Police to take fight to criminals as top cop is summoned to the Cabinet

Suspended Commissioner Wendell Robinson

The government and law enforcement agencies are promising increased surveillance, vigilance and enforcement as they were summoned to the Cabinet in light of a spike in crime.

The Commissioner of Police, two Deputy Commissioners, and other Police top brass, an Antigua and Barbuda Defence Force Colonel, and the ONDCP acting head were part of crime discussions yesterday.

According to the government, the installation of security cameras in areas that may attract criminal activity was also addressed.

“It was agreed that monitoring of the installed cameras would be intensified,” said government spokesman Lionel Hurst in post-cabinet notes.

The security forces also indicated that several of the small number of criminal males who are involved in handgun crimes are “not unknown to the police.”

The police appear to be blaming the granting of bail, for criminals returning to the streets to commit crimes.

“Several have been arrested, held on remand and then seek bail successfully; they then return to criminal activities during the wait for their trial. The law enforcement personnel are compelled to abide by legal and constitutional safeguards, and the criminals have learned how to overcome several of those lawful restrictions. A renewed and strengthened effort to catch and to achieve convictions would be adopted by the agencies.”

According to Hurst, the Prime Minister indicated the willingness of the Cabinet to provide the necessary tools and equipment which the increased security plans may require.

The three arms of the state’s security apparatus also agreed to collaborate more closely to attack the challenge posed by the daring criminals, Hurst said.

“The illegal importation of handguns was deemed the most challenging, given the many beaches and coves around Antigua that allow for smuggling. Canines at the Port were also driving criminals to other unlawful techniques.”

Crime has spiked ahead of Carnival with shootings, stabbings and robberies occurring nightly.

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  1. so much Bulls*** my question is ( and its not the first time this happen ) why they love to wait just b4 carnival to start let go jail man why tell me ? we from the streets know this, every time they let out a few jail man ( i wont call no name) a just pure badness happen and its always before carnival.

  2. Some of these same people committing crimes were let out because they were thought to be rehabilitated and to ease congestion at the prison. We need to get tough on crime and criminals. Who cares if they walking on one another in dey. Better they destroy themselves in prison than to be on the outside and killing innocent hard working people.

  3. The amount of years spent in jail for an un liscense fire arm need to be revisited…in my opinion 10 years and up should be the judgement …that way people may think twice before owning one.

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