Potters Primary School Gets New Classroom


The Potters Primary School is the recipient of a new classroom handed over during a ceremony earlier this week.

The school took on this project as part of the Grade Six (6) Students` Social Studies School Based Assessment (SBA) and the new building was made possible through Fund-raisers held by the school and donations.

Parliamentary Representative for St. George,  Dean Jonas, said that such a project meant a lot to him as he too attended the Potters Primary School.

Minister Jonas said that he was also very impressed with how intrigued and hands- on the students and teachers were throughout the execution of the project.

The St. George’s MP was also pleased with how the students took charge the program that morning and the individual who chaired the proceedings was also a student.


Minister of Education Michael Browne, expressed how pleased he was with the upcoming generation of Antigua and Barbuda and how the students took matters into their own hands and led the initiative, with the help of the teachers.

He also lauded the leadership skills and intellectual growth of primary school students.


Judah Ashe and Jaheim Cornelius, two Grade (six) 6 students, who performed a rap song, were very excited about the project.  “It felt so nice because we paid the price, hard work is the key, it worked for me,” stated Mr. Ashe.

In a reflection given by a Grade (Six) 6 student, Angel Charles, the students were so eager about the new classroom that it caused conflict as everyone wanted to have a seat in it.

She further stated that the teacher chose sixteen (16) students at random to have class in the room but that did not resolve the matter, so they were pushed to split the class in two and that way, everyone got a seat in the new classroom.


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  1. Congratulation to the students and teachers and all those who donated their time, money and effort to the successful completion of this project.

    Listen ANR please I urge you for the sake of history, truth and facts must be foremost in your reporting.

    30 years from today one may do a search come across this article and text it’s contents as facts simply because it was a news article.

    My point there was no new class room. The children raised funds and extended an existing class room.

    If I am alive today knows the facts and the news article is deliberately written to misrepresent how will the future generations determine facts from fiction.

    This is a classic example as to why I dismisses historians when they present someone’s interpretation of a happening as facts today.

  2. Shame. Shame shame. My dog house looks better than this knock up which looks like it will topple over in high wind.
    I would be ashamed to put this shanty in the news or be associated with it in any way.
    That looks like they took one of the crack dens from the squatters at Perry Bay and painted it up.

    This is the low esteem in which our future is held by these alp people, I bet if it were in Crosbies or blue waters more effort would be put into the aesthetics and integrity of that shack. Shame

    • No wonder you can’t find it in your heart to FORGIVE YOUR DADDY. You “SEEM” to be full of bitterness, hatred, negativity and pessimism. What a joy you must be to interact with. Sunflowers open up their petals when you approach them. The birds chirp in joy when you wake up in the morning.

    • Yes… This person has Daddy Issues. I usually skip over Dessalines comments as he/she is always ANTI-everything. The kids raised the funds and got a classroom built… Can you appreciate the joy that these students might have felt…to see they were a part of a finished product…? Only for you to say your dog house looks better…??!!
      So I’m starting The ANTi-Everything Group (Notice ‘ANT’ in the heading..hmmm may be short for ANTigua:))

      Founding Members: Dessalines, Vere Bird III

      Can anyone help me add names to this list???!

  3. Buoy some people are just BITTER and politically motivated, that even when our youths does something with their hard work and guidance of the elders some will try to tarnish the student’s hard work by their own sweat and pride. GREAT JOB STUDENTS! Keep doing good works.

  4. Excellent Initiative by the students and all who helped and supported. Keep up this act of getting involved and doing something to make a difference young people..great job

  5. Congratulations to the students and all involved. I heard their teacher explained how difficult it was to deal with 30+ students in one setting. Kudos to them all. I wish them every success in all of their endeavours.

  6. Good job. God helps those who help themselves. Potters is a community that continues to empower its members and this is a good example of the result of community activism and empowerment.

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