Reasons For Dismissal Of Wendell Robinson “Laughable” Says Pompey

Former Police Commissioner Robinson

Former Police Commissioner Rawlston Pompey is describing as “comedic and laughable” the reasons given by  the Police Service Commission for the dismissal of Wendell Robinson.

Robinson was fired yesterday after serving 32 years as a police officer. The PSC said he was being removed from office in the public interest.

“On the issue at hand, the reasons given for his removal from office, appear rather ‘…Comedic and Laughable’ Pompey said in a blog post.

He said, “Not only that, the Commissioners appeared to have made a public spectacle of their obvious ‘…ill-informed collective decision.’

The former top cop says it is clear that the Police Service Commission (PSC) may have misguided itself.

Among reasons given by the PSC for his dismissal is that he lacks the right temperament.

“It is also evident that members may have attributed a different meaning to the word ‘….temperament.’ This simply means ‘…a person with an angry disposition or one who easily becomes ‘…emotional.’

These were never the reasons (subjective and ministerial complaints) given for his ‘…almost two year-suspension’ [April 5, 2018].”

Pompey said adding insult to injury, the PSC cited ‘…fractious relationship’ with the Minister with responsibility for the Police’ [October 15, 2019 & November 24, 2019].

“For this, it begs these fundamental questions;

(i) ‘…Did the ‘PSC or the Public Safety Minister’ employ Wendell Robinson?

(ii) …Was it Prime Minister Gaston Browne who signified his approval for his ‘…appointment to the office of Commissioner’ [CO: 1981: Section 105 (3)].

(iii) …Is the Public Safety Minister subordinate to the PSC?

(iv) …Are both the Commissioner and the Public Safety Minister subordinate to the Prime Minister?

(v) …Is the PSC charged with responsibility to ensure stable relations between the Commissioner and the Minister with responsibility for the Police?

(vi)…Did the Minister complain to the PSC of strained relations between Commissioner Robinson and himself?

(vii) …Did the PSC act at the behest of the Public Safety Minister? or

(viii) …Was the Minister’s position merely used as a guise to perpetrate this dastardly and cowardly act?”

The retired commissioner and commentator says he anticipates that such decision may see the Judiciary visited upon the Police Service Commission (PSC) for a possible third time.

Robinson has been on suspension for nearly two years with pay.

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  1. I have served as a police officer for a very short time but have learned a lot more than I was thought,
    I think that the PSC have not acting responsible enough in firing Mr Robinson, seems very irresponsible and have make way for a major down fall

  2. The man serve the country for over 30 years and no pension this people crazy I know they getting a law suit

  3. Although the former CoP may be a lawyer, there is no way he can better interpret the law than the minister of Public Safety. (read between my lines).

  4. Robinson and I went to the academy together back in 87, he was a man that did the right thing and stood up for what he believed.
    This game looks like something that should be on a redneck tv comedy show.
    This is a joke, the psc is a joke.

  5. Mr Robinson was my course mate back in 86 I knew him well and always thought he was an asset to the Police Force as was many of the graduates of course 26. I left the Royal Antigua and Barbuda Police Force in 1990 to join the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force. i served for 16 years receiving many accolades was highly respected and served with distinction and was acting in the capacity of Inspector in the Immediate Response Unit. In 2007 is was dismissed from the RVIPF without a trial or being convicted of any offence neither criminally nor disciplinarily . I appealed the decision but was tuned down. I then filed a wrongful dismissal suit which was upheld by the High Court. Mr. Pompey I remembered as a brilliant Supt. at the time. His comments as comical and laughable is an understatement. I cant believe in this day and age an independent country like Antigua would have members on a PSC who have absolutely no understanding or interpretation of the law. They could have seek the advise from a lawyer. OMG. Look at the reasons for dismissal. This is a waste of tax payers money and when all this is over they should be removed and replace with competent people who ar guided only by the LAW.This case is bound to be revisited in the court and I am 99.9% certain that Mr Robinson is going to win. For a little insight as to what some of the arguments would be see Wrongful Dismissal case Wendell Nichols VS Commissioner of Police on the East Caribbean Court of Appeal website #86 Nichols

    • Guy the head of the PSC Mr. John is a lawyer. Unfortunately when you have an axe to grind, it can blind you (cause you to forget your training). Instead of properly interpreting and implementing the law, your training is instead used to try to bend it to suit your purposes


        This is for ‘ANR’ and my friend ‘…Tenman.’

        You may wish to visit a Judgement delivered by Chairman of the Police Service Commission (PSC), then ‘…acting Judge in the British Virgin Islands (BVI) [2008].

        The Citation is ‘…Berenice Freeman v Attorney General et al’ [Claim No. BVIHCV2008/0383].

        You will most certainly not be amused, but instead, shocked into amazement and bitter disappointment.

        Now writing a commentary on the fiasco.

  6. Gaston Brown needs to GO. I cannot understand how Antiguans allow certain things to go down. Still vote for this man again. First off the job he gave his wife alone is a conflict of interest. Smh. Why aryu so chupid. I personally believe that Scotland Yard needs to come down and do a non bias investigation. My sweet island has become so corrupt over the years. People working can’t get their pay. Come on people. Get his rass outta there. Kids getting over 10 subjects and can’t get job or money to go to college . While fu dem Dey pocket line and dem wife go ah school fu free. As soon as you come against them they try to rail road you just like they doing this young man. Y’all better open y’all eyes and see what’s going on before it’s too late.

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