Putters Bar takes a hit from a trio of young robbers early Wednesday morning


REAL NEWS: The Police are now investigating an incident in which the Putters
Bar became the target of thieves in the early hours of Wednesday,
September 6.

A video of the caper has gone into circulation and shows three
young men inside the establishment, searching and removing items.

The trio, with the aid of a cell phone light, took alcoholic beverages,
a laptop computer, and several other things.

The men also tried to remove the cash register, but had a difficult
time disconnecting one of the electrical cords; and it is unclear
whether they eventually managed to free it.

Whether there was any money in the register is also not known.

The men – two of whom had their faces mostly concealed, and the
third having his head covered but his face exposed – seemed
unaware that a camera was recording their movements.

All three appeared to be in their 20s.

The incident, based on the time stamp on the video, occurred at 1:51

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  1. These people are really taking chances. From entering and stealing to entering and raping.

    One question I always have for these perps.

    Suppose one of these times when you enter people’s property and that they get an upper hand on you and
    1) they defile you aka give you the wrong end of the wood or
    2) they filla your flesh slowly off of your body and use it to make stew and feed the unrealizing public with it as goat-water, or roti, or similar. OR
    3) all of the above.

    What are you going to tell your mommies?

    Go ahead, carry on . . .one day, one day, you perps are going to step in the wrong house or property and no one, yes no one will be able to lift their hands or say anything after it has been revealed of what you experienced by the owner(s) of said house or property.

    • Booby trap the high end items like safes and computers with high voltage electricity connected to a separate circuit in your panel box and a throw switch. Fry the fuckers and feed them to the fishes at sea.

    • I have not laughed like that in ages. Ha ha ha ha ha. It is a serious matter but sometimes you had to just laugh to get rid of the stress. And this was needed, at least by me.

      The goat water part ha ha ha ha.

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