PSC Removes Wendell Robinson As Police Commissioner

Suspended Police Commissioner Wendell Robinson

The Police Service Commission has removed Wendell Robinson as Commissioner of Police with immediate effect.

PSC Chairman, Kelvin John reportedly wrote to Robinson yesterday informing him that he was being removed in the public interest.

The PSC also alleges that Robinson does not possess the suitable temperament for the post and his ability to perform his job is severely compromised by his strained relationship with the Minister of Public Safety.

News broke last week that Robinson asked to be transferred to another department within the public service.

He was suspended nearly two years ago over allegations of misconduct in office but the court ordered that he be reinstated.

Instead of following the order of the court, the PSC suspended him again.

Prime Minister Gaston Browne called on Robinson to accept a negotiated settlement.

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  1. It will only get worse! Robinson is the best person for the job. Why all the officers that harassing female officers never get suspended?

  2. This is going to result into a lawsuit in which the taxpayers of Antigua will have to foot the bill. I don’t know why they could not reslove this in a different way.

  3. Over 30 years of service down the drain just lakka that!!! Just off of some allegations!!! BTW what PSC what has become off the investigations into Mr Roberson??👀. Mr. John ah so cold ya be fu go tek way de man pension?? U really ah go led de police force in de hand of a comissioner who has shown he does not give 2 💩💩💩 about his lower rank officers??👀. The force is on a downard spiral and it is only going to get worst. We done know Roberson not going to tek this lying down. He go sue ah over 30 years ya ah talk. These days that is ah whole life. Hell that is even how many years I have been alive 👀👀👀👀

  4. I wonder if some of the top dogs in the public service can’t also be let go in the best interest of the public.


    It is to be understood that no ‘…Suspended or Sacked Commissioner of Police’ has ever been reinstated in the Police Service.

    This has been a universal phenomenon of which Commissioner Wendell Robinson is aware or reckless not to know [Regina v Raymond Blackburn: 1968].

    On the issue at hand, the reasons given for his removal from office, appear rather ‘…Comedic and Laughable.’

    Not only that, the Commissioners appeared to have made a public spectacle of their obvious ‘…ill-informed collective decision.’

    It is clear that the Police Service Commission (PSC) may have misguided itself.

    It is also evident that members may have attributed a different meaning to the word ‘….temperament.’
    This simply means ‘…a person with an angry disposition or one who easily becomes ‘…emotional.’

    These were never the reasons (subjective and ministerial complaints) given for his ‘…almost two year-suspension’ [April 5, 2018].

    Adding insult to injury, the ‘PSC’ cited ‘…fractious relationship’ with the Minister with responsibility for the Police’ [October 15, 2019 & November 24, 2019].

    For this, it begs these fundamental questions;

    (i) ‘…Did the ‘PSC or the Public Safety Minister’ employ Wendell Robinson?

    (ii) …Was it Prime Minister Gaston Browne who signified his approval for his ‘…appointment to the office of Commissioner’ [CO: 1981: Section 105 (3)].

    (iii) …Is the Public Safety Minister subordinate to the PSC?

    (iv) …Are both the Commissioner and the Public Safety Minister subordinate to the Prime Minister?

    (v) …Is the PSC charged with responsibility to ensure stable relations between the Commissioner and the Minister with responsibility for the Police?

    (vi)…Did the Minister complain to the PSC of strained relations between Commissioner Robinson and himself?

    (vii) …Did the PSC act at the behest of the Public Safety Minister? or

    (viii) …Was the Minister’s position merely used as a guise to perpetrate this dastardly and cowardly act?

    There is no doubt that such decision may see the Judiciary visited upon the Police Service Commission (PSC) for a possible third time.

  6. It’s time for the dude to go home to St. Vincent. Thank you for your serviced. The common people are supportive of this decision, and simply wonder why it took so long. It’s over now. Thanks be to God.

    • So u cool with someone working for over 30 years in an organization (his whole adult life) and then gets a kick in the rear and nothing for the years?? Are the allegations true?? What about the investigations into the allegations?? What is the out come?? This could have been handle better but hey who am I to say I’m just an everyday Joker who don’t know sh*t.

      • Joker, why you feel a need to use profanity. That says a lot. Be cool, man, be cool. Control yourself, please. Some people think profanity is a character flaw. No accusin’, just sayin’.

        • @CErmle so you feel sastified that a man despite of whatever after having given 32 YEARS of service. His whole adult working life go home empty handed based off an allegation that has yet been proven true or false?? If the shoe was on your foot Mr CErmle how would you feel?? Mind you I don’t mind them getting rid of him but to take away his pension and gratuity is another thing.

  7. People need to understant that the Police Force is indeed political and investigation should not be in the regular Force but also in the Fire Department. because too many of our Gaseted officer is f……. them young girl and then give them promotion when you have plenty fire officer wtih well over 20yrs and cannot even get a little acting muchless for a comformation. Mr. Athorny general you should never give the Fire Chife another two years this is a blockage in other officer way. I urge you to rethink again.

    • Agreed. Some Constables and subordinates are been punished in the Fire Dept by the so called Fire Chief. He should not be given no extra time. Some
      subordinates and constables will leave he and his friends. It’s all for friend and company, news carriers and some of whom have V.

  8. Pompey looking out for his Vincy bro. I guess he is alright with sexual harassment. The allegations had to be investigated. Look at the US and UK. Allegations of sexual harassment or impropriety has to be taken seriously. He could have cooperated, let the investigation run and then see what happens. If innocent he would have been vindicated. Personally, I believe he did it.
    I am also sick an tired of foreigners holding our top offices. Next in line and under him are also all Vincy. Ridiculous

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