Residents told don’t wait for Pfizer as other vaccines are available


Cabinet Notes:

The Cabinet requested the Honourable Minister of Health to provide a report on the Covid-19 situation in Antigua and Barbuda.


Although he made a similar report to parliament the day prior, the Minister provided more details.


It is evident that the number of daily infections is decreasing and that is as a result of a smaller number of unvaccinated adults in the population.


The Minister further reported that about 2,000 students, ages 12-17, have not yet received their Pfizer vaccine, although more than 75% of the eligible students have received their first shot.


The United States has promised to deliver the 17, 600 doses of Pfizer vaccines; this second tranche is likely to be delivered at the end of October.


A third tranche of the same amount should be delivered sometime thereafter.


There are still thousands of AstraZeneca, Sputnik, Sinopharm and Janssen and Janssen vaccines available; hence, no adult can be exempted on the basis of the lack of vaccines.


The best vaccine is the available vaccine.

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  1. In light of what we now know about the vaccines and the Delta virus, Antigua’s vaccination policies make no sense. Some advice:

    First, stop offering the Sinopharm at all. It is of very little effectiveness against infection, and even severe disease.

    Second, start spreading out the doses again. I was surprised to learn from family members that they were scheduled to get their second jabs 3 or 4 weeks after their first. A longer interval provides better and longer-lasting protection. Aim for at least 6 weeks, and preferably 8-12. This is VERY important. We will be better off in the long term.

    Third, receiving one shot Janssen and Janssen (Johnson & Johnson) should no longer be sufficient to be considered two fully vaccinated. Two shots are required, at least 8 weeks apart. Better yet, do not give two shots of it. Let persons who have received a first shot of this vaccine get a shot of Pfizer for the second shot. This provides far, far more protection.

    Fourth, start mixing vaccines more generally. AstraZeneca provides protection that doesn’t wane as much as Pfizer’s, but Pfizer’s starts off providing more protection. The best protection of all is with an AstraZeneca + Pfizer combination (in that order). This combination is even better than Pfizer + Pfizer. (If Moderna is ever becomes available in Antigu, take that in the place of Pfizer, as it offers better and slightly longer lasting protection)

    So it is in fact better if most people waited for the Pfizer instead of taking whatever is available.

    The long term goal is herd immunity (which may not be achievable at all, if we are honest, though a one-time booster shot offers more hope that this may be possible). To achieve it, we have to go about vaccinations in a smart way.

    By the way, there is research backing up everything that I have said. Don’t take my word for it. Look up the research.

    • The research suggests the vaccines don’t work to prevent infection or spread. None of these supposed ‘vaccines’ are FDA approved either – they are all EUO. Added to this, in highly vaccinated countries such as Israel and the UK, the large majority of hospitalisation and death cases are of vaccinated persons. When you consider that covid had an overall 99.7% survival rate without treatment (e.g. even before the vax roll out), the damage to your immune system, and the side effects, injuries and even deaths risked by vaccination (see the VAERs data) then at best any vaccine roll out or booster roll out should be highly selective and restricted, if not pulled altogether.

      On the other hand, ivermectin protocols are cheap safe and work.

    • Don’t know why ANR allowed this article to be posted unless they
      verified the qualification of the writer. I am not aware that mixing of vaccines is approved in the US or any country except Canada. I don’t think the people of Antigua should be used as an experiment and I hope that Gaston doesn’t start mandating that Antiguans start mixing their vaccines.
      The efficacy of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine is said to last about 6 months, so why bother to take this vaccine? Every day there is a difference story from the people pushing and manufacturing the vaccines. Are people just an experiment to make money for the pharmaceuticals. Now just today I heard in the media that the CDC May have to reconsider what fully vaccinated means. Does this mean that everyone will have to take a booster shot to be considered fully vaccinated? And then one every year?
      I wish Johnson and Johnson and AstraZeneca would come to the media and defend their vaccines instead of having people pushing the mRNA vaccines speak for them. I try not to believe in conspiracies.

  2. These people know what they are doing, mixing and mixing, remember the statue that Nebuchadnezzar Dreamt about, and now just heard someone spoke on it, very powerful program, so let us no be foolish.

  3. Which person in the right mind would want to wait for a vaccine that is the biggest failure of them all? That would be a clear indication that those people are making a decision based on BELIEF rather than real DATA. The Absolute Risk Reduction of the Pfizer vaxx is a whopping 1%, but the entire world was fed what the Relative Risk Reduction is and too many swallowed it hook, line and sinker.

  4. Who in their right mind would wait on a vaccine that’s the biggest failure of them all? Such persons would clearly be making a decision based on belief rather than from real data.
    The Pfizer vaccines Absolute Risk Reduction is a whopping 1%. The whole world was fed data of its Relative Risk Reduction, and even though it is obvious that it hasn’t lived up to Its “promise,” the provaxxers can’t let go of that ardent belief. SCIENTISM undermines SCIENCE!

  5. The best vaccine is not ⎌the available vaccine but the one that works. Right now Pfizer-BioNTech has such a short efficacy that people who took this vaccine are becoming pin cushions. People believe what they want to believe because of the initial hype.

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