform or out of uniform. Police to bias

  6. Hope this will include police, govt officials too. Pictures and video don’t lie. Post them on social media.

  7. The police that arrested SHANGO that had the mask under his chin, was he fined?

    1 What is a mask?
    2 What is the minimum quality standard for a mask set out by WHO?
    3 What is considered a public place under the law?
    4 Would any face covering other than what WHO recommends be acceptable?
    5 IF the fine is not paid what next?
    6 If the person does not have an ID how will the police execute the ticket? Seems like the station Gail will over flow…..
    7What evidence will the police present in court to prove their case. The Vampire one a straight forward case against several police officers

    This seem to be an irrational move perhaps desperation and trying to hard has resulted in this senseless act. TRY EDUCATING THE PUBLIC NAH…..


  8. Again asthmatics, COPD, heart problems, and the many other diseases that people suffer from not being considered!!!! Apart from that does the mask actually protect you? Studies have been out for years that say no, that don’t. Draconian measures for people not asking the right questions.

  9. $500.00 in this guava crop is a lot of money.My name is Jack Spratt.The Police gives me a ticket.I have no ID’S then what.How does the Police identifies me as Jack Spratt.What is my address,78 Baker Street.There is no such an address any where in Antigua.See the problem.However,folks wear your masks.Because $500 for one infraction is a lot of money.For persons who are paid late just about every month.

  10. The very ones who break the laws are the ones enforcing it. Last Saturday 4 police officers in a pickup truck. No mask and don’t tell me they all come from the same house. In a car in my private environment once I step out I am in the public. I want to see the police that flagging me down because I am sitting in my vehicle with my wife without a mask. It’s all the persons who knows a friend within the government that a phone call is made and you no longer obligated to quarantine. I have lost faith in this commissioner. Time for the puppet master to go

  11. People all I can say. If you have a medical reason or reasons not to wear a mask. Get a medical certificate. Otherwise it is simple wear your mask save others, save yourself and your family and $500.00

  12. I Have no problem with health and safety but i have a problem with stupidity.

    1.A family in a vehicle not wearing a mask is arrested /fine for not wearing a mask.

    2.A man walking by himself is arrested/fined for not wearing a mask

    I understand if they say when going into public places wear your mask, but the two situation i dont agree with.

    It seems like Discretion and fear has taken over !

  13. It’s about time!!! Mr. Commissioner, I hope this will be done consistently and fairly. All those who all of sudden are feigning ignorance about the mask wearing protocol, ticket them. Ignorance of the law is no excuse! They will learn fast enough.

  14. They want control of your nose and mouth until they make it mandatory for vaccine, I am more convinced daily. The sad thing alot of people will accept out fear. Fear cannot protect no one from sickness or death, what will be will be. There are so many sickness out there that are more deadly but they are in constantly pursuit to instill fear and control to fulfil their agenda.

  15. Wear your mask it protects you and people within your vicinity,

    How the confuse system requires you to do when wearing a mask:
    1. Stay 6ft apart in public.

    2. In School 3ft apart,

    3.Government photo shoot anything is accepted for that purpose no social distancing is required

    4. In your own vehicle with your family members mask should be worn

    5. If you are a member of the police and there is a bus full of officers, no mask is required

    Too much inconsistency

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